How To Tell A Guy You Like Him (Without Actually Telling Him!)

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re crushing on an amazing guy, and you want to tell him you like him SO badly…

But here’s the problem:

You just don’t know what to say.

You don’t want to embarrass yourself and make things between you awkward.

And you definitely don’t want to get rejected and hurt.

If you’re in this situation right now, pay attention: This quick little article is going to change EVERYTHING.

As dating and relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world attract AND keep their crushes WITHOUT making a move themselves.

And today, we’re here to help you do the same!

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How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him WITHOUT Saying It

In this article, our team will be sharing with you 15 clever ways to tell a guy you like him WITHOUT actually telling him!

These little tricks will send subtle but powerful psychological signals to his heart and mind, making it clear that he means a lot to you.

This means you can tell him you love him without any risk of embarrassment or rejection, and without risking your friendship either.

Later in this article, we’ll also give you some handy tips on how to turn the tables on him, and get him to chase YOU uncontrollably!

So read on, try out these tricks, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to turn your crush into your boyfriend!

1. Share Inside Jokes

This is an amazing to show a guy that he’s special to you and that you like him. And it’s on the top of our list of cute ways to tell him you love him without actually saying it.

When you create an inside joke, you send a psychological signal to the guy that tells him you really like him and he’s different to everyone else.

At the same time, you are sending him the message that YOU are different to everyone else for him.

Inside jokes are something unique that you don’t share with any other people. It’s one of the fastest and best ways to show a guy that you like him very much.

It creates a special bond that only you share with him. And before long, he will FEEL your love and affection for him!

So try to create some funny memories and puns when you’re together. And when you and him are hanging out with friends later, don’t hesitate to bring these little moments up again.

These are the type of things that only you two will be able to giggle about. He will naturally feel that he is more than “just friends” to you!

2. Always Be Positive With Him

Here’s the number 1 rule about attracting a guy you like:

Be positive!

We all know that positive energy is contagious. When you hang out with a positive person, you start to feel great too.

A lot of girls make the mistake of taking about things that annoy or bother them. But this just puts negative energy into your conversation.

Instead, focus on talking about joyful and uplifting topics. Chat about things that truly make you happy, and bring a smile onto your face.

It’s simple: If he feels happy whenever he’s with you, he’s more likely to fall in love with you.

Now here’s the important part:

You can tell him that you like him by being positive around him too.

Once he sees you are happy whenever you’re together with him, he will realize that he means a lot to you…

And if you do the right things, he might start to feel the same about you too!

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3. Buy Him A Gift

Buying him something special is one of the best ways to tell a guy you like him without saying it aloud.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy. It just needs to be meaningful.

Spend a bit of time thinking about the guy you like, and pay attention to the things that he likes.

The truth is that men love being spoiled, just like women do.

And if you can find him a meaningful gift, he will see that you value his happiness and that you truly want to make him happy.

Put yourself in his shoes:

Imagine if one day he walked up to you, and surprised you with your favorite candy bar or ice cream.

You’d probably feel amazing, especially because he took the time to think about what you really liked.

That’s exactly how you want to make him feel – Special and appreciated.

Once again, it doesn’t have to be an expensive or fancy gift. In fact, it’s best if you keep it simple, but heartfelt.

This can be a much less awkward way to tell him that you love him than trying to say it out loud. We all love gifts, and receiving your favorite treat forms strong positive emotions with the person who gave it to you!

4. Treat Him Differently To Other Friends

A great way to show a guy you like him without telling him directly is to contrast your behavior with other people.

Here’s what we mean:

The way people with and act in front of friends is very different from how they behave in front of a crush or lover.

So if you want to show him that you have a crush on him, you need to start acting like it!

Don’t hesitate to start acting flirty with him, tease him, and put some romantic tension into your interactions.

In other words, don’t treat him like a “friend”. Treat him like a potential lover, even though you’re not together yet.

Another great way to demonstrate this is to hang out with him together with other people.

This way, he will easily be able to compare and contrast the way you treat normal friends versus how you act with him.

It’s a clever way of showing him that he means more to you than just “a friend”!

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5. Eye Contact

They say that our eyes are like windows into our souls…

So if you’re wondering how to tell someone you love them without saying I love you, deep eye contact is the perfect trick to win a guy without saying a word.

Making strong eye contact with a guy triggers an emotional response and makes both of you vulnerable.

Be sure to pair it up with a positive sign too, such as a smile or a laugh to make it clear how much you like him.

By holding strong eye contact, he will be intrigued by your eyes, and interested in getting to know you better.

If you’re unsure of how to do this, simply hold eye contact a bit longer than usual, or wait for him to break eye contact before you do so yourself.

This small change will be enough to make a huge impact. And he will start to feel your affection for him deep inside his heart!

6. Smile At Him

Smiling at a guy is a fantastic way to show how much you like him without having to say a word, and to let him know that seeing him makes you happy.

Don’t underestimate the power of a smile – It can really change the vibe of a conversation.

Believe it or not, guys pay a lot of attention to a girl’s facial expressions.

He might not admit it, but it matters a lot to him whether a girl is having a good time with him.

So don’t hesitate to smile to show him you like having him around!

There are plenty of moments where a smile is appropriate. For example, grin or laugh at his jokes, or give him a smile when he tells you about a happy story.

But don’t hesitate to just smile when you look into his eyes! He will definitely appreciate it, and see that you enjoy being with him.

7. Random Acts Of Kindness

If there is anything that can really brighten up a guy’s day and make him realize that you like him, it’s random acts of kindness!

The truth is, most guys feel cold and lonely too sometimes. And it’s rare for someone to go out of their way to cheer him up…

That person can be you!

The key is to catch him by surprise, and do something that will really make his heart melt.

It can be anything from a simple text telling him to have a great day, or buying him a coffee when he’s having a stressful time.

Over time, these little acts of kindness will add up, and he will start to feel in his heart the love and care you have for him.

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8. Spend More Time Together

Here’s a quick tip that every woman should know:

One of the strongest triggers for attraction is familiarity, and this is true for both men and women.

A guy can’t fall for you if he doesn’t know you. So make sure to spend plenty of time with him and just be around him more.

This can be a lot less awkward than directly asking him to go on a date with you. But it gives you most of the same benefits and will show him how much you like spending time with him.

It sends him a strong signal that you like him, and will encourage him to reach out and ask you to spend time with him too.

Once he becomes comfortable with having you around, he will be a lot more open to having a relationship with you, and emotionally ready to fall in love with you too!

9. Use Your Body Language

Earlier, we mentioned how important non-verbal communication is, especially for guys.

You can use your body to show your feelings in a lot of ways. And we all know how much men respond to women physically.

So if you can’t figure out what to say to a guy you like, try some common body language tricks to get the message across!

Start by pointing your toes towards him, even when you’re in a crowded social situation like a bar or party.

This is a special psychological trick that shows him you are paying attention to him. It’s super low-key, but it works!

Also, be sure to keep your posture tall and straight, with your shoulders back and chest open.

This shows him that you have a warm and welcoming personality, and that your heart is open to him!

10. Physical Contact

Physical contact is one of the most underrated things when it comes to flirting and attraction.

You can try touching his arm gently and casually during your conversations, or even putting your arm around his shoulders in a flirty way.

Guys love confidence in a woman, but they might be afraid to initiate physical contact without getting some sort of signal that it’s okay first.

So when you take the lead and break the physical contact barrier first, you will show him that you’re comfortable with it, and this will help you establish a closer, more trusting relationship.

And of course, it’s a great way to tell him that you have feelings for him!

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11. Give Him A Helping Hand

We often think about guys protecting us, taking care of us for us, being a hero and saving the day…

But here’s the thing: It works when we do it on guys too!

If your crush is having a hard time with something and needs a helping hand, give him one! There’s no better way to show him you care and you have feelings for him.

He will be very touched to see that you care enough about him not only to notice that he’s struggling, but to take the lead and offer him help.

Men might not admit it, but they definitely want to be cared for and looked after just like we do. So take advantage of this and tap into the nurturing role that a concerned girlfriend might take.

Do this right, and you’ll find yourself in that role for real soon!

12. Take Care Of Your Appearance

If you don’t know how to tell a guy you like him, try making a special effort to dress extra nicely when you’re around him.

That might sound shallow, but think about it:

We all want a guy who loves us for who we are deep inside…

But let’s face it – Your looks are what grabs his attention in the first place!

Guys love it when girls are genuine and try to be themselves. But they also like it when girls make an effort to look pretty for them.

Like all of our other tips, this is about sending an emotional signal to the guy and tapping into the bit of his brain that makes him think: “Hey, this girl likes me!”

Wearing something special and doing your hair nicely is a great way to show a guy that you’re interested and you’d like him to pay attention to you.

It will definitely encourage him to make a move on you too! So make the effort to dress up and look your best next time you see him!

13. Give Him A Compliment

If you’re wondering what to say to a man you like, a compliment is a really good way to show your feelings for him.

In fact, it’s one of the most direct ways of showing him you like him without actually telling him!

Do not be afraid to compliment a guy, whether it’s directed at his looks or his personality. It’s one of the easiest, most natural ways to tell a guy you want him and to let him know that he’s attractive to you.

He will likely respond by offering you a compliment too, which is a great opening for both of you to take the conversation further.

Complimenting a guy’s eyes can be especially effective, because it shows you spend a lot of time looking at them.

It’s also a rare compliment for guys, so he will most likely respond to it as a more genuine and thoughtful one.

Everyone loves to be flattered, and guys are no exception. So if you can gather the courage, telling him what you like about him is a great way to let him know that you like a lot more than just a friend!

14. Ask Him About His Love Life

At some point, you will need to move your conversation from “friendly” topics to “romantic” ones.

But here’s the challenge: It can feel pretty weird or awkward to bring up!

If you want to do so without directly telling a guy you like him, simply ask him if he likes somebody else.

This is a clever trick that works very well, because it puts the spotlight on him and puts a bit of pressure on him to open up…

But more importantly, it’s a good way to get him thinking about what he looks for in a woman, with you standing right there next to him.

Let’s be honest here: Every human gets flustered when someone asks them who they like. So use this to your advantage without risking any embarrassment on yourself!

It’s also a great way to tell if he has feelings for you. You can look out for signs in his body language such as blushing, breaking eye contact, or just a shy smile that shows you he likes you too.

If you spot these positive signs, here’s a great way to make your feelings for him obvious:

Simply start sharing what YOU look for in a boyfriend, but choose things that clearly apply to him!

And to make this even more powerful, be sure to look him deep in the eyes when you say this.

You can also do this if he turns things around and asks you have someone in mind. Just casually start listing these traits and he will get the idea!

For more clever ideas like this, be sure to grab a copy of our handy guide on making any man go crazy in love with you!

15. Show That You Care About His Interests

Guys LOVE it when girls are interested in their hobbies.

Here’s why:

It’s actually quite a rare thing for girls to show interest in a guy’s hobbies. At the end of the day, we are just interested in different things.

You don’t have to become the biggest football fan on the block. But if you want to tell a guy you like him, just show some interest in what he loves doing in his free time.

You can even use this as a way to spend more time with him. If he plays the guitar, ask him to teach you a song. Or if he’s part of a football team, ask if you can come to watch him play.

This can give him a lot of encouragement. Plus, it also lets him see that you’re genuinely interested in him as a person.

It’s all about creating a strong emotional bond with him, and strategies like this work even better than telling him directly!

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These little tips are the behaviors that separate “attractive” women from “unattractive” women.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you look like.

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