Is He Ignoring Me Or Just Busy? What To Do When He Ignores Your Texts

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Sometimes, guys are really hard to understand…

As girls, we’ve all been there. Lying in bed, staring at the phone screen and waiting for him to reply…

Why hasn’t he texted me today?

Is he really too busy to text me?

Is he playing games…?

Is he with another girl?!!

It’s very frustrating, especially if you really like him.

You spend so much time thinking about him, but you’re not even sure if he’s thinking about you…

Fortunately, there’s a way to find out.

As dating coaches, we’ve studied relationship dynamics and male psychology extensively.

Here’s the thing:

To figure out if he’s ignoring you or just busy, you have to look at his overall behaviors and interactions with you.

Many girls feel hurt when a guy ignores them, and assumes that he is not interested…

But in reality, there are many other reasons why he might not reply to you.

For example, he might ignore you if he likes you, but doesn’t feel ready to commit to a relationship.

It can also be hard to tell if he is a player, or he is just shy.

Today, we’ll show you 5 key techniques for figuring out if he’s ignoring you, or just busy.

Later, we’ll also show you how to force him to reply, and techniques to make him devote his time and attention to you.

Read this article carefully, and you’ll learn exactly what to do when he ignores your texts.

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1. Understand His Normal Texting Patterns

The first step is to get an idea of how he normally texts.

Every guy is different – Some never check their phones, while some others are always seen “online”.

To understand his normal texting habits, think back to before he stopped replying.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How quickly did he usually reply to you?
  • What time of day do you guys usually text each other the most?
  • What do you guys usually talk about?
  • How often is he seen “online”?

Now that you have an idea of his normal texting habits, compare it with what he’s doing now.

The more different he’s acting now, the more likely he’s ignoring you on purpose.

Let’s take a look at an example:

John usually texts Cathy every day after 5pm, and they send messages back and forth all evening.

They flirt and talk about all sorts of topics.

Suddenly, he stops replying to her texts for 2 days…

In this example, it’s clear John texts a lot in his free time. You can tell he loves chatting, because he talks about all sorts of things all the time.

Because of this, 2 days of no replies from John is very unusual. It definitely sounds like he is ignoring Cathy.

On the other hand, consider this example:

Alex and Danielle don’t chat that often. He’s a busy guy who is very active.

He’s usually slow to reply, but is always polite and always texts back after a while.

Whenever he texts her, it’s usually to set up a date, or to check to see how she’s doing…

Here, it’s clear Alex doesn’t chat for fun. He only sends texts to arrange for dates or to check up on people he cares about.

For this reason, it’s not that weird for him to go a couple of days without texting back.

After you’ve made this comparison, it’s time to take a look at the dynamics between you and him…

2. Think About Your Relationship With Him

Take a moment to think about this:

Who have you texted the most this past year?

For most girls, they would usually be loved ones and close friends…

In general, the closer you are to a person, the more you will text.

If you’ve been dating him seriously, it would be very suspicious if he doesn’t reply to your texts for a long time…

On the other hand, if he is just your crush and you aren’t that close to him, it’s normal for him not to text back right away.

In any case, there are a few simple tricks you can use to get him to text back…

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3. Use The “Preview” Technique

This is a clever trick you can use if you want to get a guy to respond to you.

On most messaging apps, you can see the first few words of the most recent message in your inbox…

Usually, if a guy is ignoring you on purpose, he will skip over your chat, but still check his inbox.

You can “bait” him into replying by making the first few words of your last messages sound mysterious.

For example:

Another way is simply to send him a photo. Most guys will be very curious about what you sent him…

This technique is also a good way to see if he’s just busy.

If you still don’t get a reply, or you see he still hasn’t “seen” your text, it’s likely he’s just busy at the moment.

However, if he’s just ignoring you, you can usually “bait” him to open the message, so you can see he’s read your text.

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4. “What’s Up?”

Most girls already know: You shouldn’t double text…

However, there is an exception to this rule.

If a guy is playing the ignoring game with you, you need to know how to game him back.

After a few days of no replies, send him a short, simple text to ask what he’s been up to.

There are two possible scenarios:

If he’s just been busy, he will usually send you a long text catching up with you. He might apologize for missing your text, and restart the conversation with you.

However, if he was deliberately ghosting you, he might reply with a short text, or simply ignore you again.

5. Invite Him To An Event

This final trick will help you weed out players who are playing games on you.

These types of guys don’t like you for who you are. They are always looking to gain something from you.

If you suspect he’s a player, use the “preview” technique and invite him to an attractive event.

This doesn’t even need to be a real thing – You’re just using this to test how he replies.

Use your imagination. It could be a pool party with all of your friends, or free entrance to a club you booked a table for…

Players are usually thirsty men who are always leeching off people and looking for “the next best thing”, so this is the perfect bait to get him to reply.

At this point, what you do with this guy is up to you…

How To Get Him To Text You Back And Never Be Ignored Again

Whether he was busy or ignoring you on purpose, there’s something important you MUST understand…

If he’s not replying as much as you want, it means he doesn’t care as much as you think…

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

When a man truly respects you, cares about you and loves you with his heart, he will always be there for you.

If he is truly devoted to you, he’d reply to you no matter how busy he is, because you are always the lady in his life.

Here’s the good news:

There’s a simple way to steal his heart and attention.

If you want him to treat you right, with the love and respect you deserve, you need to stop chasing him.

Instead, you need to get him to give his heart to you, and only you.

Believe it or not, it’s possible – You just need to use the right techniques.

Just like the 5 steps we’ve covered today, there are techniques to get a guy to open his heart to you and truly give all of his love to you.

Here’s how it works:

It comes down to targeting his “emotional triggers” with psychology.

You can do this easily with a few simple but clever tricks and techniques that will make him lose control and become 100% devoted to YOU, and ONLY you!

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At the end of the day, there are two types of women in the world:

The girl who spends countless hours worrying about her crush, wondering if he will ever feel the same way she does to him…


The girl who spends every night cuddled up in the arms of a guy who loves her with all his heart, and never lets her go.

Unfortunately, most women spend their entire lives waiting for this to happen…

But you have a choice!

So start using these techniques today, and enjoy the true love of the man you’ve always dreamed of.

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