What Body Type Do Men Prefer? Our SHOCKING Poll Reveals It All

Do you know what is the first thing a man thinks when he looks at your body?

Let’s face it: It’s not easy being a woman.

In fact, there’s a lot of pressure put on our bodies and how we look…

Every day, we look up to celebrities and artists with their amazing bikini bodies, wondering if we will ever look like them…

But here’s the truth:

There’s a hidden reason why every man loves to look at them…

And men will never admit it.

As professional dating coaches, we’ve studied the psychology of attraction and relationships for many years, and helped thousands of women around the world.

That’s why we know EXACTLY what men want, and the ideal female body shape they are attracted to.

To do this, we conducted a poll of 2,000 men from around the world.

They revealed to us their deepest secrets about their favorite body types, the body parts that REALLY turn them on, and rated female body shapes from worst to best.

Today, we’re showing you ALL of this!

You’ll learn EXACTLY what men look for in a woman’s body, and special ways to take advantage of this using fashion hacks for your body type.

Later in this article, we’ll also show you some clever tricks to boost your attractiveness WITHOUT EXERCISE, so guys immediately start to notice you wherever you go!

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What Features Make A Woman Beautiful? The First 4 Things Guys Notice About Your Body

Everybody knows: First impressions are very important.

When you meet a man for the first time, he WILL look at your body…

But here’s the secret:

Most guys will decide whether or not he likes you in the first 2 minutes of meeting you.

In our survey of 2,000 men, we found out what body parts do guys notice first, as well as what they think about them.

There are certain things guys notice about you instantly, including your shoulders, neck, hips and belly.

Remember this:

What attracts a man to a woman first is NOT the size of these body parts…

Instead, it’s how they are shaped in relation to each other.

That’s why the best way to impress a guy in your first meeting is to dress in a way that emphasizes these parts of your body.

It is also a good idea to exercise to tone these specific body parts – Be sure to read until the end for a detailed workout plan that gets you the perfect body quickly!

Go through this list carefully and check yourself in the mirror to see how you compare:

1. Your Shoulders

Believe it or not, your shoulders can really change a man’s first impression of you.

Your shoulders are one of those little things guys notice about you, but will never tell you directly.

In our survey, men consistently rated athletic girls as the perfect body shape.

And what’s the one thing all these girls have in common?

They all had toned shoulders.

Contrary to popular belief, guys do not like skinny girls. Instead, they are much more attracted to girls with the right curves in the right places.

Make sure you check out the workout guide at the end of this article to learn how to easily tone your shoulders, as well as your whole body!

2. Your Neck

Another feature of the fit female body is a slim neck.

This is also one of the first things a guy notices about you.

Here’s why:

After making eye contact with you, he will begin to scan your body, starting from your head downwards…

The size of your neck compared to your head will indicate to him how attractive you are.

If it’s too wide in comparison with your head, it will make you look heavy and unfit.

On the other hand, if it is too skinny and bony, it will make your head look big and awkward!

3. Your Hips

Nowadays, everybody is talking about curves…

But what exactly are they?

Curves on a woman refer to the shape of their body parts, and not just the size.

Having an attractive body does not necessarily mean you have to be slim or light.

In fact, the most important things are curves and proportion.

An attractive female body is when all your body parts are shaped nicely, and sized properly compared to each other.

This also explains the difference between thick and fat: “Thick” girls have nice curves and well-proportioned bodies, but they are certainly not overweight!

4. Your Belly

Many girls don’t understand how important the belly is for male attraction…

Here’s the truth:

A belly is fine, as long as it fits the rest of your body.

Our poll revealed most guys don’t care if you have a belly – However, they do get turned off if it is sticking out too much.

As we’ve mentioned already, first impressions are very important for guys.

When a guy looks at your stomach, it could mean it is standing out compared to the rest of your body, and catching his attention.

…And if your belly is one of the first things he notices about you, he might lose interest in you very quickly!

What Body Type Do Guys Like? Poll Results Revealed!

Let’s face it – It’s hard to figure out what a man is thinking of sometimes…

We interviewed 2,000 men in this poll, asking them which female body type is most attractive.

Here’s what we learned:

Most girls are focused on the wrong things when it comes to what he thinks about your body.

In fact, it’s not your weight or the size of any body part that matters…

It’s your overall curves and shapes that attract a man to you sexually.

Read through these results, and find out EXACTLY what body shape do guys find most attractive.

Later, you’ll also get a complete workout guide to get the best body shape quickly, by focusing on the right parts of your body!

5th Place: The Inverted Triangle Body

The inverted triangle body shape is the most misunderstood body type.

Many women think it’s unattractive, or even a huge turnoff.

But our poll results show men don’t mind this body shape, as long as you dress properly.

This body shape is defined by a wide upper body (including shoulders and breasts), but narrow and undefined hips.

Because of this, it’s important to dress to “soften” your shoulder line, and draw attention down to your hips and legs.

To do this, wear fitted tops with a deep and narrow neckline, and extend past the hips.

To widen your hips and lower body, choose flaring skirts and loose trousers or shorts.

Despite all this, the inverted triangle was rated the least favorite by men in our poll, so it’s very important to add more curves to your hips with targeted exercises…

(NOTE: Follow this guide to learn how to seduce men WITHOUT any exercise…)

4th Place: The Apple Shaped Body

The apple shaped body is what many women naturally have.

It features a full upper body, but with weak curves in the hips and waist.

Despite having a decent bust, men tended to rate this body shape as “average” and “not that special”.

That’s because it lacks the right curves in the right places.

The fullness of this body shape in the midsection also means it is not easy to dress for this body type. A flowy, loose fit top is usually recommended.

However, the best solution would be to tighten the midsection through exercise.

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3rd Place: The Pear Shaped Body

The pear shape is a healthy body shape – In fact, it’s what people usually mean when they talk about “curvy fit”.

It features wide and pronounced hips, but a narrow upper body and waist.

The men in our poll found the pear shaped body attractive. They particularly enjoy the pear shape with a tight fitting mini skirts and tops with wide necklines.

This is the type of body men begin to notice, especially when they can see the curves in your figure.

That’s because your wide hips can really catch their attention!

However, they overwhelmingly felt the hourglass body is better than the pear shape.

2nd Place: The Hourglass Body

Every man agrees: The hourglass shape creates instant attraction.

This body shape features a wide upper body and equally wide hips, but a narrow waist.

There are many reasons why men consistently rated the hourglass higher than the pear.

For example, guys felt the hourglass was more “balanced” and “curvy”. It also made the woman look younger and fitter.

In fact, scientists believe the hourglass is attractive because it shows good potential for child bearing.

That’s why men find it irresistible!

Obviously, not all girls are born with this body…

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1st Place: The Yoga Body

The results of our poll were clear:

The most attractive female body shape is the yoga body.

It combines all the things a man looks for in a woman’s body: Perfectly shaped curves and proportioned body parts.

All the key body parts are perfectly sized in relation to each other, including the hips, shoulders, legs and belly.

From celebrities and singers to athletes and actresses – The yoga body is extremely attractive to guys.

It’s also no surprise that the best looking women in the world all practice yoga!

This is the type of body that makes you look good in any outfit, with or without makeup.

In fact, when girls with yoga bodies walk into a room, everybody notices and stares.

How To Steal Any Man’s Attention WITHOUT Exercise

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Attraction is psychological – It happens in the mind.

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It doesn’t matter how old you are…

And it doesn’t matter how he feels about you right now.

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