Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend So Much


Depending on the relationship and the length of time you’ve been separated, the longing that comes from missing someone can range from moderate melancholy to outright anguish. The natural reaction to being apart from your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner is to miss them. Whether you’ve gone a few days without seeing each other during a hectic week or you’re long-distance and haven’t seen each other in months, longing for someone who isn’t physically present sucks. Your heart may hurt, but your mind is also involved. Chemical interactions in the brain can cause big emotional outbursts.

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Why do I miss my boyfriend so much when we are apart?

If you miss your lover in general, it could signify one of the following:

  • You enjoy being in his company and spending time with him. If you enjoy spending time with your guy, you’ll want to keep an eye out for opportunities to do so.
  • You have feelings for him. You will normally want to spend time with someone you have a crush on or adore. It’s possible that you’ll miss interacting with them.
  • It’s been a while since you’ve seen him. It’s very normal to miss your lover if you’ve been away for a long time. Whether it’s your lover or a cousin, this is one of the most prevalent reasons for missing someone.
  • You’re not seeing him as regularly as you used to. Jobs and school schedules alter, as previously stated. You may need to reorganize and schedule your life in a different way than before. This may result in you spending less time with your boyfriend.
  • You’d like to see him more often. Maybe you just want to see your guy more often than you do now. This could be due to schedule disruptions or a general lack of motivation.
  • Depending on the day or the situation, you may have a variety of these reasons for missing your boyfriend. You could have a variety of causes for this.

    These are just a few of the most frequent. Many things influence our emotions, therefore it’s vital to remember that no two people’s feelings are the same. Understanding what missing your boyfriend means to you will help you cope with your feelings.

    What do you do when you miss your boyfriend so much?

    Whether you and your lover reside in different cities, work in different buildings, or simply haven’t seen each other in a while, missing the man in your life is a difficult feeling to reconcile.

    It’s always a misery to have a craving for your lover, no matter what the situation is. There are things you can do to help yourself if you find yourself continuously missing your boyfriend, or even occasionally missing your boyfriend. Try these few activities the next time you really miss your lover instead of obsessing on the pain, unfairness, or general longing.

    Make contact with him

    We have an endless variety of options to reach out to our loved ones these days, whether it’s via text message, phone call, email, Facebook messenger, or even just sharing a picture of him on social media. If you’ve been missing your partner, simply send him a message and wait for him to answer.

    Set aside some time for yourself

    Though being apart from your partner can be difficult, it’s also critical to check in with yourself and give yourself space and time to grow on your own. Some people find being alone difficult, but keep in mind that you will see your lover again—whether tomorrow night, next week, or in three months. For the time being, read the book you promised yourself you’d finish. Keep a journal of your good and negative ideas. Spend time with your family or friends. Volunteer. Go for a run. Repeatedly watch your favorite show. Take the time to do whatever it takes to make you happy, and explore new aspects of yourself that you may not have had time to explore before.

    Write a letter

    There’s a distinction between sending a text message and writing a letter. What better way to reach out to your lover when you’re missing them than by penning your feelings down? Even if you simply send a card with a short remark, the gesture feels personal and warm, and it is unique to your connection. When was the last time you told your lover you love and miss him in your own handwriting? Another advantage of sending a letter is that you can express yourself far more fully than you can in a text message or a social media post. Long, emotional, honest, and romantic letters are all possible. Sure, texts may do the same thing, but there’s something special about a letter in that it’s something you can have forever.

    Watch a film that brings back memories of your love

    It’s quite acceptable to feel a smidgeon of longing for someone. The desire to be with someone you care about is a natural element of being in love. Whether it’s his favorite film, the film you saw on your first date together, or simply a film that mirrors your own relationship, you can find solace in art. Even better, if you and your partner are separated by distance, attempt to watch the same movie at the same time and discuss it. It’s not quite the same as snuggling on a couch, but there’s something incredibly romantic about synchronizing your streaming schedules.

    Put on a sweatshirt that he likes

    It’s cheesy, but it always works. Cozying up in your boyfriend’s favorite big sweater or sweatshirt has a romantic feel to it. If you don’t have any of his clothes to keep you company while he’s away, ask him for a borrowed old baggy sweater or shirt the next time you see him. You can get the feeling like he’s hugging you close just by wearing his clothes and smelling his perfume.

    Make time for your buddies

    Even when you’re depressed and mopey, your pals will always be there for you. You may need a diversion if you can’t quit missing your boyfriend, and who better to distract you than your best friends? Your friends are likely to sympathize with you and encourage you to talk about your relationship and your feelings. You can gush, cry, refuse to talk about it, or do whatever you choose. If you have good friends, they will stick by you through it all.

    It can be difficult to be away from your lover for any reason, but you can get through it. Keep your attention on the task at hand, your energy upbeat, and your thoughts on the future when you’ll be reunited.

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    Is it normal to miss your partner a lot?

    When you miss your mate, your brain is looking for them, and your oxytocin and dopamine levels plummet. According to Tara L. Skubella of Earth Tantra, a relationship specialist and tantra coach, “These levels are raised by physical touch, sexual connection, and heartfelt connection. It’s healthy to seek substitutes if we aren’t getting our natural happy chemical dosage.”

    This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Skubella, for example, recommends increasing the amount of touch you get during the day. Touching yourself, getting a massage, embracing friends and family, and cuddling with your pets can all help.

    “Meditation, yoga, earthing, and breath practice can all help release oxytocin and dopamine in a healthy way,” explains Skubella. In fact, according to a 2013 study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, just one yoga session can help boost oxytocin levels.

    Love is a science in and of itself, and missing your partner is simply one aspect of it. It doesn’t matter if you miss your partner after five days or five hours as long as you’re coping with your emotions in a healthy way. Everything is perfectly normal.

    Why do I miss him all the time?

    You must delve deeper into the source of these feelings in order to move toward a healthier connection. Here are a few possibilities:

    You’re insecure in the relationship.

    If you believe you have an unhealthy attachment to your lover, it could be due to a lack of trust in the relationship.

    That could be because it’s early on and you’re not sure where you stand, or it could be because they don’t express how much they want to be with you as frequently as you’d want.

    That you’re unsure of where you stand and are feeling uncomfortable, which can make you miss them and want to be with them just to feel safe and loved.

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    You’ve been cheated on in the past.

    If you’ve ever had a relationship disappoint you or betray you, you may find it difficult to truly trust someone.

    While this can take the form of pushing someone away, it can also take the form of a constant yearning to be near them.

    That is partly due to trust, since you want to keep an eye on them, but it is also due to the fact that you create very strong ties with those you do trust.

    You’re lonely and he is your comfort.

    If you’re going through a difficult period or don’t have many close friends or family members, you can find yourself relying entirely on your lover for comfort and love.

    Normally, this need would be met by a variety of individuals (including your partner), but you’ve established an unhealthy attachment to them and crave their company all of the time since you expect 100 percent from them.

    You’re overwhelmed with love.

    It could be because you love your lover so much that you constantly want to be with him and miss him as soon as he leaves!

    This is prevalent in persons who are in their first relationship or who are dating someone for the first time.

    Your feelings for your lover can be overwhelming at times, and you may go through a phase of infatuation or borderline obsession as your feelings for him deepen.

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    The relationship has shifted.

    It’s natural to miss your lover more if you’re used to seeing him frequently and then see him less frequently.

    When we’ve spent a lot of time with someone, it’s natural to be sad and miss them when they go because it feels like a huge void in our life.

    It’s acceptable to go through a brief period of ‘grieving,’ but it can become problematic if it lasts too long or begins to significantly effect your or their well-being.

    Can someone feel when you miss them?

    The feeling is so strong that it affects both the one who is being missed and the person who is missing them.

    But how can you know if someone is looking for you? What spiritual indications should you be on the lookout for?

    That is precisely what I will discuss in this article. You’ll be able to notice things right away once you discover these spiritual indicators, and you’ll be able to aid your spiritual reunion with that person.

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    Why do I get mad at my boyfriend when I miss him?

    In addition to testosterone and estrogen, your body releases adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Dopamine is responsible for men’s chivalrous behavior and women’s deep attachment. When you fall in love, your body accelerates the processing of these feel-good chemicals, causing you to become accustomed to the “high.”

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    How can I find I am in love?

    People who are in love have a strong sense of empathy for their loved ones, feeling the other person’s anguish as their own and prepared to go to great lengths for them.

    What to message your boyfriend when you miss him?

    In any relationship, communication is crucial. However, because so many couples currently converse via text, sentiments and emotions can be lost. In a relationship, it’s critical to be vulnerable and able to share your feelings. So, if you’re in a long-distance relationship or your partner is on vacation and you’re missing him, don’t be afraid to tell him. Although nothing beats a simple “I miss you” text, we’ve come up with 30 lovely ways to tell your partner you miss him. He’ll undoubtedly feel unique, and a big smile will appear on his face.

    1. I wish you were in the room with me right now.

    2. I miss you like a chubby kid who has gone on a diet craves cake.

    3. Having your arms around me made me feel at ease. I’m now unwell at home.

    4. You have no idea how much you are missed.

    5. Right now, one of your hugs would be welcome.

    6. All I want to do is be with you.

    7. All the way to the moon and back, I miss you.

    8. Until I can hold you in my arms, I’m holding you in my heart.

    9. As soon as we said our goodbyes, I started missing you.

    10. I’m envious of those that get to see you on a daily basis.

    11. I didn’t realize you could miss someone so much.

    12. If you think missing me is difficult, wait till you’ve tried missing you.

    13. Do you have any idea how much I miss you?

    14. I have a soft spot in my heart for you. Every day, a little too much, a little too frequently, and a whole lot more.

    15. What was I thinking about the whole time before you?

    16. You’re supposed to be here.

    17. I can’t express how much I miss you.

    18. I have a strong desire for you in a variety of ways. I simply want to be next to you, and nothing more.

    19. I miss the touch of your hand on my shoulder.

    20. I’ve never missed someone as much as you have.

    21. All I want to say is that I miss you.

    22. I miss you in the same way that an imbecile misses the point.

    23. It’s an understatement to say I miss you.

    24. Despite the sadness, you came to mind today, and I grinned as usual.

    25. When I’m with you, I’ll stop missing you.

    26. You are missed by every part of me.

    27. I have a strong desire to be with you.

    28. I miss you a lot, but not quite as much as you miss me. I’m quite great.

    29. I’m looking forward to seeing your face again.

    30. Hello, I’m really missing you.

    What does it mean to be lovesick?

    “Lovesickness” denotes a deep and abiding love. Or maybe you have feelings for someone you can’t have. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you’ve lost someone you badly want back.

    Being lovesick is both painful and exhilarating. It’s a romantic stage of love, a feeling we’ve all experienced because we’ve seen it in almost every movie, heard it in almost every song, and read about it in almost every poetry. Lovesickness is a prevalent occurrence in all cultures. There is an undercurrent of love or loss of love in practically every story ever written, every Disney movie, and every vampire fiction. Our sense of romance is made up of our desire for love and the “sickness” that comes with falling in and out of it.

    When we fall in love, we learn from a young age to expect longing—the yearning for another—and the horrible and compulsive feelings that come with it. Our cultural imperative is to desire or long for something. I desire something I can’t have because you’re from the wrong side of town, the wrong family, I’m living and you’re dead, or some other variation on the subject. We eventually come upon each other. Love always triumphs, and we are content, even if only for a brief period. When we lose love, we mourn, and the rest of the world cries with us. The anguish of losing love, as well as the delight of finding it, is universal.

    It’s easy to mistake new love for addiction. When you put someone in an MRI machine and look at their brain scan when they are freshly enamored, the same areas of the brain light up as when they are high on cocaine. The brain is saturated with dopamine and norepinephrine production during the limerence phase of romantic love, which causes symptoms comparable to obsessive compulsion. Sleeplessness, restlessness, and preoccupation are among them. Impulsive activities look unreasonable, such as driving by the lover’s house or sleeping with the phone ringing. All reasonable thoughts are obliterated by a want to be with that person all of the time, regardless of other responsibilities. People suffering from lovesickness frequently have powerful sexual sensations for that person and may feel compelled to see and touch him or her all of the time.

    When we are unable to be with the individual, we may experience extreme loss, frustration, and sadness. When we are terrified and concerned that we will lose our love interest, we may get physically ill. Because serotonin levels in the brain change, depression can worsen, and desires for ice cream or chocolate are typical. When our brain chemistry are interrupted, such as when our love object breaks up with us or we are separated during this falling-in-love phase, we may become more obsessive and do things we never imagined, such as parking in their neighborhood or outside their homes. Those who are more unstable may become hazardous at this point, breaking into homes, stealing items, and checking laptops and phones. People with these inclinations are more likely to experience jealousy, deep distrust, and even violence.

    The relationship enters the attachment phase if it continues in a normal, joyful manner and real love emerges. The brain’s dopamine levels begin to level off. As oxytocin and vasopressin levels rise, both persons begin to relax. These substances cause us to desire to snuggle, bond, and stay at home. We lose interest in seeing friends or even leaving the house. Sex triumphs over socialization, and if we’re not careful, we’ll get married and start having children.

    Being in love can lead to a burst of creativity. At moments like these, some of history’s greatest songs are written. Poets, authors, and painters have understood for a long time that creative desires are strong during times of genuine lovesickness. Sublimation is the process of transforming strong emotions into something else. If you’re missing your significant other, this is the time to write, sculpt, sing, or even begin a new gym routine. This will assist you in channeling all of the powerful energy in your heart (and brain) into something beneficial to you. Begin writing in a notebook about your emotions. You might read it in two years and think to yourself, “Ugh… what was I thinking?” Alternatively, you may discover that you have a brilliant new romantic novel or a lovely new love song.

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