What To Do When A Guy Is Too Busy For A Relationship

Let’s face it – Relationships aren’t all fun and games…

In fact, sometimes they can be outright stressful!

One of the worst feelings a woman can get is when a guy seems to be too busy for her.

Sometimes, this occurs when you are not a priority to your boyfriend. Other times, it could be a man too busy for a relationship in the first place.

It can really hurt – And we understand!

Our team of relationship coaches have helped thousands of women around the world attract AND keep the man of their dreams fully committed and deeply devoted to them.

Today, we’re here to help you!

In this article, you’ll learn exactly why your crush or boyfriend is “too busy” for you, and how to easily make him commit to you (and you only)!

Here’s the key:

Once you spot the signs of a non-committal man, you have to act fast.

The longer you wait, the further he will drift away and the harder it is to make him devote himself to you.

So read this article carefully, and start applying our simple tricks and techniques.

They will force your man to feel a deep and sudden urge to hold you in his arms, tell you how special you are, and commit himself to you in no time!

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Is He Really Too Busy Or Just Not Interested?

At this point, you’re probably wondering to yourself: “Is he too busy for a relationship? Or is it just an excuse?”

As women, we’ve all been there.

Yes, men can be difficult to understand sometimes. And when that happens, it can be super stressful…

Especially when it’s a guy you have feelings for!

So before we discuss how to make a man commit, here’s a simple trick you can use to see if he’s really too busy to date, or he’s making an excuse.

The first thing you need to do is demonstrate sympathy.

Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest things guys look for in a girl.

When you show him that you have a big heart and you can relate to how he feels, he will instantly be drawn to you like a magnet.

This is where most other girls make a big mistake.

They get hurt and take it personally. They will lash out at him, begging him for his attention, and become overwhelmed with feelings of offence and resentment.

And honestly, that’s understandable – It sucks to be ignored by a guy you like!

But the more you do this, the more you will push him away and ruin the chances of getting together with him.

So here’s what you do instead:

Send him a text, telling him you understand he’s busy, and offer him some emotional support.

For example:

“Hey, how are you? I noticed you’ve been quiet lately, is everything alright? I’m always here if you want to talk. Give me a call this weekend.”

If a man likes you, he will never be too busy to call. Even if his schedule is completely packed, there will always be space for a quick call on the weekend…

On the contrary, if he’s just making an excuse and not truly interested, he won’t even bother.

Here’s the clever part about this text:

Instead of getting hurt and complaining that he is not paying attention to you, you reach out to see if he’s feeling okay and offering him support.

The positivity and comfort you are giving him will melt his heart, encouraging him to spend more time with you.

(For more ways to make him catch these types of feelings, check out our free guide on making any man devoted to you!)

What Makes A Man Not Want To Commit

Before we show you our 5 powerful ways to make him commit to a relationship, let’s take a moment to understand what goes on inside a man’s mind, and what makes him NOT want to commit.

In our many years of coaching, we’ve noticed that when a guy is “too busy for you”, 80% of the time it is merely an excuse.

We hear it all the time:

“My boyfriend is always busy and tired…”

“My crush says he is too busy to see me this weekend…”

“I feel so neglected and unloved!”

Here’s the truth:

No man is too busy for love if there is REAL commitment.

Even a very busy man will make time for you if you are truly in his heart.

So the next time you hear one of those excuses guys make to not see you, this is the real reason behind it:

A lack of commitment!

This is true whether he is just your crush, or that you’ve been casually dating for a while.

The truth is there are many levels of commitment in relationships. And a lack of commitment in a relationship can completely ruin everything.

As women, we all want the same thing:

The PERFECT relationship with complete devotion and commitment from a guy you love.

And you might think it’s unrealistic…

But let’s face it: We all know people who DO have the perfect, loving relationship that we all want.

It’s just that most women never get a chance to experience that.

(Don’t worry, we’re here to help you on that today!)

The number 1 thing that makes a man not want to commit is a lack of TRUE desire.

Many women make the mistake of thinking commitment just means he’s always there for you, and he does whatever you want him to.

But think about this:

What is commitment in love? And what does commitment look like?

You see, REAL commitment comes from the heart.

When a man is fully committed to you, he doesn’t just make time for you – He WANTS to!

Even if he’s busy working, his mind will always be on you…

And even when you’re apart, he will always be daydreaming about you, and thinking about when he will get to see you next.

Because here’s the sad truth:

If your crush or boyfriend doesn’t feel this TRUE desire for you in his heart, he will not want to commit to you.

But once you learn to trigger this feeling inside him, he will be thinking about you all the time, love you with his entire being, and do everything he can to make you feel like the most special girl in the world!

As dating and relationship coaches, this is what we help women to do. And now, it’s your turn!

(For a complete guide on how to make any man yours forever, check out our free eBook here)

How To Date A Busy Man – 5 Steps To Make Him Commit To A Relationship

Now that you have a better understanding of the psychology of guys in love, here’s how to get a non-committal guy to commit to you.

If you’re wondering how to handle a relationship with a busy man, you need to pay close attention.

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

Dating someone who is too busy is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster.

The best way to handle a relationship with a busy man is to make it clear that he will NEVER be too busy for you.

Once you establish this, he will make you the center of his universe, and you will naturally become the most important woman in his life as the relationship develops…

So here are the 5 steps to get him to commit to dating exclusively:

1. Make Him Feel Valued

One of the best ways to make a man commit to a you is to make him feel valued.

Here’s what we mean:

Men will only commit to a relationship when he is certain that he will feel respected and valued inside that relationship.

And most women don’t realize just how important it is for a man to feel useful and appreciated by his lover.

In fact, this is one of the deepest psychological desires inside every man’s mind.

Once you show him that you appreciate having him around, and that you value his love highly, he will naturally be more likely to stick around.

So here’s what you do:

Start giving him compliments and encouragement, especially with regards to his passions and interests.

For example, if he plays on a football team on the weekends, send him a text about how good he looks in his uniform.

Or if he loves photography, leave him a comment on his latest post and compliment his work.

Once he sees that you’re a constant source of positive energy and encouragement, and that you make him feel appreciated, he will in turn prioritize you as an important person in his life!

Here’s another trick you can use:

If he seems to be busy or distant, text him and ask him for a small favor.

For example:

“Hey! I was just thinking about that wildlife documentary you were talking about. What was the name of it?”


“I just remembered that you are a good cook! Any tips on how I should cook my steak tonight?”

Don’t underestimate the power of these little texts – They give him a chance to come to your rescue, and to help you with your troubles…

And by doing so, he feels good about himself! Just the fact that you reached out to HIM for help gives him a sense of pride, and makes him feel valued as a man.

(Check out our free guide for more clever ways to make a man feel good when he’s with you!)

2. Use The “Roller Coaster” Technique

If you’ve followed FlirtSavvy for a while, you’d be familiar with the “Roller Coaster” technique.

This is when you give the man the “Hot and Cold” treatment, and drive him crazy for you.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine being on a roller coaster that’s completely flat, and travels at a slow and steady speed…


The reason why a roller coaster is fun and exciting is because of its twists and turns, and its ups and downs…

And the same thing applies to a relationship.

If you want to draw a man into a committed relationship, you have to give him a wide range of emotions. You have to let him to experience a series of exciting ups and downs.

This is where most girls make a serious mistake.

They try too hard to please the man. They are too “nice” to them, but end up turning him off completely.

Instead, here’s what you do:

When you’re together, give him your fullest attention and open your heart to him…

But don’t hesitate to ignore his texts and pull away every now and then.

This gives him a chance to chase you, and work to win you over.

Think of it like giving a cat a piece of string:

He might play with it for a few minutes, but get bored after a while.

But what if you dangled the piece of string in front of him…

And every time he reached for it, you pulled it away?

Before long, he would become obsessed with the piece of string, chasing it all over the place!

The same applies to guys: You have to get him to commit by pulling away.

(Be sure to check out our free guide for more ways to force him to commit!)

3. Project A Future With Him

One of the best ways to make a man commit to a relationship is to get him to think about the future.

Sadly, many girls do this the wrong way:

They wait for a quiet moment, and then ask him “Do you see a future with me?” or “What are your future plans for our relationship?”

Whatever you do, DON’T say this to him!

These types of questions are way too direct, and put a lot of pressure on him.

And instead of making him commit, they end up pushing him away and turning the relationship cold.

So here’s what you do:

The key is to get him to think about the future indirectly and casually.

The next time you’re chatting, just casually mention a future point of time in your conversation.

For example:

“I wonder what we’d be doing in 6 months…”

Or this:

“How should we celebrate your birthday next year?”

The more of these little future projections you make, the more comfortable he will be with the thought of a future together with you.

Always remember: Keep this light and casual. If you make it sound too serious, things can turn awkward real fast (especially with a guy who is already non-committal).

4. Give Him Space To Commit

Sometimes, the reason a guy doesn’t want to commit isn’t because he’s not interested…

But it could also be the case that he needs space to think things through and sort out other things in his life before he commits to you.

This is especially true for men who have an intense job, or is going through a busy period in his life.

In these cases, the best thing to do is simply to reach out briefly and give him some support and encouragement.

Every now and then, just leave him a short but heartfelt text, telling him you’re thinking of him, and that you are always there if he wants to talk.

As we’ve already discussed, these types of texts will make his heart melt, and begin to make you a priority in his life.

By giving him space to commit, you show that you understand how he feels, and that you’re opening up your caring side to him.

However, if he remains cold even after you give him your love and care, it’s time to take things to the next level and force him to make a decision…

5. Get Him To Commit By Walking Away

If you want a loving relationship with a man who is truly devoted to you, then you need to make this 100% clear with him.

And you have to let him know that it is unacceptable for him to date you half-heartedly and treat you as “just another girl”.

Remember – You are a beautiful, amazing woman. And you deserve a man who prioritizes you over work, no matter how busy he is.

If you’ve tried the steps above and he’s still unwilling to commit to you, you have to get him to commit by walking away.

Sit down for a talk, and be completely honest with him:

Let him know that you understand how busy his life can get, but let him know that you need a man who values you, treasures you and prioritizes you in his life.

Men will usually react in one of two ways:

He will either feel sorry for neglecting you, and ask you to forgive him…

Or he will agree with you and walk away…

In either case, the right thing to do next is to ignore him for a couple of days.

Give him space to think about what you said to him, and how he has treated you. And if he reaches out to you, welcome him back into your life with an open heart.

If you’ve done all the steps above, this should make him coming crawling back, and begging you for a second chance!

How To “Lock-In” A Man’s Devotion And Make Him Yours Forever

As dating and relationship coaches, we believe you deserve to enjoy a loving, devoted relationship with the best man possible.

But here’s the harsh truth:

Only about 2% of women end up doing so.

Most women will go through life without ever experiencing this, going through disappointment after disappointment in their relationships, and growing old without ever ending up with their ideal match.

But every now and then, you’ll meet that one couple who seem to have it all…

In fact, you probably already know some women who have that perfect relationship, and never have trouble with guys.

So what are these women doing differently?

Here’s the secret:

It’s not about your body…

It’s not about your age…

And it’s not about your looks either…

It all boils down to being able to trigger the natural “devotion instincts” inside a man’s mind.

To learn exactly how to do this, check out our free guide now:


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

Here’s the thing we’ve noticed in the women we coach:

The first thing that happens once you start using these simple techniques is everything becomes EASY.

You will find it EASY to talk to guys at parties and draw their attention.

It will become EASY to captivate a man, and make him obsessed with you.

And it will become EASY to make him devote his entire being to love you, cherish you, and make you feel like the most special girl in the world.

Learn the techniques now and try them out for yourself – You will be surprised at how big of a difference it makes in your life!


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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