Top 10 Juicy Questions To Ask A Guy You Are Interested In

Do you know what’s the most important part of getting to know a guy you like?

It’s getting him to open up.

It’s making him come out of his shell, and opening up to you.

This is the only way he starts to catch feelings for you.

He needs to feel comfortable expressing himself to you, and sharing emotions with you.

As dating coaches, we teach girls the smart way of doing this.

And one of the best ways to do this is to ask him juicy questions.

What do we mean?

Juicy questions dig deep into a guy’s mind.

Not only do they give you interesting facts about him, they also show you what he is like as a person in the way he answers them.

Think about this for a second:

What do most people ask each other on a date?

They usually ask the same old questions like “What is your job?” or “What are your hobbies?

It sounds like a job interview… Boring!

If you want to flirt well and meet amazing guys, you need to be different from all the other girls

Today, we’re going to show you Top 10 Juicy Questions to Ask A Guy You Like.

As we go through this list, you will notice something very interesting:

These questions are psychologically designed to get an emotional reaction out of him.

Everybody knows: Guys usually don’t like to show their emotions.

By cracking his shell and increasing the amount and variety of emotions he feels when he’s around you, he is more likely to fall for you.

Juicy questions also bring a flirty, fun vibe into your chat.

They are all based on naughty, playful topics, and spice up the conversation.

This puts both of you into an excited emotional state.

Because of this, they are a great first step for changing your relationship from “just friends” to “more than friends”.

These questions are put in order, from casual, to personal, to flirty and romantic. We suggest moving down the list as you get closer and closer to the guy.

Be sure to read until the end – You will also learn some tips on how to move things forward and make him fall crazy in love with you.

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1. What Is The Naughtiest Thing You’ve Done In Public?

Think about the questions you ask when you’re chatting with your closest girl friends…

You usually hear the most embarrassing, awkward stories in those conversations!


Because you guys are close.

When people feel secure with each other, they let their guard down and open up about their secrets…

The same goes for getting closer to your crush: You have to start by asking some awkward questions!

Asking him this question puts him on the spot immediately.

It forces him to crack open his box of secrets, and show you a different side of his personality.

He will also feel more comfortable with you, once he realizes he can share these juicy, personal stories with you.

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2. Briefs Or Boxers?

Have you ever had a conversation with a guy that goes nowhere?

You like him, but the talk just goes on and on…

It’s extra hard for girls, because you’re waiting for him to make the first move…

So what do you do?

You need to break the ice and spice up the conversation, and this question is a great way to do just that.

The best way is to ask him playfully and suddenly.

It makes your interaction a lot more exciting, especially if he doesn’t expect it from you!

It’s also a good start for getting more intimate with a guy.

On the surface, it sounds like a dumb question…

But this isn’t a question for “just friends”.

It pulls you closer instantly, and gives you both a chance to get more personal with each other!

3. What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done In Front Of A Girl?

If you want to get close to a guy, you need to change the frame of the conversation.

What does this mean?

The frame is the background or context of the conversation.

Think about it this way:

The way couples talk to each other is very different from the way friends do.

For couples, there is a romantic context. They also talk on a much more personal level.

You need to frame your conversation in the same way.

Usually, guys won’t tell you about his past crushes because it’s too personal.

But when you ask about one specific embarrassing moment, they’ll be a lot more willing to share it with you.

At first, he might seem a bit shy. The key is to do this playfully.

Once he sees he is able to share these embarrassing stories with you, he will be a lot more comfortable getting closer to you…

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4. Who Was Your First Kiss?

This is a question that is going to shock him.

Put yourself in his shoes:

Most girls ask boring questions like “Where do you work?”, and he’s used to this…

But chances are, no girl has ever directly asked him about his first kiss.

In fact, it’s a question girls like to ask each other, but never to crushes.

The thing is, a guy’s first kiss usually comes with a juicy story.

We all know guys like to play it cool, but this question will put him in the spotlight!

He might even make up an answer – It will be super obvious, so you can call him out and tease him about it.

It will also make things a lot more flirty and interesting.

And the best part: You’re going to find out some VERY juicy details about this guy’s love life!

5. When’s The Last Time You Had Your Heart Broken?

Besides making things flirty, we also have to go a bit deeper and personal with the conversation…

One of the biggest mistakes girls make when talking to guys they like is trying too hard to keep him happy.

Think about this:

Imagine two roller coasters…

The first one has crazy ups and downs, twists and turns.

The other one is completely straight and flat.

Which one is going to be more popular?

Everyone will love the first one, because it gives them excitement. It’s interesting, fun and thrilling.

In the same way, a conversation will eventually die if you keep it flat, even if it feels positive.

On the other hand, if your conversation has ups and downs, he will feel like he’s on an adventure with you.

If you make him laugh one moment, and ask him deep questions the next moment, you come off as a more sincere, genuine person.

In his eyes, you’re not just another girl he’s chatting to anymore. You will start to form a real relationship with him.

As we’ve already mentioned, guys like to keep their emotions locked inside…

That’s because they fear people will judge or look down on them.

But if you are able to dig deeper and hear his thoughts, he will relax and be willing to share himself with you.

6. What Is The Most Romantic Thing You’ve Ever Done For A Girl?

We all know guys like to show off from time to time, especially to girls.

It is simply in a man’s nature to impress girls. 

Here’s what’s great about this question: You’re asking him to show off, AND embarrass himself a little bit.

It gives you a chance to see what he’s REALLY like. But you can also tease him a little and flirt with him.

Also, it sets up a pretext for you and the guy – This is not information he usually shares with “just friends”!

Deep inside his mind, this will suggest the possibility of you two getting together eventually…

7. When’s The Last Time You Stalked Me On Social Media?

Let’s face it – Everyone does this.

Here’s the important thing about this question:

Don’t ask him IF he has stalked you. Ask him WHEN is the last time he has.

This does a few things:

First of all, 99% of the time, he already has.

By asking him this question, you’re calling him out on it and telling him not to be shy about it.

And even if he hasn’t, it’s still a very good way to tease him.

It inserts a romantic, flirty context to your conversation.

You can also guarantee he’s going to be vague about his answer…

The point is: Guys act very differently in front of you, and privately on social media…

When you call him out for stalking you on Instagram or Facebook, you’re assuming that he is interested in you.

And because you ask this in the form of a playful question, he will have no choice but to play along with it.

It’s simple psychology!

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8. If I Were Sad, How Would You Cheer Me Up?

Every guy has a caring side in his heart.

We can get him to show this by asking him this question.

His “gentlemanly” side will take over, and you will see the sweeter side of his personality.

He might even be super romantic, and say some cheesy things that will take you by surprise!

In any case, it plants in his head the idea of you being a girl he cares for.

9. If We Were Stuck On An Island Alone, What Would Happen?

Here’s a little known fact about dating:

A big reason why guys don’t make a move is because of the people around him…

Just like girls, a man actually cares a lot what others think about him.

If he makes a move and gets rejected, he gets humiliated in front of everybody.

But if you remove the social judgment, he is much more likely to get together with you.

In his mind, he knows this. That’s why this question is so powerful.

If a guy and girl are stuck on an island, it’s only a matter of time before they fall for each other.

Of course, he’s not going to admit this directly. But he’s going to have trouble coming up with a good answer, so you can tease him and be playful about it!

10. What Would You Do If You Saw Me Without Clothes On?

Finally, we have the most forward, flirty question on the list.

Make sure you choose a right time to ask him this one – You should already be comfortable with each other.

This question isn’t easy to pull off smoothly. To be safe, say it in a playful tone.

If you sound too serious, things can get awkward fast!

The Key To Making Him Fall In Love With You

As dating coaches, we teach girls all around the world flirting tricks and techniques like these questions.

The truth is, it’s actually very easy for guys to fall in love with you.

You just have to press the right buttons.

There are certain words and techniques that are carefully designed to target “emotional triggers” inside his brain.

When you use them on a guy, he will feel a deep emotional response…

First, his attention gets fixed on you (and no other girl)…

Then, this attention slowly turns into attraction.

The best part?

It’s hardwired into a man’s psychology – That’s why it works on any guy.

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