Does Silence Make A Man Miss You? Here’s The Truth

As international dating and relationship experts, we’ve coached thousands of women around the world in becoming their most attractive selves.

And over the years, there’s one question that we keep getting from girls:

Does silence make a man miss you?

Yes, silence can make a man miss you, especially if he has begun to take you for granted or has lost interest in you after you chased him.

The dread of losing something can cause a man to reflect and reconsider his behavior, which is why silence is so powerful.

Now, you may have heard of the idea of “no contact” when it comes to breakups.

Well, the silent treatment is similar to no contact in many ways, but it can be done in relationships and early dating too.

Here’s how it works:

By removing all communication with him, you are highlighting the consequences of his decision to reject, ghost, or dump you.

On top of this, it provides him with the necessary time and space to forget about whatever caused him to lose interest in you in the first place.

This way, he will begin to recall all the happy moments he shared with you, which will cause him to see you in a much more positive light.

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What Does Silence Do To A Man?

We all know that men like to hide their emotions and present a “macho” face to the outside world…

But despite the fact that they may be grown adults, there is always an “inner child” inside of them that influences their behavior.

Picture this in your head:

What happens when you suddenly tell a child off or snatch away his favorite toy?

Simple: He throws a fit and begins to cry.

Even if he wasn’t that fond of that toy, the very prospect of him not having it anymore will cause him to cry and become upset.

We might grow up. But these deep emotional drives will follow us into adulthood.

And that’s exactly why silence works so well on men.

Think about it as a “soft” type of rejection. When a man feels a woman is truly interested in him, he becomes more confident and feels a lot better about himself.

Simply put, he feels strong, irresistible, and appreciated – He feels like a man.

Over time, however, he might start to get used to all this attention he gets from her, and take her for granted.

He might act unappreciative of her, and begin to disregard her altogether.

He might even start to think that he deserves better than her, or that there are other women out there who will pamper him even more than she does.

That’s when she needs to make him feel like he’s actually missing her.

What might seem like a punishment in the short-term can, in fact, be one of the best tools for getting your ex back or winning over a new man you’ve recently met who is hesitant about committing.

In this state of mind, the last thing the man expects is for her to walk away and say she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

It’s startling and unsettling when she walks away, and can deal a huge blow to his ego.

That’s why silence is one of the best way to deal with rejection and a breakup. Without doing anything, you can take back the ability to control the situation.

What Happens When You Go Silent On Him?

The silent treatment can help you move on if he has rejected you, acted cruelly, or dumped you.

It allows you to exert some control over the situation as well as yourself. You have the option of walking away and not communicating with him at all, rather than being a victim of anything he chooses to do.

In other words, he will suffer from the consequences of his own choices and actions.

If he had any feelings for you at all, the prospect of you walking away permanently would make him panic and force him to reconsider his decision.

Furthermore, silence will provide the needed space for the two of you to dwell on your feelings.

Don’t be surprised if he becomes truly overwhelmed and puzzled when he rejected or dumped you.

By cutting your attention off from him, he will learn that your presence in his life is significantly more valuable than he previously thought.

These feelings will grow stronger and stronger inside of him, to the point where he honestly experiences a change of heart and mind about you and your relationship.

When we go through a loss of something important to us, our first reaction is to get ecstatically emotional.

Now, it’s easy for you to feel this way, especially if you have deep feelings for this guy, yet you feel like you’ve been neglected and unloved by him.

But whatever you do, stay calm and don’t overreact.

Instead of giving into an emotional outburst, turn the tables on him.

You can maintain your self-worth and dignity by remaining silent and walking away.

This puts him in the “chasing” position. He will be the one experiencing the sudden feelings of loss and desperation.

And not only that, he will likely appreciate you more and discover you’re more self-assured than he thought.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Miss You?

At the end of the day, if what you want is a loving and warm relationship with him, then surely you cannot ignore him forever.

So how long should you be silent towards him?

In an ideal situation, you’d stay silent until the very moment he reaches out and tries to make amends.

If He Broke Up With You

If he broke up with you, don’t message him, call him, or meet with him until he contacts you. And even when he eventually reaches out, wait a few hours before replying to him.

After all, you don’t want to let him know that you’re using this tactic to try to win him back.

If You Were In A Fight With Each Other

Silence after a fight can be a healthy thing, but you need to be careful too.

Take the opportunity to calm down and unwind. Spend the time reflecting on your own emotional needs, but don’t ignore him if he approaches you.

If he reaches out, he’s showing you that he’s willing to open up to you again. Don’t reject this attempt, as it will just make the situation worse and cause you more problems.

In a relationship, if you ignore a man for an extended period of time, you risk losing him for good.

That’s why you must open the lines of communication as soon as you believe he has made a reasonable effort to connect with you and resolve the issue.

Silence can be powerful, but it can also be damaging to your relationship. So don’t use it every single time you have a disagreement with him, as this is both harmful and inefficient.

A good and loving relationship requires effective communication. Only use the silent treatment if you have run out of options.

Final Thoughts…

Silence is a great strategy for making a man miss you, but it must be used very carefully, and only in the correct situations and contexts.

If you’re going to use silence on him, make sure that you’re clear on your aim:

If your goal is to make him miss you to the point where he texts or calls you, you’ve succeeded, and you should resume chatting to him.

On the other hand, silence should never be used to belittle or guilt another person into doing something. This might work in the short-term, but it’s a clear sign that the relationship is doomed to fail.

It’s all about building a strong emotional connection with the guy.

Once this is done, you will be able to easily connect with each other on a deep level, to the extent that there will be no need to use silence to make him miss you, because he will be completely and utterly devoted to you in the first place.

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