How To Make A Man Feel Like A Hero (10 Simple Ways)

At some point in life, every woman wonders:

“What do men ACTUALLY want?”

It’s a question that can cause a lot of confusion and stress…

And can even make you overthink things.

But the real answer is actually quite simple:

Every man wants to feel like a hero.

This is a deeply rooted desire inside every man’s mind. And it’s the key to switching on his endless devotion and permanent obsession with you.

Unfortunately, most girls don’t know how to make him feel this…

They don’t know where to start, and end up doing the wrong things and turning him off…

But don’t worry – We’re here to help!

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10 Simple Ways To Make A Man Feel Like A Hero

As dating and relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world attract and keep their ideal man, making them deeply and completely devoted.

And we know how a man’s heart works, and exactly what he wants.

Here’s what you need to know:

The best way to make a man feel like a hero is to remind him of his self-worth. And you can do this easily with a few small gestures that uplift and encourage his “masculine” side.

Today, we’re giving you 10 easy ways to make a man feel heroic and valued.

These simple tips will make him feel strong, confident, and appreciated.

And once you manage to do this, you will unlock an undying devotion and powerful obsession towards you inside his heart.

In other words, he will feel an urge to be your personal hero and treat you like the one special princess in his life!

Try out these simple tips, and see how big of a difference it makes:

1. Ask For His Help Or Advice

Some girls might feel they are being annoying by doing this.

But here’s the truth:

Asking for his help or advice even when you don’t need it can make a world of difference in how he feels.

You’d be surprised what the tiniest gestures can do for your man.

Sure, you could hang that new painting on the wall all by yourself…

But what happens if you asked your man to do it for you instead? 

When a man feels like you need his help to get something done, he feels like a hero who comes in to save the day.

There are plenty of things you can do on your own…

But asking a man for help or advice every now and then makes him feel valued and appreciated by you.

Besides, let’s face it: Everybody loves to feel needed.

When you allow a man to feel this way, you are boosting his self-confidence and making him feel great about himself.

And what’s more, it’s a great excuse to spend more time with him too!

2. Express Your Appreciation For Him

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a man feel like a hero is just to express your appreciation for him!

Many women make the mistake of thinking it’s cheesy or awkward to do this, whether he is your boyfriend or just a crush…

But showing heartfelt appreciation for a man is a great way to make him feel good about himself.

This will show him how much he means to you, and how important he is in your life.

For example:

If he gives you a lift in his car, give him a warm hug and tell him how much you appreciate the ride.

Or look into his eyes while you’re cuddling on the couch, and tell him how much joy and happiness he brings into your life.

Telling a man how thankful you are for the things that he does for you can make him feel really loved and valued.

After all, it’s the small things in life that matter the most.

So don’t be afraid to express your appreciation for him freely and openly.

3. Be Supportive Of His Interests And Passions

Every man has something meaningful that drives him in life.

For some, it’s his job. But for many others, it could be a hobby or interest outside of work.

No matter who it is, there is always something close to his heart that he loves doing and is passionate about.

Now, what if you could take advantage of this and tap into his emotions to make him love you more?

Being supportive of his interests and hobbies is one of the best ways to make him feel great AND become closer to him.

The best part? It takes very little effort to do.

Simply throw in a compliment here and there whenever he is talking about his hobbies. A little encouragement from you goes a long way.

You can also ask him questions about them – Once he sees you are taking an interest in his favorite activities and pastimes, he will feel amazing about himself!

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4. Involve Him In Your Decision Making

If you have to make a decision in life, take some time to ask for his opinion and let him contribute in your decision making.

This is especially helpful if you’re in a new relationship, or he’s a man you have a crush on.

Here’s why:

When you ask a man for help in making a decision, it shows that you value his opinion.

You are also expressing trust in him by believing he can help you choose the right thing.

This is a great way to provide your man with some extra confidence, and make him feel like a star!

In a way, you are basically inviting him into your life and asking him to be a part of your journey. 

This is crucial if you want your relationship to move forward to the next step.

Guys might not admit it, but they LOVE it when you ask for his opinion.

So don’t be afraid to share your problems with him and listen to his thoughts. It will fill him up with pride and joy knowing that his advice helped you make a good decision!

5. Celebrate His Efforts And Achievements

Deep inside, every man wants to be appreciated for his wins and achievements.

And it means a lot when it comes from a girl!

You see, it’s one thing to give a man compliments. They can make him feel great…

But if you share his happiness and pride in his achievements, it takes things to the next level!

He will realize how important he is to you, and feel like a hero because of this.

The key is to be specific. Here’s what we mean:

Choose an achievement or effort that he’s made. And instead of just complimenting him on it, express your joy to him!

For example, tell him how happy it makes you to see him win his team winning the football tournament.

Or let him know how proud you are of his efforts in learning his favorite song on the guitar.

The very fact that you notice his efforts and achievements will put him over the moon with joy and make him feel amazing about himself!

6. Treat Him To Something Special

Sometimes we can all get caught up in everyday life.

We just go through the motions: Eat, sleep, work, repeat…

All of a sudden, you realize that your life has become quite boring.

And chances are, your man probably feels the same way! 

So how do you break the cycle and bring the spark back?

The solution is actually quite simple:

Start treating him to small, special gestures in your daily life.

This could be taking the time each morning to tell him how special he is to you…

Surprising him with his favorite breakfast…

Or even sharing a fun picnic at the park with him.

You could also pick one day of the week to really focus on him, and make the whole day about him and the romantic bond you share.

It shows him how much you care about him and his needs. And it reminds him that he is the hero in your life!

And while you do this, make sure to tell him there is no place you would rather be than right there with him!

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7. Introduce Him To The World 

Do you want to make your guy instantly feel like a hero? 

Introduce him as your man to all your friends and family! 

Telling the world that he is your man is like calling him your knight in shining armor.

In fact, it’s another way of saying that he is the man of your dreams – The man that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

It also shows that you are not embarrassed by him and that you want everybody to know that he stole your heart. 

So if you hold him near and dear to your heart…

Prove it to him by telling the whole world! 

Trust us: He will feel like a hero when everybody knows he is YOUR man. 

8. Show Him That You Trust Him

Here’s a quick question for you:

Do you know WHY men want to feel like heroes?

The real reason is because men desire trust from women more than anything else.

When you show that you trust him as a man, he will feel strong, confident and valued by you.

So here’s an easy way to do this:

Every now and then, allow him to take the lead and trust his guidance. 

Let him take you on an adventure, and put your trust and confidence in him.

This will do two things:

It will make him feel great about himself, and he will appreciate having you in his life a lot more…

But it will also inspire him to be the hero in your life, and treat you like the most special girl in the world!

It could simply be letting him choose the restaurant or movie on your next evening out.

Or you could challenge him to surprise you with a romantic date night!

Just relax and take a backseat, while allowing your man to take the wheel for a while. Let him be your hero, and he will put a lot more effort into making you happy!

9. Tell Him How He Makes You Feel 

Everybody knows that communication is very important.

And we all know that feelings are everything when it comes to a relationship.

So don’t be afraid to express how he makes you feel!

It’s a way of opening up your heart to him, and telling him that you trust him with your inner thoughts and emotions.

If you feel safe in his arms, tell him!

If you love when he orders your dinner at a restaurant, tell him!

And if you adore the way he kisses your neck from behind when you are cooking, tell him!

This is also true for things that bother or trouble you. Don’t hold these feelings back either – It’s all part of being honest and open.

Once your man knows how you honestly feel, he will make an effort to do better and make you happy. 

Because the truth is, he loves being your protector and making you feel good.

And when he knows what you like, he will make sure you get everything you need from him. 

So don’t be afraid to tell him about all your desires and what you want him to do to you…

This encourages him to step up his game and be the amazing lover that you deserve!

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10. Flirt With Him!

We all know that flirting is a big part of dating…

But most women don’t realize that it’s very important for maintaining a healthy relationship too!

Here’s why:

Men love being the center of attention, especially when it comes from the woman he loves and adores.

And by flirting with him, you’re giving him the attention he craves in a casual and playful way.

It also brings back the spark and excitement that you both felt when you first met.

By refreshing and bringing back this energy into your relationship, you can remind him of how much you love him, and how special your bond is.

How To Keep Any Man Deeply And Permanently Devoted To You

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a nice girl with a big heart who wants to keep your man happy and in love with you.

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It’s feels terrible having to worry about what he’s thinking of, or how he feels about you.

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Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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