What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Ignores You (5 Simple Steps!)

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting ignored by your boyfriend.

All of a sudden, you don’t feel safe and loved anymore…

There’s an empty, sick feeling in your chest, and you can’t stop thinking about him…

Worst of all, you might not even know WHY he’s ignoring you!

Trust us – We understand that feeling.

As international relationship coaches, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world with their relationships…

And we’ve realized one thing:

Even after years of dating, you CAN keep your boyfriend devoted, committed and crazy in love with you.

You just need to understand a few simple secrets about male psychology!

In this article, we will show you EXACTLY what to do when he ignores your texts.

You’ll learn how to respond to ghosting, as well as how to find out why he is suddenly ignoring you.

Later, we’ll show you some smart ways to make him regret ignoring you, and come back BEGGING for a second chance.

Simply follow these 5 steps, and force him to open his heart to you again!

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1. Send Him A Short, Casual Text

Let’s face it – Guys act weird sometimes.

Often, you just don’t know why he is ignoring you all of a sudden.

He could just be busy with work, but it could also be something else…

The way to handle your boyfriend ignoring you is to take it easy and NOT to treat it like a big deal.

Now, here’s the #1 mistake most girls make:

They start ignoring him back.

When a couple starts playing the ignoring game, the relationship will break down very quickly.

This is not what you want, especially when you don’t know the REAL reason why he’s ghosted you.

Instead, when your boyfriend ignores you, the first thing you should do is to send him a short and casual text.

Simply text him “Hey, how’s it going?” or “What’s up?

This will give him a chance to explain why he’s been ignoring you.

It will also show him that you are taking it easy, and not playing along with his games.

In many cases, just being emotionally unreactive to him will be enough to make him stop ignoring you.

2. Give Him Some Space

If he is avoiding you after your short text, the next step is to give him some space.

In other words, don’t reach out to him for a couple of days.

Sometimes, guys need space to deal with their emotions alone.

Texting him over and over again will turn him off, making him even more cold towards you.

When a guy ignores you, you should avoid overreacting or making any big moves.

In fact, sometimes guys will ghost you just to try to get a reaction out of you.

Instead, you should give him less attention.

When you stop talking to him for a few days, you create an “emotional vacuum”.

He will suddenly notice how bad it feels not having you around, and not receiving your care and attention.

This is a great way to teach him a lesson, and force him to reach out to you again.

(To make sure he never ignores you again and stays 100% devoted to you, check out this guide!)

3. Invite Him To Open Up To You

If your boyfriend is still ghosting you, it is time to put some pressure on him.

The worst thing you can do now is start chasing or begging for his attention.

Remember the golden rule: Do not overreact.

At this stage, you should call him out for ignoring you, but do it in a calm and relaxed manner, without any anger.

A good way to do this is to send him this text:

“Hey, I’m not sure why you’ve been ignoring me recently. Please don’t do this. If you’re ready to open up, I’m always happy to listen.”

This text does a number of things:

First, you INVITE him to open up to you.

You let him come to you, instead of chasing after him.

Second, you call him out on ignoring you.

This puts pressure on him to stop playing games, and be honest with you.

Finally, it shows him that you care about him, but at the same time, you’re not obsessed or stressing out over the situation.

This text is extremely powerful, and will force most guys to come back to you.

4. Slowly Start Moving On

Do you still remember how you felt when you first started dating him?

How safe and comfortable it felt to be in his arms?

How special he made you feel?

But now, he treats you like a stranger.

So what happened? Why is he suddenly so cold to you?

The answer is actually quite simple:

He feels too safe with you.

Here’s what we mean:

Every man’s mind contains the “chase” instinct.

It’s hardwired inside their minds, in the same way dogs love playing fetch and chasing after tennis balls.

But once you get too comfortable with him, he will not value you the same way.

He will start to take you for granted, and even get bored of you.

So here’s what you do:

Slowly start to move on, focusing on yourself for a while.

Go out, hang out with friends and meet new people.

Be sure to stay active on social media, and make plenty of posts of you having fun.

Don’t be afraid to flirt with other men – You might find an even better guy to date!

When your boyfriend sees this, it will make him jealous and want you more.

It will reactivate his “chase” instinct, and he will start chasing you again!

(See this guide for more clever tricks to keep him devoted to you!)

5. Give Him An Ultimatum

If he is still ghosting you after a week of no contact, it’s time to give him an ultimatum.

This is where you reach out to him and give him one last chance.

Make it clear that you’re tired of playing games, and you’re ready to move on if he doesn’t stop ignoring you.

This puts pressure on him to make a decision – Either commit 100% to you again, or lose you forever.

Say These Words To Make Him BEG For Your Love

If you want to force your boyfriend to devote his whole heart to you, and make sure he never ignores you again, then read this carefully.

Right now, your relationship is falling apart.

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The solution is actually pretty simple.

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Here’s the truth about relationships:

Getting ghosted by your boyfriend hurts.

Most girls just don’t know how to respond to this, and they try way too hard to get their boyfriends’ attention back…

But they end up pushing further away, ruining the relationship permanently!

Instead, you must capture his heart the smart way.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to get his love back.

Start using these special techniques immediately, and watch how quickly he comes running back to you!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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