Top 10 Signs He Is Thinking About You During No Contact

You know that terrible feeling you get right after a breakup?

It’s that empty feeling in your chest that lasts for days, weeks, or even months…

All the while, your head is racing with thoughts…

“Is he thinking of me?”

“Is he missing me?”

“Has he moved on and forgotten about me?”

Believe us, we understand.

When you go “no contact” after a breakup, it’s one of the most frustrating things ever.

This is because you might be thinking of him all the time, but you have no idea whether he is thinking of you too.

As relationship coaches, we’ve helped thousands of girls around the world deal with these feelings.

Here’s the good news:

There are a few special ways to read a guy’s mind to know if he’s secretly thinking about you.

Using psychology, we can see exactly what goes through a guy’s mind during no contact.

(In fact, you’d be very surprised at some of his thoughts…)

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The Top 10 Signs He Is Thinking About You During No Contact

Today, we’re going to share with you the top 10 signs he’s secretly thinking of you during no contact.

Now, you might be wondering:

“How can I tell if I can’t contact him or see him in person?”

Here’s where our team of experts come in.

In the next few days, pay attention to his social media.

If you spot any of these signs, then he most likely has you on his mind.

You can also spot these behaviors through his friends – Simply reach out to them, and ask how he has been doing.

Be sure to read until the end: You will also learn some reverse psychology techniques that will make him miss you like crazy, and force him to beg you for a second chance.

1. He Seems Depressed

awkward guy

Everybody knows:

Guys like to hide their emotions.

However, some feelings are just too strong to keep inside…

When a guy is hurt from a breakup, two things can happen:

First, it can be easy to tell that he is hurting.

On the other hand, he might try to act like everything is fine.

Still, it will be really obvious that he is just pretending.

So here’s what you do:

Look out for signs of depression on his social media posts.

Some examples include sharing sad quotes and songs.

Other times, he might post pictures of him having fun, trying to convince everyone that he is okay…

In both cases, he is still hurt, and he is definitely still thinking about you.

This is because it is impossible for him to separate the heartache of a relationship from the thought of you.

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2. He Changes His Appearance

Believe it or not, guys also get really emotional during a breakup.

Right now, he is probably drowned in thoughts…

It is a stressful time, and the first thing guys want to do is escape these feelings.

Many guys will try to do this by changing their appearance.

For example, he might start growing a beard, or change his hairstyle.

Doing this will provide temporary relief for his heartache…

But it is actually a sign he is still thinking of you, and can’t get you out of his head.

3. He Makes Some Lifestyle Changes

One of the first things a guy will do is try to move on as soon as possible.

His first reaction to all his sad emotions is to try to get rid of them.

But think about this:

He wouldn’t be doing this if he wasn’t thinking about you in the first place.

Some common examples include going to the gym, or picking up a new hobby.

On social media, he will try to appear like he is happy to move on…

But you can be sure that he is thinking about you all the time, because it is the only reason he is doing these things.

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4. He Is Acting Mysterious

As we’ve already mentioned, guys are terrible at dealing with their emotions.

This is especially true during a breakup.

Here’s what you need to understand about what goes through a guy’s mind during no contact:

First of all, his heart is hurting and he is emotionally unstable.

But in his head, he is trying hard to run away from these feelings.

This conflict between his heart and his mind makes him act unpredictable during this time.

That’s why many guys will act quite mysteriously.

Many guys will experience mood swings, while trying to hide the fact that he is hurt.

This is one of the biggest signs he misses you during no contact.

5. His Posts Sound Like They’re About You

Let’s face it:

Breaking up is an awkward situation.

It’s a huge change to go from a close relationship to no contact at all.

So here’s what REALLY happens in the male mind during no contact:

When a guy is thinking about you during this time, he will feel really conflicted.

On one hand, the no contact rule means he cannot talk to you directly.

But deep inside, he really wants to reach out to you.

This is when many guys will turn to social media, and share songs and quotes.

Pay attention to his posts – The meaning of these posts will often be vague and unclear…

But if you put it into the context of a break up, it will become obvious that he is actually talking about you, and he secretly wants you to see whatever he is posting.

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6. He Spends A Lot Of Time Online

Like we’ve mentioned above:

A guy’s first reaction to a break up is to run away from his hurt feelings.

As painful as it is, he also wants to get rid of the thoughts of the relationship he had with you.

That’s why he will try to numb the pain by spending time online.

Pay attention to how much time he appears online, even if he is not posting anything.

If he is spending a lot of time online, it is a sign that he is trying to distract himself from the pain of the breakup.

It also means he is clearly still hurt and is constantly thinking of you.

7. He Hasn’t Started Dating Again

For guys, a big part of moving on from a breakup is seeing new girls…

But this is simply not possible if he still has you in his heart.

Here’s where you have to be careful:

Right now, he is also wondering if you are thinking about him.

He might try to appear to have moved on completely, and show off the other girls he is hanging out with…

But most of the time, this is just an act.

In fact, the harder he tries to look like he’s flirting with other girls, the more likely he is still thinking of you deep inside.

NOTE: A guy can be thinking about you even if he is dating another girl.

In fact, you can tap into his “emotional triggers” so he completely forgets about the new girl, and begs you for another chance.

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8. He Stalks You On Social Media

Here is one of the strongest signs he misses you after your breakup.

Put yourself in his shoes for a second:

He wants to see how you have been doing after the breakup…

But he can’t contact you directly.

So what’s the next best thing?

Going through your social media!

There are a few ways to tell if he has been doing this:

First, some platforms like Instagram allow you to see if he’s been looking at your stories.

Also, if he has been visiting your profile a lot, the algorithm will place him near the top of your contacts list.

In some cases, he might even like some of your posts.

Even though he is not contacting you directly, these are all signs that he still has you on his mind.

9. He Talks About You With His Friends

This is one of the biggest differences between guys and girls:

Chances are, you’ve already talked about your breakup with a few female friends…

But it is actually quite common for guys NOT to talk about it with his friends.

This is because they like to play it cool and suppress their own feelings.

However, there are exceptions:

To get a guy to open up is very difficult, even in front of his buddies…

But if a guy DOES talk about you to his friends, you can be sure that he misses you really badly.

This is a sign your ex is definitely not over you.

In fact, it shows that his feelings for you are so strong, he simply cannot hide them anymore.

So if you’re in touch with any of his friends, ask around to see if he’s been talking about you…

What he says about you doesn’t actually matter. The important thing is: You are on his mind.

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10. He Reaches Out To You

Finally, we have the strongest sign that he still thinks of you:

Sometimes, guys will miss you so badly…

…That he can’t help but break the no contact rule.

When this happens, he will usually approach you innocently, asking how you’ve been.

But no matter what he says, here’s the truth:

If he reaches out to you, deep down in his heart he wants you back.

How To Make Him Want You Back (Using Reverse Psychology)

By now, you should be able to tell if he is thinking of you during no contact…

But be honest with yourself:

Are YOU thinking of him too?

Do you still have that empty feeling in your chest?

Do you miss him too?

As dating coaches and experts in relationship dynamics, we’ve helped hundreds of girls get their ex boyfriends back…

…WITHOUT asking for him to come back.

In fact, once you learn to use our techniques, HE will be the one chasing you, begging for you to get back together with him.

But before we show you how to do this, here’s an important secret about the effects of the no contact rule on male psychology:

As we all know, guys have very short attention spans.

Right now, you know he misses you too and is thinking about you non-stop (even if he doesn’t want to admit it).

However, as time passes, he will think of you less and less…

In fact, after a couple of weeks, he will start to forget about you and all the happy moments you shared when you were in love with each other.

And soon after this stage, it will become too late.

The more you wait, the more you will damage the chances with your ex, and risk losing him to another woman forever.

But if you start using these psychological tactics NOW…

You will be amazed at how quickly he starts texting you, calling you up, and asking for you to take him back.

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At the end of the day, the choice is up to you:

You can let him slip away, and never be with him again (even though it hurts really bad…)

Or you can unlock his heart and his love for you, watch him run back to you, hold you in his arms and never let you go again…

So start using these techniques now, and see how quickly he reaches out to you again.

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