What Do Guys Like To Be Called? The Top 10 Names To Call A Guy You Like

Do you ever feel lost, thinking of what to call him?

Maybe you’re interested in a guy, and you want to get closer to him…

Or maybe you’ve been dating him for a while, and you want a nickname to call him…

But what if you chose a bad name? It might be super awkward if you called him that, especially the first time!

We understand.

What if you knew exactly what to send?

As dating coaches, we know exactly what do guys like to be called.

We’ve worked with countless women and couples, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Believe it or not, most guys don’t like to be called “baby” or “handsome” all the time. That’s because they are so overused, and can end up sounding cringey.

Instead, you should use unique nicknames for guys, and choose the right moments to start using them.

Today, we’ll show you 10 cute names you can call guys you like, and what they mean to them.

Whether you’re looking for names to call your crush, or romantic nicknames for your boyfriend, we’ll show you exactly what to say.

You’ll learn which names are appropriate for your situation, and how to use them for the first time.

We’ll also give you pointers on how to tell if you’re using pet names too soon.

Read this article carefully, and you’ll learn exactly what do guys like to be called.

(Note: This list of names is ordered starting from casual, flirty, and all the way up to romantic and affectionate. Choose one that fits your situation, and slowly move down the list as you get closer together to him!)

1. “Silly”

GREAT FOR: Crushes and casual dates

Let’s start things off with a casual name for a man.

This nickname is a great choice for guys you have a crush on because it teases him, which is low-key flirty.

The best time to call a guy “silly” is when he says something funny, or when you’re both laughing.

Calling a guy “silly” actually makes him feel really good – In his mind, you’re complimenting his sense of humor.

It also brings you two closer together because of the positive vibes it brings. When you’re both having a good time, attraction naturally happens.

2. “Boy”

GREAT FOR: Crushes

What’s the #1 reason why girls end up getting rejected by their crushes?

Because they stay “just friends” for too long.

To escape the friendzone, you have to make your conversations “man-to-woman”, and not “friend-to-friend”.

This is exactly what this nickname does.

Calling him “boy” reminds him there is always a possibility that you will get together, just by nature of you being a girl, and him being a guy.

It also shows him that in your eyes, you see him as not just a friend, but a man who you could end up dating.

Of course, this happens subconsciously – We want to keep everything low key, and not obvious!

Try greeting him with “Hey, boy!” or “Good to see you, boy!

Because it’s such an uncommon nickname, he will immediately put his attention on you.

3. “Big Guy”

GREAT FOR: Crushes you are close to

Imagine this for a second:

The man of your dreams wraps his arms around you and holds you tight…

You feel warm and safe inside his big, loving hug…

It feels good, doesn’t it?

But the important question is: WHY does it feel so good?

Here’s the answer:

A hug feels good if it is big enough for you to feel loved and secure inside it.

Now put yourself in his shoes…

A guy feels good about himself if he’s able to provide this warm, big hug for you.

In the same way you feel good when an amazing guy really WANTS you, a guy feels good when a girl NEEDS him.

When you call him “big guy”, he feels needed and important.

It brings you two closer together, and brings a subtle romantic vibe into your relationship.

Bonus Tip:

The key to using nicknames, especially for the first time, is to do it playfully.

If you say them in a serious tone, they will always sound awkward.

So say them in a playful and fun tone. It is much more likely to put a smile on his face!

4. His Own Name

GREAT FOR: All guys

Believe it or not, one of a guy’s favorite things to hear is his own name.

Here’s why:

When a man and a woman talk, it is actually quite rare to use each other’s first names.

We tend to use words like “Hey” and “You”, since it is a one-on-one conversation.

In fact, if it’s a guy you’ve just met, it’s easy to forget his name completely!

When you remember and use his name, you immediately grab his focus.

Using his name makes him feel special. It shows him that you respect him as an individual, and not “just another guy”.

This is also a very good way to build strong relationships, and making him feel comfortable around you.

As Dale Carnegie says: “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language“.

5. “Captain”

GREAT FOR: Guys you’re flirty with, boyfriends

Once you are comfortable with each other, you can start using more flirty nicknames for him.

“Captain” or “Capt” is a great thing to call a man. It makes him feel strong and trustworthy.

Deep inside, every guy wants a girl who they can protect and provide for. He feels good when he sees you are comfortable relying on him.

When you refer to him “captain”, it puts him in a leadership role.

He will feel responsible for you, take care of you, and make sure you have a good time.

A great way to use it is at the start of a date. Try asking him “OK, captain. Where are you taking me?

6. “Champ”

GREAT FOR: All guys

Similar to “captain”, calling a guy “champ” makes him feel trusted and respected.

We all know guys are competitive. So it feels extra special when a girl tells him he’s a winner!

It’s also very unique. Instead of “cute”, guys like to be called special names that other girls don’t usually use, and calling him “champ” is a great example of this.

But this nickname also has a sneaky meaning:

When you call him “champ”, you’re subconsciously suggesting that YOU are the prize.

In other words, he’s the one who has to work to win you over!

Not only does he feel good about himself, but it also puts you in the center of his heart.

He will start to feel happy to have won your praise, and devote himself to you even more.

(Check out this video to learn how to lock him in and keep him devoted using a special psychology trick!)

7. “Monsieur”

GREAT FOR: Guys you’re flirty with, boyfriends

Men like to be called pet names that make them feel manly and strong. But you can also mix in some romanticism.

“Monsieur” means “Mister” in French. Make sure you pronounce it right before you start using it!

It might sound like a weird nickname at first. But guys actually love it, and will be drawn closer to you.

Calling him “monsieur” frames you two as a couple in a subtle way. It shows you trust him and you’re comfortable with him, which also makes him feel good about himself.

Because of this, it’s a great name to use when you’re relationship is ambiguous, and you’re not sure if he’s ready to commit.

It’s also good for couples, if you just want to be more romantic with your partner.

8. “Sunshine”

GREAT FOR: Guys you’re close with, committed couples

If a guy always puts a smile on your face, calling him “sunshine” is the best way to show it.

You shouldn’t use this name on crushes. But it’s a great “bridge” if you’re already close to the guy, moving into a committed relationship.

He will feel more ready to start a relationship with you, because you’re showing him just how happy he makes you.

The bright and positive vibes will draw you two closer together. When he feels special, he will treat you as special too.

You can call your boyfriend “sunshine” when you’re having a great time together, or when he’s feeling a little down and you want to cheer him up.

It might sound cheesy at first, but say it with a playful vibe – If you do it right, you’ll see a big smile appear on his face!

9. “Honey”

GREAT FOR: Committed couples

For these nicknames, you should be more careful about using them.

They are a lot more affectionate, so you only want to use them on guys you are close with, after he has “earned” your heart.

“Honey” is a nickname couples have called each other for hundreds of years.

When we are kids, we see it in movies, and hear grown-ups use it.

Because of this, it’s deeply rooted in our minds. We automatically think of a loving relationship when we hear it.

When you use it in everyday life, it acts like a glue that keeps you two tight, and holds the relationship together.

It’s a sweet name to call your loved one, and he will appreciate you even more when you start calling him with it.

10. “Babe”

GREAT FOR: Committed couples

Last but not least, “babe” is a time tested, tried but true pet name for your lover.

Why do couples use it so much?

Because it works. It’s short, sweet, and easy to say.

That being said, it can get boring and tiresome, because it’s used so much.

You can call your boyfriend “babe” after dating for a while, but you must be careful not to overdo it.

Here’s why:

When couples don’t use anything other than “babe” to refer to each other, it can feel like they’re too used to each other.

It could also be a sign the relationship has run its course.

For this reason, make sure to throw in other names from this list from time to time.

For example, when you look into his eyes and call him by his first name, he will feel tingles down his spine, and remember why he fell in love with you in the first place…

When you call him “champ” after a while, it reminds him how much you love and respect him, and he will return the love for you.

Maintaining a relationship is all about balance – You have to be comfortable with each other, but still keep things fresh and interesting.

So start using these names for the man you love, and see for yourself how he loves you more!

Bonus: How To Show Him You Like Him (The Right Way)

Here’s an important fact most girls don’t understand:

Pet names actually mean a lot to a guy. When you use a pet name on a man, it shows him what he means to you in your heart.

That’s why what you call a guy matters so much.

The names on this list are all designed to target special “emotional triggers” inside a male mind.

In fact, there are many words and phrases you can use to hit these psychological triggers and make him fall for you.

If you do this correctly, he will have powerful emotional responses to you.

It pulls him towards you, and catches his attention.

He will start to feel intense emotions for you.

Deep inside his heart, he will feel a strong desire to know you better, to hold you close, and to be with you all the time.

To learn more about these special phrases, check out the video below:

Let’s face it:

It’s a lot harder when girls fall in love with guys than the other way around.

That’s because girls are discouraged from “making the first move”.

But when you use these techniques on a guy, he starts chasing you.

He gets those same crazy feelings in his heart, for you and you only.

It starts with capturing his attention, and then turning it into attraction.

So start using them right away, and watch how he falls completely for you!

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