The Top 25 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

DID YOU KNOW: You can read a guy’s mind using his emojis?

Here’s the truth…

Every emoji has secret emotions behind it.

As international dating and relationship coaches, we’ve helped thousands of women win the hearts of their perfect match and have the relationships they’ve always dreamed of having.

If you want to become more popular and attractive to guys, you need to learn to read and understand hidden emoji meanings.

In fact, the more in love a guy is, the more emojis he uses!

Here’s exactly what you need to know:

The Complete List: Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

In this article, we’ll show you the most popular emojis guys use to flirt.

We’ll also explain EXACTLY what these emojis mean from guys. You’ll become an expert at decoding guys’ emojis!

At the end of this article, you’ll also learn which emojis to use to get guys to reply to you, and which ones to avoid.

Here are the Top 25 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You.

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1. The Angel Emoji 😇

MEANING: He wants to be more than “just friends”

The Angel Emoji looks innocent. But its meaning is exactly the opposite.

Guys like to use it in two ways:

First, they use it to look cheeky (especially after a joke or a cheeky story).

But often, they use it to suggest something naughty or dirty…

This emoji is powerful because it brings in the “good boy/bad boy” theme.

It means he is definitely being flirty with you.

If a guy sends this emoji to you often, it means he is open to being more than “just friends”…

2. The Relieved Smile 😌

MEANING: He cares about you

The meaning behind this emoji depends on how its being used.

Usually, the hidden meaning is that they care about you.

Often, guys will use it in response to a story you tell.

For example:

You: I just passed a really stressful exam today

Him: Oh that’s great! ????

In this case, the relieved emoji shows he shares your feelings, and is happy for you.

It shows emotional investment, which is a strong sign of love.

This emoji can also mean peace and relaxation. We all know it can be hard for guys to show their true emotions.

If he’s using this emoji often, it can mean he is relaxed with you, and is ready to open up.

However, you must make sure you don’t push him away in your reply. A lot of girls make this mistake by accident.

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3. The Heart Eyes Emoji 😍

MEANING: He’s passionate about you

Believe it or not, most guys are very shy about love.

It takes a long time to get them to open up. But they will give you hints along the way.

The Heart Eyes Emoji is a low-key way for guys to show their love.

It doesn’t matter how they use it. If they’re using it a lot, it means they’re feeling something special for you.

4. Kissy Face Emoji 😘

MEANING: He has feelings for you

We all know guys are bad with their emotions…

It’s awkward for them to express their love. So they like to play it cool.

This is exactly what a guy is doing when he sends you the Kissy Face emoji. They’re trying to express their feelings, but still act casual.

Put yourself in his shoes:

If a guy only wants to be friends, there’s no way he will choose to send this emoji.

The Kissy Face is a great sign of the context of the relationship: It is moving from “just friends” to “guy and girl”.

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5. The Smirk Face 😏

MEANING: He’s flirting with you

The Smirk Emoji is actually similar to the Angel Face Emoji. It is a good sign of flirting and playful teasing.

When a guy uses the smirk emoji, it probably means there is a hidden meaning in his message.

Look for sarcasm and mischief in his text. You don’t want to miss it – Otherwise, you’d just look silly, and he could lose interest.

Bonus Tip…

Send this emoji back to him and see how he reacts.

This is a great text game technique, and will put him back in the spotlight.

You are also showing him that you are also being flirty and playful. He will be encouraged, and get more hooked on you.

Sending the emoji back to him will also put pressure on him to move things forwards!

6. Laughing Smiley With Sweat 😅

MEANING: He feels nervous

You know that feeling when you and a guy are getting close…

…And suddenly there’s some tension between you?

That’s usually what this smiley means.

Believe it or not, guys get nervous from this pressure too. And because they like to play it cool, they will usually use this emoji to break the tension.

Once again, remember to be careful what you reply with. You can actually use this tension to make things more interesting and romantic.

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7. Monkey-See Emoji 🙈

MEANING: He’s being shy

Similar to the Sweating Smiley, the Monkey Emoji is another sign of nervousness and shyness.

The guy might add this emoji to an “edgy” message…

For example:

“I think you look pretty in your profile pic! ????

Or he might be even more daring:

“Maybe we should see that movie tomorrow ????

The key point: He’s starting to care what you think about him.

This is one of the basic principles of text chemistry: The more he likes you, the more he cares about what you think of him.

8. Winky Face 😉

MEANING: He’s being playful with you

One of the most important parts of flirting is being playful.

This is how you keep things fun and interesting.

If you make things too serious, you will kill good emotions and introduce bad vibes.

For guys, the Winking smiley is a good way of being playful.

Just like the Angel Face emoji, look for the hidden meanings and sarcasm in his message when he uses this smiley.


Do not send this emoji back.

This emoji might make you look “easy” or “desperate”. A guy will lose interest very quickly like this.

Instead, you should keep him chasing. The more he chases, the more hooked he will become.

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9. The Cheesy Grin 😬

MEANING: He’s being cheeky

The Cheesy Grin Emoji is both cheeky and sweet.

Usually, guys use it after a joke, or as a sign of mischief.

Here’s the hidden message of this emoji: He is becoming comfortable with you.

He is not afraid to show you his cheesy and embarrassing side. He is opening up to you.

When a guy and a girl first meet, there is always a bit of anxiety and nervousness…

But if the relationship grows, this will fade away. This is exactly what the Cheesy Grin emoji shows.

10. The Heart Emoji ❤️

MEANING: He loves you

The Heart Emoji is one of the biggest signs a guy loves you.

Some guys will choose to send the purple heart emoji, while some prefer the red one. But it all means the same thing.

Unless you are already in a relationship, the guy will not use it directly to say he loves you.

Instead, he will usually use it to reply to one of your texts.

For example:

You could be telling him a cute joke. He will use it to show he “loves” your message.

Or he could use it to reply to your Instagram story.

Either way, when a guy sends a Heart Emoji, it means he definitely sees you as more than a friend.

And the more he uses it, the more obvious this will become…

11. Lovestruck Smiley 🥰

MEANING: You make him feel dreamy

This emoji requires very little explanation. The three hearts says it all!

When a guy sends the lovestruck smiley, it shows you how infatuated he is with you.

It’s also a sign that he is constantly thinking of you, and is overwhelmed with love for you!

12. Upside Down Smiley 🙃

MEANING: He is being goofy

A lot of girls are confused by this emoji. It can be very unclear what a guy means when he sends it.

But in reality, its meaning is actually quite similar to the angel face or smirk emoji.

The upside down smiley shows you he is being coy and goofy with you. And this in turn shows you how close he keeps you in his heart.

Once you realize this, it becomes a lot easier to understand the true meaning being his text…

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13. Delighted Face 😊

MEANING: You make him happy!

Don’t get this emoji confused with the other smiley faces! This one actually has a deeper meaning…

When guys use regular smiley faces like ???? and ????, they are usually expressing joy at something you said.

But if he sends you the delighted face (with eyes closed and curved downwards), it generally means he feels happy talking to you as a person.

It’s a great sign that he sees you as someone special in his life!

14. The Yummy Face 😋

MEANING: He finds you attractive

We all know guys are simple-minded creatures, and they are obsessed with looks…

The Yummy Face emoji is a way for guys to tell you that he finds you very attractive and intriguing.

It’s a sign that he has an appetite for you, and a hunger for your love and attention!

15. The Beaming Face 😁

MEANING: He has fun talking to you

Similar to the Cheesy Grin, the Beaming Face emoji is usually used by a guy when he is being funny or cracks a joke.

When guys first meet a girl they’re interested in, they will usually try to play it cool and be careful with what they say…

But if he starts to fall in love with you, he will open up to you and become more comfortable with having fun with you…

And that’s exactly what this smiley is about!

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16. Puppy Eyed Face 🥺

MEANING: He is being cute

There are many situations in which a guy will use this emoji.

Sometimes, he might be expressing worry or dread at something. Other times, he might be pleading for something from you…

But regardless, here’s the real meaning of the Puppy Eyed Face:

He’s being cute with you!

We all know that guys like to hide their emotions and play it cool in front of girls…

But if he’s able to show his adoring side to you, he definitely has some strong feelings for you!

17. The Double Heart Emoji 💕

MEANING: He sees you and him as a couple

You might think two hearts just means he loves you twice as much…

But this emoji actually means more than that.

A guy will only send the double heart emoji to you if he thinks of you and him as a couple.

This is true whether you’re in a relationship, or you’ve just started chatting.

Regardless of what else he says, this is a sign of what’s truly going on inside his mind!

18. Hugging Face 🤗

MEANING: He wants to comfort you

We all know that true love means genuinely caring and supporting each other…

And that’s exactly what this emoji means!

The Hugging Face emoji is used when guys want to comfort you, and give you his wholehearted love and care.

It’s a sure sign that he has a special place for you inside his heart!

19. Starstruck Face 🤩

MEANING: He is fascinated by you

The Starstruck Face is less commonly seen, but it usually means that the guy is fully engaged in the conversation.

It shows you that he is either amazed at something you said, or just fascinated by you as a person!

If a man sends you this, you can be certain that you are stealing his heart!

20. Eye-Roll Face 🙄

MEANING: He is being playful

Many girls make the mistake of thinking this is a bad sign from a guy, and start worrying and overthinking about it…

But rest assured, the Eye-Roll emoji usually means he’s just being playful with you.

Guys will usually use it in response to something you both dislike, or perhaps a cheesy joke that you made.

This is often a sign of the strong chemistry you share with him. So relax, and have a good time!

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21. Wacky Face 😜

MEANING: He is having a good time talking to you

A real relationship isn’t just about love…

It also needs to be fun!

In fact, one of the biggest signs a man is in love is if he truly has fun with you…

And that’s what this emoji shows!

If a guy sends you the Wacky Face, you can be sure that he enjoys talking to you, and wants to get to know you even more.

22. The Lips Emoji 💋

MEANING: He wants to kiss you

There’s no display of love stronger than a kiss.

But if he can’t be there in person with you, he’ll send you this emoji instead!

Make no mistake – If a guy sends you this, it clearly means he sees you as more than a friend…

And if this emoji comes as a surprise, you should be very careful in how you reply to him.

More on this later…

23. The Tongue-Out Smiley 😛

MEANING: You make him feel excited

The meaning of this emoji can be a little unclear at first…

But once you understand it, you will get a much better idea of what he thinks about you.

When a guy sends you the Tongue-Out Smiley, it usually means he feels excited and thrilled to be talking to you right now.

And because his emotions are running high, this is the perfect moment for you to move things forward and get him even more hooked on you…

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24. The “Oh My” Face

MEANING: He feels close to you

Just like the Cheesy Grin and the Angel Face, this emoji could mean the guy is being playful and cheeky with you…

But it can also mean something deeper.

Guys tend to use the Chuckle Face in two ways:

First, he could be expressing a bit of shyness while opening up to you.

But he could also be sharing an inside joke with you.

This is a great sign, because it shows you that he is growing closer to you.

25. Tears Of Joy Face 😂

MEANING: He enjoys having you around

This might be a very common emoji, but don’t underestimate it when a guy sends it to you!

Everybody knows the Tears Of Joy smiley means laughter and joy.

When a guy uses it often, it simply means he is having a good time talking to you and enjoys having you around.

And if that’s the case, it’s not difficult to “lock-in” his interest for you and move things forward…

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Use These Emojis To Make Him Reply

We all know it’s SO frustrating when guys don’t text back…

We’ve got great news! There are some emojis you can use to get them to reply.

Psychologists and dating experts both agree – Using these emojis in your texts will get faster replies.

In fact, studies show that people who use emojis usually get more dates!

To guys, emojis mean closeness and emotion. So when you include them in your texts, you will draw him closer to you.

They are great for first messages, and starting conversations!

Here are the best emojis to use on guys. Use them carefully!

  • 😏 Smirking
  • 🤪 Crazy Face
  • 😂 Laugh Crying
  • 😌 Relieved Face
  • 👌 OK sign
  • 💕 Two Hearts
  • 🙃 Upside-Down Face
  • 😩 Weary Face
  • 😛 Tongue Out
  • 🙈 Monkey-See
  • 💋 Kiss Mark
  • 😍 Heart Eyes

And here are emojis you should NEVER use with guys:

  • 🖖 Vulcan Salute
  • 💍 Ring Emoji
  • 😭 Crying Face
  • 💩 Poop Emoji

One Last Thing: How To Make Any Man Deeply Committed To You

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It’s simple:

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Next, they will “lock-in” the feelings he has for you. They will become stronger and deeper.

And finally, he will feel an uncontrollable urge to devote himself completely to you, and ONLY you.

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