This Is Why You Need To Stop Texting First

If we were to give one tip to all women to improve their dating lives, it would be this:

Stop texting first.

If you want someone to put an effort in the relationship or build attraction, you need to stop texting him first, no matter how tempting it may be.

Texting first and too frequently, believe it or not, can have a detrimental impact on your love life and relationships.

Today, our team of dating and relationship experts will explain why you should stop texting first, and what to do instead if you want to become the most attractive version of yourself.

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The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Texting First

It may not occur to you, but texting first and too frequently can make you appear desperate and needy in another person’s eyes.

This is a huge turn off for guys.

You don’t have to quit texting first completely. But whether you’re in a relationship or just casually dating, both of you should be putting in an equal amount of effort.

Furthermore, you should not text first if they are being disrespectful to you. This can come in many forms, including ignoring your texts or acting cold and distant towards you.

Bad behavior should never be rewarded, and you must make this clear to him.

With that stated, let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should quit texting first, and what to do instead:

1. It Gives Him A Chance To Miss You

Everybody needs space sometimes, and people should be given the space they require to be themselves.

And that’s why you should stop texting first, and wait for him to come to you instead.

As an added bonus, he might begin to miss talking to you, which will increase your attractiveness.

On the flip side, missing someone when they’re constantly messaging or phoning you is quite difficult.

It’s fine if you don’t text all the time. He’s not going to overlook or forget about you.

Sure, talking to someone can make them fond of you. But attraction and love can be fostered when you are not there too.

For love feelings to mature and heighten, you need a fair amount of both presence and absence.

2. Has He Been Mistreating You?

You are rewarding bad conduct by texting a guy who treats you with disrespect.

Perhaps he’s been taking you for granted, ignoring your calls and texts. Or maybe he’s just losing interest in you, and never wants to spend time with you.

Meanwhile, you’re constantly texting him first and trying to reach out to him.

This is a situation that’s surely headed for disaster.

Instead of improving their treatment of you, he’ll take advantage of your good nature and continue to treat you badly.

It is up to you to draw the line between acceptable and inappropriate behavior.

And if a guy chooses to cross the line, there must be some sort of repercussion, or else he will do it again.

In this scenario, we would strongly advise you to first stop texting because it devalues your worth and reinforces bad conduct.

You can resume texting him first when he is willing to treat you with more respect. He’s not worth your time and effort until he does so.


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3. Texting First Makes You Look Desperate

To avoid coming across as needy and desperate, it’s best to take things slowly and patiently when getting to know someone you’ve reached out to.

We get it: When you have feelings for someone, you will always feel an “itch” to pick up your phone, access their contact list, and text him.

Getting to know someone you find appealing and like in the early stages is genuinely special and exciting.

However, you don’t want to come on too strong and appear desperate.

To avoid this, you should take a step back and examine the ratio of messages exchanged between you and your partner to see who is texting more.

If there isn’t an equal amount of effort, you should start dialing back the effort and stop texting first.

4. He Will Stop Trying

We get it – It always feels unfair when you’re the only one trying to keep a friendship or connection alive.

As a woman, you deserve to be surrounded by men who value you and are willing to make an effort to maintain a relationship with you.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in your emotions, and continually chase after guys who never genuinely cared about you.

When you’re the one who’s always texting first, you are making it too easy for this guy.

He will begin to take you for granted, and perhaps even fall out of love with you without even realizing it.

What’s more, you will be left feeling like the relationship is one-sided, draining you of any satisfaction.

On the other hand, taking a step back may mean he realizes you’re someone who has self-respect, and you expect people around you to put in equal effort too.

This will encourage him to try harder in building a relationship with you, and give him a desire to get to know you better.


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5. You Will Find Out If He Feels The Same About You

When you stop putting up effort or paying attention to a guy, he will either reach out to you, or do nothing.

In the first scenario, it demonstrates that he is concerned about you to some extent.

The latter, on the other hand, implies that he doesn’t really care about staying in touch with you.

If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, do this fast and easy test to see who really wants to contact you.

You can then determine whether he deserves more of your time, affection, and effort as a result.

As we’ve mentioned above, a happy and loving relationship is always a two-way street. You and your man have to be equally invested in each other for things to work out.

If you’re the only one who is interested in maintaining a conversation, it shows that you have clearly not gotten his devotion.

6. It Can Be A Needy Behavior

Texting first can come across as a needy behavior. This is because it’s a sign that you are putting in effort, while the other person doesn’t do the same.

If you are so eager to text him first, this could make him feel like he doesn’t need to make any effort himself.

You see, your goal should never be to “chase” a guy and make him love you. He should be the one chasing you, desperately trying to win you over!

If you want to achieve this, you need to stop texting first and acting in a needy way. After all, neediness is #1 turn off for guys, especially during the early stages of dating.

People who are excessively needy might be overwhelming. It’s best to keep some boundaries, which is why it’s fine if you take a break from texting for a time.

And when he does text you back, you’ll know for sure that he wants to talk.

A Few Final Thoughts…

Being social is a great character characteristic to have, and you should be pleased of your desire to make an effort to connect with others.

However, not everyone you meet will be willing to put up the same level of work as you.

It’s up to you to decide whether texting a guy who doesn’t appreciate or respect you is worth your time and effort.

Just remember this: You deserve to be treated in the same manner that you treat others. Don’t put up with poor behavior from others, even if it means putting down your phone.

On the other hand, if you’re the pursuer and attempting to get to know some guy romantically, it might be a good idea to avoid messaging first all of the time.

Give him the chance to participate in the “chase” as well. You will also give him the time and space he needs to miss you by not always texting first.

And remember: Attraction develops both in your absence and your presence. Relationships and friendships will always benefit from this kind of healthy balance.

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