When Your Husband Defends Another Woman

Your husband makes a remark that sounds as if he is defending another lady. It irritates you. But you’re not sure if it should or how to get there without seeming like a gloomy wife.

Thousands of women visit my blog each month because their relationship has been shattered by a lack of trust.

Today’s article is for the wife who is in a mainly happy marriage but becomes concerned when her spouse mentions another woman.

When a husband supports or defends another woman instead of his wife, there are strong grounds to be concerned.

Sorting out what is typical, what is weird, and how to approach each event can be stressful for a newlywed bride.

Today, I’ll try to help you consider marriage limits from a fresh perspective.

If your marriage is in trouble or you’ve discovered an affair, some of the suggestions below may be useful, but you’ll need to take a different course of action: please seek therapy.

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Does your husband have to agree with you all the time?

Because of the circumstances, this question may come out as offensive. However, I believe it is a valid question to ask when we want to avoid overreacting.

Many people believe their partner should inquire, “How high?” when they get married. “Jump!” they say every time.

Marriage, on the other hand, is a jumble of different values, beliefs, likes, hopes, and experiences: we don’t “own” our spouse, and we aren’t in charge of their every ounce of care or attention.

Healthy couples live with and thrive in community, as my 12 years of marriage and experience as a marital coach have shown me.

That implies we must learn to engage with persons of the other sex in a healthy manner, both as a pair and as individuals.

If your heart skips a beat whenever your husband is nice to another lady, or if you’re devastated because he didn’t support your plan (in favor of someone else’s), you may need to perform some self-inspection before inspecting your marriage.

Is your husband silent in an area you wish he wasn’t?

So you have a strong opinion about something another lady said or did, but your husband disagrees.

And you take his silence or half-heartedness as acceptance of your position “”On the other hand.”

I was having a tense conversation with another female years ago. (At least, it was challenging for me.) When her husband saw us conversing, he approached us.

His wife told him about our conversation and then asked for his opinion. Take-my-side-right-now is sometimes wife-speak.

Mr. Husband grinned broadly and stated, “You girls are incredibly astute! You’re going to find it out!” Then he turned around and walked away, earning him exactly zero brownie points with his wife.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that most males are inept at navigating the female world. When a man detects tension, he withdraws. (In this essay, my husband discusses his personal struggle with communication in marriage –> Communication in Marriage: A Husband’s Perspective.)

Men, unlike women, who can tinker, speak, and assist, feel useless and out of their depth. It also results in a disappearing act.

Make sure to rule out assumptions if you suspect your husband is protecting another woman. Don’t take his lack of enthusiasm or quiet for something it isn’t.


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Are you suspicious of his motives for defending another woman?

Maybe it’s a coworker who relishes stepping over the line. Or a neighbor who is too at ease in his own company but distant from you. Your husband claims that the friendship is harmless and that there is nothing to be concerned about.

He’s angry because you won’t let the problem go. Inquiring “It’s a good thing that my spouse is defending this friendship.

Here’s another viewpoint to consider:

Making a big deal out of his relationship with another woman as the only motivation for him to change could lead to even greater aggravation. Because one spouse’s suffering does not always lead to the other spouse’s change of heart.

I understand how difficult it is to accept. Because previously “”I do,” your husband might have gone 40 kilometers on his hands and knees simply to make you happy. Emotions were quite important.

Marriage, on the other hand, implies maturity. Learn to go deeper into mindset development and understand the importance of individual choice as you grow beyond emotional paralysis.

We refuse to curl up and die because he injured our feelings as we grow up: we cry, but we also push past the pain to confront the true issue.

Is he naturally a defensive person?

My mind automatically churns out retorts when someone disagrees with my point of view.

With a lot of effort and luck, I am able to go through life. Overcoming defensiveness, on the other hand, appears to be a lifelong endeavor.

Maybe your husband is like me, eager to respond when someone challenges his point of view. Instead of presuming he’s having an affair with another lady, see if he’s simply defending a notion.

Defensiveness is obviously not a desirable attribute. However, having this level of knowledge may alleviate some anxiety.

How your husband “defends another woman” matters.

Following up on what I’ve said:

It’s fine to hold a contrary healthy viewpoint. It’s even fine to be evolving and growing out of bad relationships. It is not acceptable to be rude about it.

Consider the following scenario:

Let’s pretend you and your husband are out to dinner with a couple of your friends. You don’t agree with something your wife says. You have an easy-but-serious (have had one of those?) back-and-forth because you’re buddies.

But it just so happens that your point of view is incorrect, and the other woman is correct. And your hubby is well aware of it. At that point, very few husbands would feel compelled to publicly rebuke or reprimand their spouses.

If a husband “corrects the facts” in a way that alienates, disrespects, or dishonors his wife, there’s probably a lot more going on in that marriage than just a difference of opinion.


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Should your husband defend another woman?

My final opinions are as follows:

1. Your husband may defend a position, but you may believe he is endorsing a person.

That’s why it’s usually a good idea to check yourself first before checking your partner. Also, have a chat with him about it so you know his true feelings.

2. Instead of using your hurt as the primary barometer for change, be precise when you suspect your husband’s motives.

This guide will show you how to handle difficult talks without being accusatory while remaining truthful.

3. You may be mistaken at times.

If you are being disrespectful or out of line, your husband may need to intervene (because spouses help each other out like that.)

4. It’s natural to have healthy debates.

Many couples have no qualms with debating with their partner, as well as with and around other people.

Debates that are healthy and courteous are not always negative. They can be enjoyable! However, partners must exercise caution to ensure that good banter does not over the line.

5. Relationships with family members that are unhealthy

If a husband repeatedly defends her instead of supporting his wife, a mother-in-law may begin to feel like “the other woman.”

6. Even if we differ, the ultimate purpose of marriage is to become one.

Most healthy men would defend their wives without hesitation. Even if she’s on the wrong side of the tracks. Even if they have opposing viewpoints, most healthy marriages comprehend the concept of unity in speech and deed.

Finally, a word of caution:

I am well aware that in many situations in which a husband defends another woman, the husband is the one who is in the wrong. Today’s message does not contradict that belief; rather, it tries to give another perspective, particularly for new wives.

I understand this is a touchy subject, and I hope you understand my reasoning: It’s not a case of either/or. We can juggle personal responsibility while also holding our spouses accountable!


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How do you know if your husband is interested in another woman?

Maintaining a relationship, even when both husband and wife are entirely dedicated to their marriage, may be a challenging undertaking because there are so many obstacles to overcome.

You will begin to feel the distance between you and your partner, whether you are having a bad day or you no longer feel loved by your spouse.

  • However, how do you know if your man is avoiding you or if you’re both having a bad day?
  • How can you know if your spouse is attracted to another woman on the street?
  • The symptoms aren’t always obvious, so be on the lookout for these classic signs that your man is attracted to someone else.

    Your Husband Constantly Talks About Her

    Despite your silence, he tries to reassure you that she isn’t a threat to your marriage and defends himself by acting like a compassionate gentleman.

    His Phone Becomes More Personal

    When he’s looking for someone else to date, he spends more time with his phone at night and almost never drops it where you could discover it.

    He has his phone in his hands or in his pockets at all times, and he excuses himself anytime he wants to take a call.

    Something is wrong when your man starts erasing call logs and deleting messages from his phone.

    He Shows Less Interest in You

    If your boyfriend is attracted to someone else outside of you, he will begin to pay less attention to you, and the affection and passion he typically lavishes on you will diminish.

    Always Ready to Help Her Out

    He is constantly willing to assist and assist with favors, ranging from minor to major favors.

    He always tries to justify why he needs to help her and portrays himself as kind and caring in a friendly manner.

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    He Hides His Bills and Receipts

    He starts hiding things from you now that he didn’t hide from you previously.

    If you are fortunate enough to be able to go through the bills and receipts and challenge him about an unusual bill or receipt that he has, he will always provide an excellent explanation.

    If that doesn’t work, he’ll try to blame you for being suspicious and inspecting his belongings rather than giving you a direct answer.

    He Becomes Edgy and Defensive

    Everything you do or ask him nowadays is interpreted as jealousy, and he urges you to quit being paranoid and blames you for everything.

    He Avoids Intimacy with You

    He tries to avoid kissing you or even having sex with you when he becomes attracted to someone else.

    His mind becomes sexually preoccupied with the feelings of someone else, and he requires space from you.

    New Way of Dressing

    Suddenly, he has changed his appearance and is wearing something he has never worn before.

    He may not like sunshades but suddenly begins to use them in an attempt to get someone’s attention.

    Sudden Increase in Work Dedication

    If your man keeps leaving for work early or remaining late, it’s possible that a lovely female coworker is keeping him around.

    If you query this shift in work attitude, he will likely respond aggressively, telling you to stop being paranoid and be more helpful.

    He Lies About His Whereabouts

    When your man can’t be found where he claimed to be or takes a long time to accomplish anything outside of the house, it’s a sign that he’s receiving outside attractions.

    When men begin to engage in covert activities, they lie about their whereabouts.

    He Queries Your Loyalty

    When he realizes how easy it is to be drawn to someone else, he may get envious.

    Just because he sees someone outside doesn’t mean he’s ready to let you go.

    He Stalks Her Social Media Accounts

    When men think you’re attractive and want to be in a relationship with you, they start liking all of your Instagram photos and leaving flirty comments on them.

    …then you should look into it because he’s recently met a new woman with whom he’s completely enamored.

    He Avoids You

    Men don’t just transform overnight; it’s usually a gradual process.

    You begin to realize that your husband, who used to spend the entire day with you, is gradually avoiding you.

    He Freely Flirts with Other Ladies in Your Presence

    You and your husband may go out together and he meets someone with whom he has had feelings…

    …and then he starts touching her freely and flirting with her in front of you.

    After a while, he tries to persuade you that this is just his general attitude toward women.

    He Becomes Very Secretive

    Your boyfriend is attracted to someone else if he begins to hide away from you to receive emails or calls, or if he suddenly protects his phone with a password.

    When you try to talk to him about his new covert lifestyle, he usually turns it into a fight.

    He Starts to Compare You With Other Ladies

    If a man begins to compare other women to his wife, he is most likely dating someone else.

    You must have thoroughly investigated the other lady in order to be able to compare her to your wife.

    When this happens, it’s likely that your spouse is harboring feelings for someone else outside the house.

    He Spends Less Time with You

    When the man who vowed to spend the rest of his life with you starts making ridiculous reasons for why he won’t be around, you should know something is wrong.

    He Shows Too-Much Interest in You

    Excessive attention or interest from your partner may be a result of his guilt at being attracted to someone else at times.

    To make you feel wonderful on the inside, they give you more gifts than normal and surprise you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

    In rare circumstances, he could be expressing love as normal or he could be attempting to avoid your suspicion.

    He Pays More Attention to His Physique

    If your partner suddenly transforms into a gym rat and makes a concerted effort to change his appearance, he’s most likely seeking to impress someone else or switching to their taste.

    When this happens, you must be extremely watchful and try to figure out what is going on.

    He Ignores Calls in Your Presence

    When your husband finds it inconvenient to receive or make phone calls while you are there, you know something is wrong.

    We all have the right to privacy, but not to the point where he has to excuse himself merely to take a phone call.

    It might be an urgent work call, but if this happens frequently, there is very certainly a lady involved.

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    Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

    When your boyfriend cheats on you, you’re taken aback and wonder why it happened.

    You feel betrayed and saddened after witnessing the person who pledged to be by your side for the rest of your life betray you.

    When men cheat on their partners, they are often left feeling betrayed, and they are left wondering what went wrong.

    You begin to wonder if you did something wrong or if there was something you should have done.


    When guys are insecure about themselves or lack confidence, they often look to other women to make them feel wanted.

    If a man feels too old, or if he believes he isn’t as handsome as he once was…

    …they may use sexual tactics with other women to make themselves feel better, gain confidence, and affirm their manhood.


    Some guys lack the maturity to commit to a relationship; they lack an understanding of what marriage entails.

    However, whether your girlfriend is aware or not, cheating on her is incredibly damaging to your relationship.

    To be able to handle a relationship correctly, men must reach a certain level of maturity and understanding.

    Irrational Expectations

    Some men are egotistical and unconcerned with their spouses’ feelings or experiences.

    They believe that all of their wants and needs will be supplied whenever they require it.

    They have forgotten that their partners are also human beings with their own lives to live.

    They don’t give a damn about their wife’s mood or what she’s going through; all they worry about is getting their wishes fulfilled.


    If he has a sex addiction, he may cheat on his wife if she does not provide him with the amount of sex he requires.

    Also, if he is an alcoholic or a drug addict, his behavior and decision-making may be influenced.

    He Wants to Quit

    After a while, some men become dissatisfied with their relationship and are unsure how to express this to their partner.

    As a result, they have open extramarital affairs to indirectly inform their partners of their intentions.

    Lack of Male Friends

    Male buddies are essential to a man since certain voids can only be filled by male companions.

    If a guy expects his wife to fill this hole, she may be unable to do so.


    When a man is enraged at his partner for harming him, he may try to retaliate.

    Some men even go so far as to have an extramarital relationship in order to retaliate against their spouses.

    The affairs aren’t normally hidden in this situation; they’re made public to make the partner envious and hurt.

    Anxiety or Depression

    However, if the depression or anxiety is caused by a relationship, there may be a problem.

    If a man feels unappreciated by his partner or lonely in the relationship, he may seek attention elsewhere.

    How Common Cheating is Nowadays

    According to polls conducted by The Economist/YouGov, one out of every six Americans admits to cheating at some point.

    In addition, over 20% of guys admit to being unfaithful, whereas approximately 14% of ladies cheat.

    You can’t expect someone to be serious with you if they lie and cheat on the person they committed to spend the rest of their lives with.

    “He/She hasn’t always been the love of my life, so I went to find the one for me,” or “He/She hasn’t always been the love of my life, so I went to find the one for me.”

    If you are unhappy with your partner in a relationship, everything they do irritates you.

    They’ll be annoyed by your gifts or thoughtful actions since they’re secretly resentful.

    The Difference Between Physical and Mental Cheating

    The majority of them are males looking to spice up their life and engage in some pleasant conversation.

    This isn’t always a physical act of treachery. Is casual communication with other girls on a dating service, however, really harmless?

    …it utterly destroys their trust and leaves the deceived spouse feeling betrayed.

    There are a variety of reasons why people want to end their relationship or split up with their partner.

    Having an affair, on the other hand, does not solve the problem; rather, it exacerbates it.

    Mental cheating

    Mental infidelity entails telling someone else intimate details about your personal life or sharing how you feel about particular situations.

    When you cheat mentally or emotionally, you confide in someone other than your partner because you believe this person can provide you with the assistance you require.

    This usually occurs because you aren’t getting the type of communication you want from your spouse or you believe he or she doesn’t understand you well enough.

    Mental infidelity is when you prefer to put your faith in someone other than your partner…

    Mental dishonesty is becoming more convenient as technology and devices progress.

    The majority of these emotional affairs start in chat rooms, Facebook, dating sites, and social media group conversations.

    Rather than conversing with their significant partner, they choose to talk to someone else with whom they are interested.

    Physical cheating

    The most prevalent type of infidelity that people are aware of is physical cheating, which involves physically encountering someone else.

    This could be as basic as a kiss or sexual intercourse, or it could be as complex as going out with someone else.

    Two or more persons strive to fulfill their physical or sexual demands by physically cheating.

    They behave in response to their desires and needs, which are almost usually sexual in nature.

    It usually begins as a mental affair before progressing to a physical one.

    It is, however, hard to fool yourself into believing you are a devoted partner while physically cheating…

    …since it frequently entails engaging in sexual activity with someone other than your significant partner.

    Physical cheating can be all physical, and it can also include mental cheating, however mental cheating does not have to require physical contact.

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    He’s no longer affectionate with you.

    Ones are often affectionate toward the people they love, and the abrupt or gradual loss of that affection may be the first sign that they are falling out of love. “When he stops doing the simple things ‘just because,'” marriage therapist Racine Henry, Ph.D., LMFT, tells mbg, “that’s a significant clue.” “Has he stopped bringing you flowers on Tuesdays or making you coffee in the morning?”

    Note that because different people communicate love in different ways (hence the five love languages), a lack of gifts or kisses does not necessarily mean your husband does not love you. Look for a change in conduct as well as a decline in previously existing signs of affection. “A shift in his habit can be a telling sign that his feelings have shifted,” Henry explains.

    “A shift in libido can be an indication that love is waning for some,” adds clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., however there are many other reasons a husband doesn’t desire sex than a lack of love.

    Consider the following signs:

  • He is no longer physically or vocally affectionate with you.
  • He no longer makes you any lovely or romantic gestures.
  • He no longer says “I love you.”
  • He still says “I love you,” but it has a hollow or forced quality to it, as if he’s merely going through the motions.
  • He never kisses you, never holds you, and never actually touches you.
  • Either his desire has dwindled or he no longer initiates sex.
  • He wants sex on occasion, but it isn’t very intimate, connected, or even enjoyable.
  • He spends a lot of time alone or out of the house.

    “How he chooses to spend his time is another indicator,” Henry explains. “It could be that he’s finding enjoyment in other hobbies and people if he has more excuses to be away from you and/or away from home.”

    A man doesn’t have to leave the house in order to get away from his wife. “Many husbands instinctively withdraw into work and hobbies,” Manly adds. “It’s a clue that something is awry when a spouse begins to overwork, spend more time on hobbies, or engages in activities that reduce couple time on a regular basis.”

  • He seems to be working all the time these days, and he doesn’t seem to mind.
  • When he’s not working, he indulges in his pastimes.
  • He no longer seems to have time to simply spend out with you.
  • He’s been spending a lot more time with his buddies lately, and you’re usually not invited.
  • He no longer consults with you before making plans.
  • He frequently makes commitments or plans that will cut into the time you spend together.
  • He’s stopped participating in many of your common activities, preferring to do things on his own.
  • He doesn’t really engage in conversation with you anymore.

    It’s not a good indicator when engaging discussion has vanished from the marriage. “A partner’s level of loving love may be declining if a once-communicative spouse is no longer engaged in bonding chats, entertaining interchanges, or everyday banter,” Manly adds.

    Note: After a long day at work, some people experience periods of being overly anxious, preoccupied, or just disconnected, and they aren’t particularly chatty. So just because you’re not chatting as often as you used to doesn’t imply your husband isn’t in love with you any longer, especially if it’s a recent or short phase.

  • He hasn’t had a deep talk with you in a long time.
  • He no longer engages in lighthearted banter with you on a daily basis.
  • He never inquires about your day.
  • He doesn’t inquire about your personal life.
  • You have the impression that he doesn’t pay attention to you when you’re talking.
  • When you tell him about something going on in your life, he doesn’t actually listen.
  • You never talk about anything other than logistics, the kids, or the news.
  • He’s become closed off.

    Many guys are not raised to be emotionally aware, according to Henry, so if this has never been your husband’s thing, don’t be alarmed. However, if you’ve seen your husband becoming more private and less honest with you than in the past, it could be a clue that something is wrong. “Consider how much he talks to you and shares his anxieties and plans,” Henry advises. “If your husband has become more distant from you, this could indicate a shift in his feelings.”

  • He no longer confides in you about his private life.
  • Rather than involving you, he appears to be handling his life’s issues alone.
  • He doesn’t seem to care if you back him up.
  • He never expresses his true feelings to you.
  • Rather of coming to you when he’s having problems or needs assistance with something, he confides in others.
  • He no longer goes out of his way to care for your relationship.

    Is your husband as interested about sustaining the connection and ensuring that the two of you feel connected and comfortable as you are? “A husband may tire of the effort required to keep a relationship healthy and enjoyable in some situations,” Manly adds, which could indicate that he isn’t as invested or that he is falling out of love.

  • He hasn’t brought up any relationship concerns in a long time.
  • He dismisses any discussion of the relationship.
  • In such conversations, he just nods along passively without actually engaging.
  • He doesn’t inquire about your feelings about the relationship’s current situation.
  • He has stopped referring to you as a lover or romantic companion.
  • He no longer recommends date evenings or enjoyable activities for the two of you to do.
  • He just…doesn’t seem to give a damn.
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    How can I stop my husband from straying?

    Infidelity is unfortunately rampant in many today’s marriages and relationships, and with the constant headlines of unfaithful celebrities and sports figures, it’s almost become the norm.

    Here are my top five suggestions for preventing your husband from straying:

    1) Be conscious of any shifting dynamics in the relationship and maintain open lines of communication.

    Do you seem to be drifting apart? Is sex becoming less common or non-existent? Are you no longer attracted to your lover on a physical level? Are you turning down his advances? Is he dismissing yours? If you experience any of these feelings, your marriage is in jeopardy! Dealing with problems by burying your head in the sand is not a good idea. You should be able to keep your marriage on track as long as you are aware of and handle concerns as they emerge. Always be cheerful and open in your communication, and be willing to compromise.

    Listen to him and don’t become defensive if he expresses doubts or concerns about the relationship; otherwise, he may stop communicating in the future and cheat.

    Men are sloppy, and they aren’t natural communicators like women, so give him a break and don’t take everything he says literally. He won’t disturb you again if he fears you’ll lose your cool. Pay attention to what he’s saying and try to come up with answers to his problems. He will be encouraged to communicate more frequently as a result, and will be less prone to cheat.

    Communication is a two-way street that requires both parties to be receptive to and encourage it rather than avoid it.

    2) Don’t forget about the flirty tiny touches, kisses, touches, and squeezes that you can do even when the kids are at home: small strokes, kisses, touches, and squeezes.

    These small, intimate acts don’t require much time or effort, but they’re the kinds of things you’ll see couples in love doing. They aid in maintaining the connection, reducing the likelihood of him straying.

    Men are visual creatures, so don’t overlook the tempting views you can provide him, such as a low-cut top if he adores your breasts. Perhaps you’re in the kitchen and need to bend down, but you’re wearing a short nightgown or dressing robe. Flirting should be thrilling and enjoyable. He won’t look anywhere else if his gaze is fixed on you!

    3) Be as spontaneous as possible when it comes to lovemaking and have fun exploring sexual dreams and wants.

    I realize how tough it is to be spontaneous when you have children and a hectic life, but it is invaluable to be able to do so when the opportunity arises. At work and throughout the day, he’ll be thinking about you. When he has spontaneous sex, he is unlikely to notice other women. Instead of making excuses when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself, seize it! It will most likely make you feel better as well. After all, a good orgasm can cure a headache, so it’s not a good reason to avoid sex. It’s a tremendous turn on for guys when you use their body for your own fulfillment; spontaneous doesn’t mean you have to make it about him.

    Discuss your partner’s desires and dreams with him to see if there is any way you can accommodate them in some way. Play around with your desires.

    4) Know your values and be confident in who you are as a person.

    Allowing oneself to be a pushover is a bad idea. Demand that people treat you with respect. Many men cheat simply because it is legal to do so. A serial cheater has never and will never respect women. I understand that individuals want to be together for their children’s sake, but what kind of example does their mother provide when she accepts adultery in her marriage? Children catch up on your signals, even if you believe you’re covering things effectively. They can tell if their parents work well together or if they detest or tolerate each other. If it’s the latter, they’ll see that there’s no love there. Consider the impact of your actions and decisions on their future relationships.

    5) Make sure you set out time for just the two of you.

    Having children does not imply that you should disregard your marriage; you must both make time to work on your relationship and maintain it. After all, your marriage serves as the bedrock of your family — your roots, if you will.

    At least once every couple of weeks, plan a date night just the two of you, where you hire sitters or send the kids to relatives and do something fun, relaxing, or romantic just the two of you.

    You both need quality time together, and you must find it in some way. Make no excuses for why you can’t, because if you believe you can’t, you won’t be able to. Consider yourself a “glass half full” person who recognizes the importance and asks, “How can I create time?” Then you’ll start thinking of solutions.

    How do you know if your husband is in love with someone else?

    Your marriage has had such a pleasant ride, but you have a sneaking suspicion that something isn’t quite right. However, you can’t be certain, and you don’t want your suspicions to turn out to be correct. So you torture yourself for months with this nebulous knowing that you can’t prove or act on. This is why knowing the indications that your husband is falling in love with someone else is so important.

    What are the signs of a guilty husband?

    A relationship’s foundation is trust, and you should never be suspicious of your spouse without justification. If your significant other has been acting strangely, it may be worthwhile to investigate the cause. There are several indicators that your partner has a guilty conscience, as most people who do something they shouldn’t do behave similarly. When someone has done something wrong, their behavior often changes, and recognizing the unmistakable indications of guilt can help you figure out if there is something you need to talk to your spouse about.

    “Guilt weighs on a person, especially when it has to do with a secret,” says relationship therapist Tracy K. Ross, LCSW, to Bustle. “As a result, it causes out-of-character behavior, both verbal and non-verbal. .. The person may be more emotional or prone to crying – a seemingly insignificant event may elicit a huge reaction, leaving you perplexed or overwhelmed.”

    Although it’s never a good idea to presume your partner has betrayed your trust, reading their behavior might help you figure out if something is wrong. Experts have identified seven symptoms that your lover may have a guilty conscience.

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    What makes a man leave his wife for another woman?

    Is it possible for a man to leave his wife for another woman and have a happy life? According to studies, it is unlikely to happen.

    According to statistics given by the Infidelity Help Group, 25% of affairs cease within the first week of beginning and 66% end within six months.

    Even if the affair leads to marriage, it may not end happily ever after. According to studies, 60 percent of all second marriages result in divorce.

    When your husband say hurtful things?

    You must be cautious in your response. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Despite the temptation, resist returning it in the same coin. If you do decide to respond, don’t bring your children into the conversation. During the debate, keep a close eye on your words.

    You must concentrate on the positive aspects of your situation. Let your frustrations out in a creative way. You can seek help from a counselor or therapist, as well as a trusted friend. Examine his statements and how they affected you – which parts of them hurt you the most, and which parts are you ready to overlook. When he is in a good mood, talk to him and tell him how his remarks hurt you.

    Maybe it’s because he’s injuring himself. He may resent some of your actions, and this resentment manifests itself in nasty remarks during a quarrel. He’s doing this because he wants your attention, or he’s just being cruel.

    In an ideal world, no. Which situation or connection, on the other hand, is ideal? In the end, we’re all people, and men sometimes lose their cool and say things they shouldn’t. But it’s essential to catch it early, since if left unchecked, this rage can turn into yelling, which will become a natural part of your marriage. It’s certainly not something you should put up with!

    What is a disrespectful husband?

    One of the telltale indicators of a disobedient husband is that he makes a lot of demands. In marriage, it’s never about’me,’ but always about us.

    When you live with an insensitive husband, he will only think about what he wants and not about what you desire.

    He demanding sex even though you’re not in the mood is an example of disrespect in marriage. You should have sex with him just because he wants to.

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    What you should never say to your partner?

    We can all say some really awful things to our spouses when we’re in a hurry. While most people understand that you were just upset and didn’t mean it, there are a few phrases that can be quite damaging to your relationship. These are the 12 sentences you should never say to someone you care about, according to David James Lees, relationship therapist and expert.

    ”If you really loved me, you’d do it.”

    According to David, this is emotional blackmail. You’re trying to manipulate and pressurize your spouse into doing what you think is proper, whether on deliberately or not, since you either a) want to get your way or b) believe you know best. “Saying this in your relationship can create an imbalance and a power struggle, which will lead to anger and irritation on one or both sides,” David continues.

    Instead, say this: “”I’m genuinely curious as to why you don’t want to do this?” “Tell me why you don’t want to do it,” or “Tell me why you don’t want to do it,””

    ”You make me whole.”

    This is a self-deprecating comment that reveals a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. By stating so, you’re expressing that you weren’t completely satisfied or content before meeting your spouse, and that you can’t be happy without them. It’s a perilous terrain. According to David, “Because it elevates your spouse to a higher or more dominant status, this phrase produces an energetic imbalance in the relationship. Both partners should be equal in a healthy partnership.”

    ”I wish things were how they used to be.”

    Let’s face it, we’ve all said it. When you’re going through a bad patch or a difficult moment, it’s difficult not to think back to your honeymoon phase, when you were always banging and laughing together. “This type of statement is never helpful because we cannot relive or recreate the past. It also develops a sense of desire, yearning, and wishful thinking, all of which devalue the great qualities of the current connection, as well as corrupting and restricting its future growth “David explains.

    Instead, say something like, “With all of our amazing times and fantastic past, we can create a brighter future for ourselves” or “Let’s work together and apply all of the lessons we’ve learned so we don’t repeat those same mistakes.”

    ”You make me feel guilty for hanging out with friends.”

    Look, the last thing you want to do is give someone else control over your emotions. Goddammit, they’re yours and yours alone. “You are the producer of your sentiments, not the victim of them,” David explains, “so you’ll only feel uncomfortable sensations of guilt if you truly believe you’ve done something wrong.”

    “First and foremost, you must reclaim emotional control: do you believe you spend too much time with your friends at the price of quality time with your partner? If this is the case, make a change. Do you believe your partner and you have different ideas about how much time you should spend together? If that’s the case, start a frank and open talk with them about it.”

    Instead, say something like, “I’m not sure whether I’m managing my time with friends properly; I’ll alter it in the future” or “My friends seem to be particularly demanding of my time right now; what do you think?”

    “You’re so boring – you cramp my style.”

    This one is very cruel, and anyone who has been termed uninteresting will attest that it is the ultimate heartbreaker. “This is a really unloving and aggressive statement, and this antagonistic posture can do no good,” David says. “Any negative comments, comparisons, or judgments like this will always cause harm to a relationship.”

    “It appears that our relationship has become a little flat – I’ve got a lot of ideas to spruce things up, are you interested?” instead of “It appears that our relationship has become a little flat.” alternatively “Do you believe our bond is as strong as it can be? … What could we do to improve things even more?”

    ”Why do you NEVER listen to me?”

    Although it may appear that your partner never listens, David believes that this is one of the least useful things to say. “This type of restricting statement is typically made in a long-term relationship when the importance of healthy two-way communication is overlooked or ignored, or one partner has become dogmatic and blinkered in their viewpoints. Repeating this message over and over, whether in a more passionate or confrontational tone, will never succeed.”

    “Can we take a fresh look at this situation together?” instead. alternatively “Why do you believe you’re correct? I’d like to thoroughly comprehend your motivations.”

    ”You’re so selfish!”

    If I had a pound for every time someone said this to me, I’d be a millionaire (jokes). When you don’t feel heard, though, it’s simple for words to escape your tongue. “This is a critical and judgmental comment that targets the person rather than their behavior, and it will cause isolation and estrangement within a relationship,” David explains. “Beware of making this type of confrontational comment in the heat of the moment; it will box you in, shut down beneficial discussion, and it will be very difficult to undo the damage that it can cause.”

    Instead, say, “Is it true that your focus is elsewhere right now?” “Could you describe how that action/statement benefits you, me, or our relationship?” or “Could you explain how that action/statement benefits you, me, or our relationship?”

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    ”You’ve changed.”

    “This type of snide remark will never aid in the development or maintenance of a relationship. If you sincerely believe this statement, you must also consider the possibility that you have evolved as well “David explains. “A person or a relationship can never stay the same or be stagnant. Both parties and the relationship itself should be allowed to dynamically evolve and transform in order to be healthy, lively, and flourish.”

    “We’ve both changed so much since we first met, how do you think we’ve managed?” instead of “How do you think we’ve managed?” “What do you believe has changed the most in our relationship?” or “What do you think has changed the most in our relationship?”

    ”I feel like you don’t need me anymore.”

    It’s human nature to want to be needed from time to time. But consider how insecure you seem with this statement. “Many people seek out emotionally dependent partners to increase their low self-esteem, but this isn’t the foundation for a successful relationship,” David explains.

    “It’s great to be in a relationship when your spouse chooses to be with you just because they love you, without any manipulation, obligation, or pressure.”

    “How do you believe our roles in this relationship have changed since we met?” instead of “How do you think our roles in this relationship have changed since we met?” “How do you believe we’re dealing with the way our relationship is developing?” or “How do you think we’re dealing with the way our relationship is developing?”

    ”Do you love me more than her?”

    “If you ever have the urge to ask this question, and you know it’s not about a tiny twinge of insecurity or envy,” David continues, “your relationship needs to be thoroughly re-evaluated.” “Everyone should be free to share their lives and be in relationships with whomever they choose, but if a third party enters the relationship and begins to destabilize it, you owe it to yourself to confidently and calmly bring things to a head.”

    Instead, say something like, “It’s evident you’re in a pickle; I’d like you to make your decision now, so that we can both move on – together or separately” or “When you decide who you want to be with, we can discuss our future.”

    ”Don’t leave me – you make me complete.”

    This comment is not only insecure, but also desperate and manipulative – the holy trifecta! “You have to embrace the fact that a relationship will only succeed if both people desire to be together,” David explains. “If you ever feel compelled to make this comment, your relationship has most certainly already broken down and is beyond repair.”

    Instead, say something like, “I’ll be very sad and upset if you go, but I know I’ll be better off being with someone who loves me as much as I love them” or “It will come as a shock to me if you leave, but I accept that no one should be in a relationship if they’re unhappy.”

    ”My ex would never do that!”

    I can attest to how awful it feels when someone you’re dating compares you to an ex. It makes you furious, worthless, and insecure, none of which are pleasant feelings. According to David, “This is a bad and comparing comment that will only cause your relationship to become more strained and acrimonious. This is something you should start talking to your spouse about if you don’t think they’re treating you with enough care and consideration.”

    Instead, say something like, “Could you kindly explain why you did that?” or “I’m not sure why you did that?”

    What do you do when your husband has feelings for someone else?

    The fact that you’re both married doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to someone else. Attraction isn’t always synonymous with infidelity. However, the fact that he no longer has your eyes only can make you feel anxious, insecure, and possibly deceived. It will need a shared commitment to save your marriage. Your need to be reassured must be met in addition to his attraction to someone else. Use this scenario as another opportunity for you to work together to solve a difficulty, learn from it, and inevitably grow closer.

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