10 Clever Texts To Send To A Guy To Make Him Think About You

Have you ever wonder what it would be like…

If you knew EXACTLY what guys want to hear in a text message?

You’d use the right texts to make him think about you all the time…

After a while, he’ll even start to obsess over you!

Sadly, right now, you might not know what to send him without seeming desperate or annoying.

Maybe you feel a lot of stress thinking of what to send him, and what if he just doesn’t care?

he texts you

In this article, we’ll show you 10 clever texts to make him think about you.

Our team of dating experts know exactly how to capture a guy’s attention, elicit feelings, and get him to respond… all through texting.

In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of women around the world with texting and dating.

Once they learned the right things to say through text, their inbox blew up with notifications all the time.

And you can do the same too!

Together with these sample texts, we’ll also show you the best times and situations to send these messages.

You’ll never have to stress about texting guys again!

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1) “You’d Love The Dress I’m Wearing Right Now…”

If you’re wondering what to text a guy to get his attention, this will work great.

This text is both clever and playful, and will spark his interest.

Plus, everyone knows guys are turned on visually, right?

So send this text to tease him. He will reply as soon as he sees it, asking to see more…

2) “Anyways, When Are You Buying Me Dinner?”

This is one of those witty messages that will make him smile.

By changing the subject, you cut all the small talk and get straight to the point.

Remember, you want him to make the move. This text just makes it easy for him to do it!

It’s just the right amount of forwardness. And best of all – It sounds very smooth.

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3) “I Can’t Decide If I Like You Or Not…”

You might be a bit confused…

But trust us – This is a great text to send a guy to make him chase you.

Here’s why:

Imagine there’s good back-and-forth texting going on. Then, you casually throw this text at him.

It’s like putting a treat right under a puppy’s nose… And snatching it away!

In other words, you’re playing hard to get. If you do this right, he’ll come chasing after you right away.

Bonus Tip: Use An Emoji

Without a smiley, this text might sound too serious.

We want to keep the vibes flirty and light. So be sure to include emojis or “lol”s with this message.

4) “Hey Stranger”

Let’s say you want to start a conversation with a guy who ignores your texts…

Maybe it’s a guy who suddenly stops calling and texting…

Or maybe it’s a flaky guy who just seems cold.

Texting him this will put him on the spot. He will start to feel bad about ignoring you and flaking all the time.

You will also find out if he’s really trying to ignore you, or he’s just been really busy.

In any case, this will kickstart the chat again.

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5) “Meh…”

Before we explain this text, let’s think about something:

What does a boring conversation look like?

Here’s an example:

Unfortunately, this is how most girls text. And because we’re so used to these replies, it gets boring.

This is what turns a guy off while texting – The same old questions and answers.

These types of chats usually go nowhere, and quickly die off.

Instead, you have to send him a reply he does not expect.

See the difference?

This instantly makes the conversation more flirty and interesting.

Try it next time and see for yourself!

6) “This Totally Reminded Me Of You”

This is one of the best texts to send a guy if you don’t want to sound too forward.

It’s a great opener for starting a text conversation. You can also get really creative with it.

For example, you could send him a song to listen to – This shows your sensitive side.

You could also send him a funny GIF or meme – This is great for teasing him. These fun and flirty vibes will boost attraction.

7) “You’re Making Me Feel Funny Now”

Do you ever feel like a conversation is going nowhere?

This is because the chat is becoming too logical.

Instead, you need to make things more emotional.

Remember the golden rule – Attraction is emotional, not logical.

So drop this text on him to make things more exciting. It will arouse him, and give the chat a playful vibe.

(Check out this guide for more ideas on how to get him deeply attracted to you!)

8) “If You Were Here Right Now, I’d Totally…”

This is a great sample text, but most girls actually use it wrong.

Here’s what you do:

Use this text when you’re out with your friends, or doing something interesting.

Take a picture, and send it to him together with this text.

This actually grabs his attention like crazy…

Think about it:

What happens when he sees you out having fun, and you tell him to imagine being there…?

He’s gonna wish he was there with you too!

Send this text every now and then, and he’ll start missing you whenever you’re away.

9) “Remember The Time When…?”

This is a great text to send to guys who you’ve already gone out with, or after a first date.

Pick a good memory that you two shared, and message him about it.

Memories are powerful because they are attached to emotions.

If you remind him of a happy time, he will instantly feel those good emotions for you.

10) “I Get A Feeling Tonight’s Gonna Be Fun…”

Last but not least, this is one of the best texts to turn him on.

Send this text if you are meeting him later, or are setting up plans for the date.

This is a very powerful text message, because it sparks his imagination.

You suggest tonight’s going to be fun, and he starts wondering what’s going to happen…

It targets his emotional triggers – He can’t wait to see you!

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