Signs He’s Cheating On His Phone (And What To Do Next)

Is your boyfriend or husband becoming increasingly cryptic on his phone, and your gut tells you something is wrong?

When a man keeps his phone hidden from his significant other, it doesn’t always mean he’s cheating on her…

It is, however, regarded as a major warning sign in every relationship.

If your boyfriend or husband is always on his phone and keeps it hidden from you, there’s probably something going on that you’re not aware of.

It indicates that your relationship isn’t doing so well, even if it’s not outright cheating.

Two people must disclose everything, even their deepest and darkest secrets, in order to be in a good relationship.

There is no such thing as deception or lying. Both partners have complete faith in one another and are confident in their commitment to one another.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to maintain a relationship in these times. Cheaters may use a variety of social media platforms to make life easier for themselves.

But don’t worry: We’re here to help.

As international relationship coaches, we’ve seen this time and time again.

And we understand completely: It’s painful to have someone you care about deceive you…

But the last thing you want to do is to overreact and make things even worse, especially if you’re not sure how he truly feels.

If you want to learn the truth about why your guy is hiding his phone from you, keep reading.

We’re going to give you some powerful insights into how to tell if he’s been cheating on his phone, as well as what to do about it.

The Top 18 Signs He’s Cheating On You On His Phone

When a man hides his phone from you, there are 18 signs that he’s cheating on you.

Now, the mere fact that a man hides his phone alone does not always mean that he is cheating…

It could be the case that he doesn’t want you reading his private messages or looking through his photos, for example…

Sadly, infidelity is the most common reason for this sort of behavior.

Our team of experts have come up with a list of some major signs that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on his phone.

So, if you’re concerned about your man’s loyalty as a result of his suspicious phone behavior, pay attention to these major red flags.

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1. He Pays More Attention To His Phone Than You

The truth is, we all get a bit carried away on our phones from time to time, which is obviously unhealthy.

We can all agree, however, that going out with someone and then having them spend the entire night on their phone is rude.

When you’re out on a date, it’s only polite to put your phone away and concentrate on the person you’re with.

On the other hand, if you think he’s more focused on his phone than on you, it’s probably because he’s looking at something more interesting on it than you…

This could be something relatively innocent, like social media…

Or he could be talking to another girl you don’t know about.

If this happens constantly, you should speak with your partner and politely explain that you don’t agree with them ignoring you and spending so much time on their phone.

That isn’t to say you’re needy; you have every right to expect more attention.

2. He Reacts Emotionally If You Take His Phone Away

Is he irritated every time you try to take his phone to look at something, make a call, or simply hand it to him because it was ringing and you wanted to give it to him?

If your husband or boyfriend’s phone is always “off-limits” to you, there’s probably something on it that he’s trying to hide from you.

If you believe this is the case, gently reacts in this manner whenever you try to take his phone.

His reaction to this question will be telling. Pay attention to how he responds, his body language, and facial expressions too.

3. He’s Always On His Phone But Never Replies To You Quickly

This is the one that hurts a lot of girls. While he spends the majority of his time on his phone while you’re together, he takes an eternity to respond when you text him.

It’s a small, but significant sign that he doesn’t value you as much as he should.

It means you’re no longer his top priority. And chances are, he’s probably responding to someone else who has clearly taken your place.

4. His Phone Is Always Face Down

Pay attention to how he puts his phone on the table. Naturally, most people will place it face up to avoid scratching up the screen, and to keep an eye on any new notifications.

But if your boyfriend or husband always puts his phone face down on the table, something might be up.

It’s fine if it happens a few times. Many people do this unintentionally from time to time.

But if your partner does this all the time, he is probably hiding something from you.

Maybe he’s waiting for a text message he doesn’t want you to see, or he’s worried that a special someone will call him while he’s with you…

5. He Doesn’t Respond To You On Some Evenings

If he isn’t available for long periods of time at night, you should seriously look into what’s going on and what’s causing it.

The truth is, in a healthy and loving relationship, there should be nothing more important than you in his life.

But if he completely goes missing for hours at a time, especially in the evening, you should look into it…

There are many ways to do this. For example, if his Android or iPhone isn’t set to Ghost Mode, you can check his Snapchat location.

You can also check with his friends to get an idea of what he’s up to, and see if there are any suspicious inconsistencies with what they tell you…

6. He Regularly Deletes His Texting And Call History

Even if your partner allows you to take his phone while you’re together, you should be concerned if you do so and find no messages or calls on it.

If he deletes his phone history and texts on a regular basis, he’s probably hiding something from you that he doesn’t want you to know about.

That being said, there will always be clues left behind. And if you look hard enough, you’ll catch a few messages or calls here and there before he manages to delete them.

Also, pay attention to any message notifications from his phone when you’re together.

If you hear them constantly, but notice that they’ve been removed from his phone later on, you’ll know that something is surely going on…


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7. He Keeps Receiving Calls From An “Unknown Number”

Let’s say you’ve noticed several calls from an unknown number, or you’ve discovered many calls from an unusual number in his call history…

And when you confronted him about it, he tried to avoid answering you or claimed it was an incorrect number?

Don’t be fooled. People don’t normally get calls from a wrong number on a daily basis.

8. He Has Some Unusual Names In His Contacts List

If you’re wondering where to look on a phone for cheating signs, the contacts list is probably the best place to start.

If you’ve snooped through your husband or boyfriend’s phone book and come across any strange names, you should definitely ask him about them.

Do this in a gentle way, and try not to make any assumptions about him until you’ve asked him to explain himself.

Perhaps they’re his new coworkers, or perhaps they’re just people he’s met recently. You can, of course, double-check with other sources if you’re still suspicious.

An easy way to do so is simply to enter these phone numbers into your WhatsApp or Facebook, and if the person has been linked to these services, you’ll see their profile picture or name.

9. He Keeps Two Cellphones

Have you ever heard of the saying: “Never trust a man with 2 phones”?

Well, it’s certainly a suspicious thing to do!

You should definitely be skeptical if you find out that your guy bought a new phone and now uses them both, especially if he doesn’t have a good excuse for it.

This is definitely something you should bring up with him. Inquire as to why he requires two phones and, more importantly, why he kept his second phone a secret from you.

10. He Has A Dating App On His Phone

This is one of the biggest and clearest signs that he’s been cheating on you, or has been thinking about it…

There is simply no reason for a man to have a dating app on his phone while being in a committed relationship with you.

If you found a dating app on his phone while spying on him, it’s a clear sign that you should dump him and end the relationship.

If he truly loves you, he won’t be talking to other women online because you should and must be enough for him.

Maybe he’s never dated any of those women or cheated on you, but the fact that he downloaded the app suggests he was considering it and would do it sooner or later.

You can interrogate him about why he has a dating app on his phone and why he uses it, but I’m sure he’ll just give you a stupid response.

There is no justification for this, however. He was thinking about dating other women, which is unacceptably inappropriate.

11. He Always Walks Out Of The Room To Talk On The Phone

If he refuses to take a call in front of you, whispers on the phone, or worse yet, leaves the room when someone calls, it’s clear that he’s hiding something from you.

There should be no secrets between you and your partner if you’re in a happy relationship.

Of course, if it’s related to his job, that’s understandable. But even so, he should be open and honest about explaining this to you.

12. His Phone Is Switched Off When You’re Together

Why does a man turn his phone off when he’s with you? Do you think there’s anything strange about it?

For this, you’ll have to take a closer look at his overall behavior.

On one hand, it makes sense to keep your phone off in some situations, such as when you’re on vacation together or enjoying a romantic night out and don’t want to be bothered…

But if it happens every time you spend time together, you might want to dig deeper to see if he’s hiding something from you.


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13. He Never Tells You Who He’s Really Texting

Have you noticed he’s always texting someone on WhatsApp, Snapchat, or another social media platform…

And when you ask him who he’s texting, he tries to avoid answering or claims it’s just one of his friends or family?

Listen to your intuition – Is he telling the truth? Does he have a legitimate reason to be constantly texting them?

It’s very convenient for him to pretend to be texting his friends or family. So if you feel like he’s lying about it, you should try to figure out who it really is.

14. He Doesn’t Want Your Relationship To Be Seen On Social Media Anymore

If you used to post pictures of you two together on social media and your boyfriend suddenly says he doesn’t want to post anymore and begs you not to, you should look into the real reason.

You can certainly ask him… But good luck with that, because he’ll almost certainly refuse to answer.

Some guys don’t like to reveal their personal lives by posting pictures on social media, but they’ll tell you right away if you’re dating them.

In this case, you should just accept it or try to work out an agreement with him to allow you to at least upload a profile photo of the two of you.

The problem is if there was a change in behavior: If he used to post photos of you together and has now stopped, you should figure out why.

15. He Never Opens A Text Or Email When You’re Together

Does he keep getting texts and messages on his phone, but never opens them in front of you?

It’s great if he’s doing so because he wants to give you his fullest attention. But is he doing so out of love? Or is it out of fear that you’d see something he’s hiding from you?

This is something that you’ll have to figure out from his behaviors and body language. And the good news is: Guys are terrible at lying about this.


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16. When You Ask To Borrow His Phone, He Reacts Badly

Obviously, you should respect your partner’s privacy and avoid taking his phone without his permission, especially if they refuse.

After all, if you demand to check his phone, you’re just showing him that you don’t trust him. And this is terrible for the relationship.

There should be no problems, however, if you simply need to borrow it to make a phone call or send a text message, right?

If he starts acting strangely whenever you ask to borrow his phone, there’s probably something on it that he doesn’t want you to know about.

17. He Suddenly Changes His Phone Number

If your husband or boyfriend’s phone number changes for no apparent reason, you should start to wonder if there is something going on in his life that you aren’t aware of.

You should try to have an open and honest conversation with your guy about why he changed his phone number once more.

If he doesn’t respond or you don’t believe what he says, figure out how to get to the bottom of it in a way that you believe will be effective.

18. He Changes His Phone’s Password

If you’ve been dating for a while, you should have access to your boyfriend’s phone, and vice versa.

He might not tell you outright, but over time, you’ll get some idea of what his phone’s password or lock pattern is.

In some very close relationships, the couple might even share each other’s passwords openly.

In any case, if you notice that his password has changed suddenly, you should be on notice, especially if he was open about it before.

What To Do When You Suspect Your Boyfriend Or Husband Is Cheating On His Phone

Here’s the most important part:

Take no risks until you’ve figured out the truth.

If you jump to conclusions before giving your guy a chance to explain himself, you will come to regret your decision.

Perhaps he’s overly attached to his phone because he’s planning a surprise for you that he doesn’t want you to know about.

You will undoubtedly harm him and his emotions if you make any conclusions about his adultery without providing any solid evidence.

This is what you should do instead of making any assumptions in order to learn the truth about his strange and unexplained phone behaviour.

1. Spy On His Phone… Carefully

Taking someone’s phone without their permission is rude, and you should do it only if you’re certain he’s cheating.

When he goes somewhere or when you think it’s the most convenient time, take his phone and look through his text messages and phone calls.

If you come across any texts that appear to be incriminating, don’t throw them away right away. First, try to speak with him to see if there’s anything going on in his life that you should know about.

If he refuses to acknowledge it, tell him you found the texts on his phone and that you’d like him to explain them to you.

Giving him another chance to explain himself will help him save the relationship, but if he continues to lie about it, you should end the relationship and let him lie to someone else instead.

However, proceed with caution, as this is a very dangerous manoeuvre. You don’t want to be caught spying on his phone because it will damage your relationship with him.

2. Look For Other Signs Of Cheating In His Life

If you have reason to believe he’s hiding his phone because he’s cheating, you should look for more evidence.

Whether or not he has another lady in his life will be revealed by many small details in his daily behaviour.

For example, if he begins to pay more attention to his appearance, goes out more frequently, or avoids you, this is all suspicious behavior and a good reason to start doubting his loyalty.


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3. Pay Attention To His Body Language When You Confront Him

By observing someone’s body language, we can determine whether or not they are lying to us.

The key is to voice your concerns in a gentle and honest manner. You don’t want to accuse him of anything. You simply want to express your worries to him.

Pay attention to his behaviors and movements when you start talking to him about your concerns.

If he appears uneasy when you bring it up, if he avoids eye contact while denying it, or if you’re sitting there talking about it and his knees begin to shake, he’s almost certainly guilty of something.

His body language is one of your most powerful allies in uncovering the truth. You’ll be able to tell if he’s lying by his body language, even if he has a strong sense of self-worth.

4. Pay Attention To His Posts On Social Media

First, go through all of his social media posts from the previous week to see if anything is out of the ordinary.

Is there anything he said that you don’t believe was meant for you or your relationship? Did he ever make any strange posts about how he was feeling, or begin interacting with some new contacts you didn’t know about?

Even if you see some postings that you don’t understand or believe aren’t addressed to you, you should ask your partner about their significance.

Maybe he wrote something just for the fun of it, but you don’t get it because it was some sort of “inside joke” meant for another woman…

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