Why Am I Losing Feelings For My Boyfriend

When you’re feeling like this, talk to your partner about it and consider whether you still want to be in a relationship with them.

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Is it normal to lose feelings in a relationship?

It’s quite normal to feel more or less in love with your lover at different times. At the same time, having stillnesses in a relationship that make you feel lost or doubtful about its future is terrible.

You may still “love” your partner and wish to collaborate with them. However, it appears to be inaccessible for some reason.

If you’re having trouble in your relationship, you’ll have to determine if you want to put in the effort or look for something else.

What do you do when you lose feelings for your boyfriend?

It’s exhilarating in the beginning. You can’t wait to see your BF or GF, and it’s wonderful to know that he or she shares your enthusiasm. Everything else might be overshadowed by the exhilaration and excitement of a new relationship.

But nothing is ever truly new. As couples grow to know one other better, things alter. Some people find themselves in a secure, close relationship. Other couples become estranged.

There are a variety of reasons why couples break up. One of them is growing apart. You may discover that your passions, ideas, values, and emotions aren’t as well matched as you believed. Another is to change your mind or feelings about the other individual. Maybe you just don’t like being in the same room with each other. It’s possible that you disagree or don’t desire the same thing. It’s possible that you’ve formed feelings for another person. Or perhaps you’ve realized that you’re not interested in being in a committed relationship right now.

Most people experience a breakup (or numerous breakups) at some point in their life. If you’ve ever gone through it, you know how difficult it can be, even if it appears to be for the best.

Why Is Breaking Up So Hard to Do?

You may have conflicting feelings about breaking up with someone if you’re thinking about it. You got together for a cause, after all. As a result, it’s understandable to question, “Will things get better?” “Should I give it another chance?” says the narrator. “Will I come to regret my decision?” Breaking up is a difficult decision. It’s possible that you’ll need some time to consider it.

Even if you are certain in your decision, breaking up requires an awkward or tough talk. The person you’re breaking up with can be upset, disappointed, sad, rejected, or heartbroken as a result of your breakup. When it comes to ending a relationship, you probably want to do so in a respectful and considerate manner. You don’t want to hurt the other person, yet you also don’t want to be sad.

Avoid It? Or Get it Over With?

Some people try to avoid having to initiate a difficult conversation. Others have a “let’s just get it over with” mentality. However, neither of these ways is the most effective. Avoiding the problem only makes it worse (and may end up hurting the other person more). And rushing into a difficult conversation without thinking it through can lead to you saying something you later regret.


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It’s advisable to go for something in the middle: Consider your options so you’re clear on why you want to end your relationship. Then take action.

Break-up Do’s and Don’ts

Every circumstance is unique. When it comes to breaking up, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, as you consider having that break-up talk, there are certain general “do’s and don’ts” to bear in mind.


  • Consider what you desire and why you desire it. Take some time to reflect on your emotions and the reasoning behind your decision. Be honest with yourself. It’s fine to do what’s best for you, even though the other person may suffer as a result of your decision. All you have to do now is do it with tact.
  • Consider what you’ll say and how you think the other person will react. Will your boyfriend or girlfriend be surprised? Sad? Mad? Hurt? Or perhaps even relieved? It can help you to be sensitive if you consider the other person’s point of view and feelings. It also aids in preparation. Do you believe the person with whom you’re breaking up will cry? Has he or she lost his or her cool? What are your plans for dealing with such a reaction?
  • Have the best of intentions. Make it clear to the other person that he or she is important to you. Consider the traits you wish to convey to the other person, such as honesty, kindness, sensitivity, respect, and compassion.
  • Be truthful, but not ruthless. Tell the other person what drew you to him or her in the first place, as well as what you admire about him or her. Then explain why you’d like to go on. “Honesty” does not imply “brutal.” Don’t use the attributes of the other person to explain why something isn’t working. Consider how you can be nice and kind while remaining truthful.
  • Say it out loud. You’ve done a lot of things together. Breaking up in person shows respect (and demonstrates your positive characteristics). If you live a long distance away, consider video chatting or at the very least making a phone call. It may appear like breaking up by text or Facebook is simple. Consider how you’d feel if your boyfriend or girlfriend did something like that to you, and what your friends would say about that person’s character.
  • Confide in someone you trust if it helps. Talking through your feelings with a good buddy might be beneficial. However, make sure the person you confide in can keep it private until you have your break-up chat with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ensure that your BF/GF hears it from you first, rather than from someone else. That is one of the reasons why talking to parents, older sisters or brothers, and other adults might be beneficial. They’re not going to say anything or let it out by accident.


  • Don’t dodge the other person or the necessary talk. Dragging things out makes things worse for you and your BF or GF in the long term. Plus, when people procrastinate, information can leak out. You never want the person you’re breaking up with to hear about it from someone else before you tell them.
  • Don’t jump into a difficult talk without first considering your options. You may make mistakes that you later come to regret.
  • Don’t be impolite. Respectfully discuss your ex (or soon-to-be ex). Keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything negative about him or her. Consider how you’d react. You’d like your ex to just say good things about you after you’ve broken up. Plus, you never know when your ex will become a friend or if you will reignite a romance.

These “dos and don’ts” don’t apply only to breakups. If someone invites you out but you’re not truly interested, you can use the same techniques to politely reject them.

What to Say and How to Say It

You’ve decided to end your relationship. Now you only need to find a suitable time to chat — and a respectful, fair, straightforward, and kind manner to talk about it. Breakups entail more than just figuring out what to say. You should also think about how you’ll say it.

Here are some ideas for what you could say. Use these suggestions and tweak them to meet your needs and personality:

“I’m sure there’s another girl/guy who’d love to go out with you,” or “I’m sure there’s another girl/guy who’d love to go out with you.”

  • Pay attention to what the other person is trying to communicate. Be patient, and don’t be surprised if the other person appears irritated or dissatisfied with your words.
  • Give the person some breathing room. Consider sending a kind message or having a friendly discussion to let your ex know you care about how he or she is doing.

Relationships Help Us Learn


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Relationships can have distinct meaning and worth, whether they last a long time or a short period. Each connection has the potential to teach us something about ourselves, another person, and what we want and need in a potential mate. It’s an opportunity for us to learn how to care for others and to experience being cared for.

A breakup can also be an opportunity to learn. It’s not an easy task. It is, however, an opportunity to try your best to respect the feelings of others. As painful as it is to end a relationship, it improves our ability to be honest and kind during challenging conversations.

How do I know if I lost feelings for my boyfriend?

Keep an eye out for a lack of communication, as well as a lack of willingness to update your spouse about your day or your joyful life. “Communication is a sign of a healthy relationship,” Trombetti says. So you’ve lost interest if you don’t bother communicating — or if you do, but it’s always with someone else.

What causes loss of feelings for someone?

Emotional numbness can be caused by a variety of different factors. Two of the most prevalent causes are depression and anxiety. Emotional numbness can be triggered by severe amounts of acute heightened stress or worry. You may also feel numb if you have post-traumatic stress disorder, which is linked to depression and anxiety.

Numbness is a side effect of some drugs. Medications used to treat anxiety and depression are the most typical culprits. These drugs may have an impact on the way the brain processes mood and emotion.

Emotional numbness can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Stress hormones can overwhelm your system, causing a variety of physiological reactions that might contribute to emotional numbness. Stress hormones, for example, can have an impact on the limbic system. The limbic system is responsible for your emotions and is located towards the middle of your brain. Other hormones in your body might be affected by stress hormones, which can alter your mood. Both of these effects can make you feel numb.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Your body might get so stressed in some circumstances that you become emotionally and physically exhausted. Emotional numbness can result from a lack of both emotional and physical vitality.

How do I regain feelings for my boyfriend?

8 Ways to Rekindle a Relationship’s Love

  • Step 1: To advance, take a step backwards. Try to recall how those first few days, weeks, or even years (if you’re lucky) went.

How can I find love again?

“Love is a Battlefield,” a song by Pat Benatar, tells it all. Many of my relationship phone counseling customers, regardless of where they live, whose gender they identify with, or their age, agree with this perspective. These eligible people, the majority of whom have a lot to give, are regrettably ready to throw in the towel after a relationship ends. That’s because the notion of putting themselves out there again to meet someone fresh causes past sentiments of vulnerability to resurface.

Why do these single people have apprehensions and even cynicism about trying to create and develop new relationships? It’s because the anguish of being disappointed, dissatisfied, and disenchanted after a breakup or a series of relationships that didn’t endure has undermined and sometimes even eroded their self-confidence. That’s a lot of “disses” that are weighing heavily on their minds! These folks desire for the promise of what a healthy relationship can bring them.

When you’re recovering from a previous failed relationship, or even a series of them, remember that there’s no such thing as false hope. There is only one type of hope, and that is hope in its real sense. However, it is critical to remember that you are STILL in charge of your relationship’s future destiny in order to keep your hope alive. Please keep the following three points in mind when looking for a healthy companion for your next intimate relationship:

1) Recognize your worth

I tell my relationship coaching clients three words, and I hold them responsible for remembering them: Know What You’re Worth! Knowing your worth serves as a protective shield against anyone who treats you unfairly. “You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else,” as popular wisdom puts it. Do you respect and appreciate yourself? If you do, you’ll be more likely to find a healthy mate because you’ll be determined to find someone who values and accepts you for who you are.

How do you know if you’re falling out of love?

7. You stay with someone out of concern for their well-being.

It’s not about doing somebody a favor when you’re in a relationship. It’s about wanting to be with the other person and loving them. If you’re in a relationship with someone because they say they need you, can’t live without you, or have expressed some kind of unhealthy dependence on you, you’re in it for the wrong reasons and are preventing yourself from having a meaningful relationship.

8. You don’t want to hang out with each other any longer.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

According to DeAlto, if you no longer desire to spend time together, it’s a definite indicator you’ve fallen out of love. “You find yourself avoiding them rather than prioritizing them, and when you’re not together, you don’t miss them.” If you’d rather spend time away from them than with them, it means you’re happier alone, which isn’t the point of a relationship.

9. You ponder your future plans…in the absence of them.

Everyone considers the future…what they have planned for the coming month, year, and five years…. However, if you find yourself thinking about future trips, relocations, or jobs without picturing your SO accompanying you, your relationship may not be suited for the long haul. “You are a unit in a loving partnership, and the future includes the two of you together,” DeAlto says. “There’s an issue if someone starts making plans as a ‘I’ rather than a ‘we.'”

10. They are no longer at the top of your priority list.

It’s a sure sign that you’re in love when you make your lover a priority in your life. So, if you find yourself in this situation, “Spending more time with your family, kids, or friends than with your significant other” could be a red signal, according to Green, and indicate that they aren’t as essential to you as they once were.

11. The PDA is no longer in use.

You want to hold your partner’s hand in public, put your arm around their waist, kiss them on the cheek, or peck them on the lips when you’re out and about when you’re in L-O-V-E. PDA, on the other hand, isn’t something you do subconsciously or knowingly when your heart is no longer invested in someone.

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