How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (5 Simple Steps!)

Do you know what’s the #1 most awkward time in a relationship?

When you don’t know if he is committed to you yet.

As women, we’ve all been there:

You met a great guy, and you get along really well…

He makes you feel amazing, and he seems to like you too…

But you’re still not sure what your relationship is, or how to take it to the next level…

Don’t worry – We understand!

As international dating coaches, we’ve seen this situation time and time again.

It can be very awkward trying to figure out what he actually thinks, or to confront him about what your relationship with him is…

But believe it or not, it’s actually quite simple to make a man commit to a woman.

We’ve helped thousands of women around the world turn their crushes into devoted, passionate lovers.

In fact, if you follow our advice in this article, you will make him chase you forever, and become the most important woman in his life.

Here’s the key:

You have to make him commit without pressure.

To do this, you must use special psychological tricks to slowly make him commit to dating exclusively.

Today, we’ll show you EXACTLY how to do this.

Unfortunately, many girls mess this up. They start chasing a man and putting too much pressure on him.

This usually ends up weirding him out and pushing him away, and he will leave forever.

That’s why you must read this article carefully – One wrong move and it could turn him off completely!

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What Does Commitment Look Like?

Let’s take a step back:

Have you ever wondered what is commitment in love?

To be committed to someone means your whole life revolves around them.

It’s when he texts you all the time, and tells you without hesitation that you’re the most special woman in the world…

These are the signs of a committed relationship.

But if you feel his heart is somewhere else, or he’s not 100% obsessed with you, then he is just not committed yet…

You see, there’s a secret about the psychology of guys in love:

A guy can become interested in you within minutes…

But men fall in love very slowly, and it usually takes a few months for a man to commit fully.

That’s why it’s important to move things forward, before he loses interest and falls in love with another woman.

How To Make Him Chase You And Commit (The Right Way!)

Some girls believe: “If a man wants you, he will make it happen”.

Sadly, this is totally WRONG.

If you have a gut feeling that he is holding back, or hesitating to commit to you, then you need to pay attention:

These could be signs he only wants to sleep with you, and doesn’t actually care…

But they could also be signs that he wants a relationship, but is scared.

The key to getting a non-committal guy to commit is this:

Tap into his emotional brain.

Here’s what we mean:

In psychology, there are certain emotions inside a man’s brain that are associated with love and desire.

Using these 5 easy steps, you will be able to trigger these emotions whenever he sees you.

This is the fastest way to make him commit to a relationship.

You will also learn how to plant “seeds” into his brain, and make him ask YOU for a relationship!

Step 1: Match His Level Of Commitment

Here are some of the most common questions we get:

“What should you do when a guy is too busy for you?”

“Is he really too busy to text me?”

“Does he even have feelings for me?”

We understand – It can feel like there’s a knot in your heart when he is too busy to see you.

This is when many girls make the mistake of chasing him, and trying to convince him to spend more time with them…

However, this is a huge turn off for guys.

In fact, the last thing you want to do is to put too much pressure on him to commit.

Here’s the truth:

When a guy says he is too busy for a relationship, he is just not that interested in you.

To steal the heart of a very busy man, you CANNOT let him know that you are more invested in him than he is to you.

Instead, you need to match his level of commitment.

So here’s what you do:

Spend less time with him, and more time with your friends. Don’t be afraid to flirt with other guys too.

Meanwhile, don’t text him unless he texts you first.

By doing this, you are giving him space to commit. And once you make yourself less available to him, he will start to miss you like crazy!

(NOTE: See Step 3 for some tips on how to make him jealous!)

Step 2: Use The “Roller Coaster” Technique

Think about this question:

What makes a roller coaster fun?

The ups and downs, of course!

Let’s face it – A flat roller coaster would be boring and uninteresting.

The same applies for relationships: You have to have ups and downs.

That’s why you must put your man on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Here’s what we mean:

You have to give him a wide range of intense emotions – Everything from hot to cold, from romance to loneliness, and from excitement to sadness…

Believe it or not, this is what makes a man fall in love deeply.

So, here’s what you should do:

Treat him nice when you are together, but get him to commit by pulling away right after.

When you pull away, he will suddenly miss you – And guys fall in love when they miss you, not when they know they can have you whenever they want.

This hot-and-cold game will drive him crazy, and soon he will lay his heart out for you and BEG you for your love!

(For more techniques like this, check out this guide now!)

Step 3: Make Him Jealous With Your Social Life

Deep inside every man’s mind is the “chase instinct”.

Here’s what that means:

If you put a stick in front of a dog, he might play with it for a few minutes and then get bored…

But if you start throwing it around, he will start chasing it like mad.

Believe it or not, guys are just the same with girls.

So instead of trying to get him to settle down, you should make him chase you instead.

To turn the tables on him, start posting more regularly on social media.

Make sure he sees you going out with your friends, flirting with guys and having lots of fun.

Eventually, he will start becoming jealous, and the “chase instinct” will kick in.

He will start thinking about you whenever you’re apart…

And he will start texting you and chatting with you a lot more…

When he checks in with you, be sure to keep your replies brief and casual – Being slightly hard to get is one of the most important things to make a man settle down!

(Check out this guide for a clever way to make him chase you!)

Step 4: Make Your Relationship A Fairy Tale

Here’s a little-known secret about the psychology of guys in love:

They switch from “logical” to “romantic”.

Deep down, guys are secretly looking for that dreamy, magical relationship too.

But here’s the mistake most couples make:

They start hanging out when they are bored.

They reach out to each other only when they feel bored or tired, and do dull activities together…

The relationship turns dry and lifeless, and falls apart quickly.

Don’t do this!

Instead, your dates should be exciting, fun and special.

The goal is to make him think of you all the time, desperate to hold you in his arms.

Your relationship should feel like a fairy tale, not a chore!

So from now on, treat your dates like special adventures. Pick fun things to do, like ice skating and romantic dinners.

Once you plant this “romantic” seed inside your man’s head, he will be inspired to pursue you seriously and commit to you!

(See this guide for more ways to make him love you using psychology!)

Step 5: Casually Talk About The Future

By now, you’re probably wondering if he has any future plans for your relationship.

Whatever you do, NEVER say “Do you see a future with me?” to him directly, or confront him with “We need to have a talk about our future”

This will make things extremely awkward, and might even ruin your relationship completely.

If you want to keep the guy, you need to avoid these situations and keep things casual and fun.

So here’s what you do:

Every now and then, casually mention the future of your relationship.

For example, you could tease him by saying:

“What are you giving me next Valentine’s Day?”


“I hope our children aren’t as lazy as you!”

Remember: Always frame this as a joke, and something that can easily be brushed off.

Whenever you talk about the future with a guy who hasn’t fully committed yet, you need to make it sound casual.

Your goal isn’t to make him commit immediately. You just have to plant a “seed” inside him, so that the idea of a relationship grows in his head…

After a while, he will start to think of the relationship seriously, and devote more of his heart to you.

BONUS: Say These Words To Make Him Commit And Fall In Love

Everybody knows – Guys don’t express their feelings easily.

In fact, they often like to play it cool and keep their feelings inside.

That’s why it usually takes a long time for a guy to commit.

However, there’s an easy shortcut to make him fall in love completely.

To do this, we can use little tricks that every man is secretly craving from a woman.

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The truth is, most guys avoid relationships.

They are always looking for the next girl that grabs their attention.

That’s why you have to show him that you’re special, and not like other girls.

Once you start using these little techniques on him, you will become the most important woman in his life.

He will start thinking of you all the time, treat you like his princess, and do everything to make you feel special, loved and protected.

So start using these techniques on him today, and see how quickly he opens his heart to you!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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