The Top 10 Signs He Loves You But Is Scared To Commit

There’s an important difference between love and commitment.

Do you know what it is?

This is something that most women don’t really understand. And it causes a lot of problems in their relationships.

As dating and relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world work through these issues, and secure that perfectly loving relationship they deserve.

You see, the real difference between love and commitment is this:

Love is a feeling, but commitment is a decision.

In other words, love happens on an emotional level, but commitment is a logical process.

And you’re about to see why this difference can either ruin your relationship completely, or make him hopelessly devoted to you…

The Top 10 Signs A Man Loves You But Is Scared To Commit

In this article, you’re going to learn the 10 signs a man loves you, but is scared to commit to you.

It’s very important for you to watch out for these signs in your relationships. And if you spot them, you need to act as soon as possible.

Because here’s the truth about men:

They can fall in and out of love very quickly.

One moment, he can feel deeply attracted to you. But he can easily become obsessed with the next pretty girl to walk by.

The same can happen to your man if you don’t secure his devotion and commitment.

Today, we’ve going to help you do exactly that.

Read through this list carefully, and see if you spot any of these signs in your relationship.

Later in this article, we’ll also share with you the quickest and easiest way to get any man’s undying commitment, and make him feel an urge to deeply devote himself to you and ONLY you, forever.

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1. He Is Hot-And-Cold Towards You

Picture the perfect relationship in your head:

Your man does everything he can to care for you, to love you, and to make you feel special.

He makes you the #1 priority in his life, no matter how busy or tired he is.

And he never gives you the cold shoulder or pulls away from you.

That’s because you have his commitment.

On the other hand, if a guy loves you but is holding back on commitment, he will often act “hot-and-cold” towards you.

Sometimes, he will be obsessed with you, wrap you tightly around his big arms, and smother you with love…

But other times, he will act distant and cold. And he won’t respond to your calls, texts, or messages.

This can really hurt, making you feel neglected and unloved.

So why does he act like this?

At the end of the day, there’s only one explanation:

He loves you, but you don’t have his whole heart.

He feels attracted to you most of the time. But deep inside, he isn’t sure about staying with you in the long-run.

That’s why you need to secure his devotion, and make him treat you with the love and respect that you deserve.

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2. He Avoids Deep Conversations With You

A man who loves you but is holding back on commitment will avoid deep conversations with you.

He will shy away from tough questions about love and life, as well as from topics that are too “touchy”.

And he will most likely avoid any type of life-changing conversation with you, too.

Instead, he will attempt to change the subject, joke around or laugh it off, and steer the conversation towards more “casual” topics.

So why does this happen?

In short, he is afraid of his own feelings.

You see, in a perfect world, love naturally drives a man to commit himself to you.

But in reality, there will be many factors that stop him from doing so.

For example, he might have been hurt in a previous relationship. Or perhaps he wants to keep his options open in case a more attractive girl comes along…

This means he is uncertain about your relationship, and is scared of commitment with you.

He holds back on those deep conversations with you because he just doesn’t feel that level of connection with you.

In other words, his love for you is not strong enough for him to open up to you.

3. He Won’t Talk About His Feelings

We all know that the key to a strong, committed relationship is the sharing of feelings.

It’s what creates a tight emotional bond that keeps two people together.

And that’s why a guy will avoid talking about his feelings with you if he is scared of commitment.

He will prefer to keep things as casual as possible, because deep inside he doesn’t feel that strongly about you.

He knows that even though he loves you right now, there is always a possibility that a more attractive girl will walk by.

So he keeps his feelings hidden from you, because he’s not sure how you’d react if he was honest with you about them.

This creates a vicious cycle:

He doesn’t share his feelings with you, because he doesn’t want to commit to you and doesn’t feel a strong emotional bond with you.

This damages your relationship and makes it weaker, making him drift further away and hide his feelings even more.

That’s why it’s important to stop this cycle as soon as you notice it, get him to feel the urge to commit to you, and make him love you on a deeper level.

(Check out our handy guide here to learn exactly how to do this!)

4. He Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Future Of Your Relationship

If your boyfriend is scared to commit to you, you might find that he avoids talking about the future of your relationship.

That’s because deep in his heart, he feels like this relationship could end at any moment.

There are several ways in which he might react when you try to discuss the future of your relationship with him:

For example, he might try to laugh it off and change the topic.

He might suggest taking things “One step at a time”. Or he might even tell you “It’s not that important”.

But in reality, he does this because he doesn’t see himself in those plans with you in the long-run. He just doesn’t feel strong enough connection and commitment towards you.

Of course, this can all change. But you have to act quickly once you notice this sort of behavior.

5. You Feel It In Your Heart

When you suspect your man is scared to commit to you, it fills you up with a bunch of different emotions:

Confusion, anxiety, loneliness, stress, frustration, uncertainty…

But the worst of all these feelings is doubt.

You see, one of the best things a woman can do is to learn to trust her heart.

It’s definitely not easy, especially if you’re hurt or disappointed by your man’s lack of commitment.

But the truth is: A woman’s intuition is very powerful – And way more powerful than a man’s.

The more you trust and listen to your heart, the easier it will be to tell whether your guy truly cares about you and is ready for a committed relationship with you.

And when you do, it will help you get through a lot of issues you might face in your love life.

So if you are worried that your guy is scared of commitment even though he says he loves you, take a deep breath and listen to your heart.

Does he truly love you? Or does he just “love” you in a shallow way, just like how a child “loves” ice cream?

Once you learn to listen to your heart, you will know the truth. And from there, you can make the right moves to make him desire you from the bottom of his heart.

6. He Withdraws From You When Things Get Tough

awkward guy

We all know that in a loving and committed relationship, the man will always stay by your side, even in hard times.

After all, being in a relationship means supporting and caring for each other.

But if a man loves you but fears commitment, he will instead withdraw from you when things get tough.

Here’s why:

In a committed relationship, the man will feel a strong desire to protect you in hard times, and to do whatever it takes to get through your troubles together.

That’s because he is motivated by love and devotion.

But a man who is scared to commit will withdraw to himself, because he is motivated by fear.

He doesn’t want to play the role of your committed boyfriend. And deep inside, he still sees the two of you as “individuals” rather than a couple.

It might seem selfish at first, and you may feel quite hurt by this. But remember this:

He does love you to some extent, even though his love might not be that strong. It is a fear of commitment that is holding him back.

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7. He’s Not Comfortable Showing Affection In Front Of His Friends

A guy who is scared of commitment will also be scared of your relationship being seen as “official” by others.

He will be worried about how his friends perceive you, and what they think of his relationship with you.

Here’s why:

Because he’s not truly committed to you, deep inside he is prepared for the possibility of leaving you.

And as we all know, break-ups can be socially messy.

So to an extent, he is preparing for this to happen by making your relationship seem “casual” and “unofficial” to his friends.

That’s why he will be reluctant to show affection to you in front of them.

Now, this doesn’t mean he’s consciously planning to dump you behind your back.

He simply fears becoming too attached and committed to you, so he’s keeping a distance from you emotionally.

So try hanging out with him and his friends, and see how he acts around them. This will tell you more about how he feels about you.

8. He Sometimes Pulls Away Suddenly

Put yourself in his shoes for a second:

On one hand, he is in love with you. But on the other hand, he’s scared of committing to you…

Naturally, his heart will be full of mixed and conflicted feelings. And this can be very overwhelming for him.

This causes him to suddenly pull away from time to time, seemingly for no reason.

He will withdraw to himself because he needs space to process these feelings.

For example, he may suddenly stop answering your calls or texts. Or he might just act cold and uncaring towards you suddenly.

You might feel devastated because he has said he loves you, but his actions show that he is not committed to you.

In this situation, the last thing you want to do is to confront him directly and demand his attention.

This will only put more pressure on him and push him away from you.

Instead, you want to get him to feel that kind of desire towards you that melts his heart, and makes him want to drop his ego and devote himself completely to you.

(Click here to learn exactly how to do this!)

9. He’s Not Comfortable Saying “I Love You”

Let’s face it – Guys generally have a hard time expressing their feelings.

And that’s especially true when it comes to the words “I love you”.

Now, a guy who’s sure about his love for you and his completely committed to you will have no trouble saying it.

But a man who is holding on to his fear of commitment will have a very hard time saying those 3 words.

When you say it to him, he simply will not know how to reply.

He might give you a hug, or nod at you. But he won’t say it back to you.

This is a clear sign that he is scared of committing, even if he does love you.

To him, it’s one thing to show you he loves you through his actions. But to say it out loud puts a lot of pressure on him.

And this pressure makes it hard for him to open up to you emotionally.

(Be sure to check out our guide on how to make him open up and feel a deep emotional connection with you!)

10. He Tells You He’s Been Hurt Before

So far, we’ve talked about the signs that a man loves you but is scared to commit…

But we haven’t explored why he is scared of commitment in the first place.

For most men, the reason behind these fears is found in past experiences.

He might tell you that he has been hurt in a previous relationship. And because of this, he is reluctant to commit to someone again.

Now here’s the important part:

You might be disappointed to hear that he doesn’t want to commit…

But the very fact that he is opening up to you about his experiences shows that he loves you.

It is a sign that he is willing to work through these negative experiences, even though he is still hurt by them.

This is a very delicate situation, and you have to be careful about what you say or do.

It’s the perfect chance to help him overcome these fears and become deeply committed to you…

But one wrong move here could also push him away and ruin your relationship completely.

The “Shortcut” To Getting Any Man’s Complete Devotion And Commitment

Let’s be honest: Relationships are a lot of work.

It’s not easy dealing with a man who has mixed feelings and scared to commit to you…

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What if you could use a few simple psychological tricks to help him overcome his fears, and unlock from inside his heart an uncontrollable urge to devote his whole life to you?

Well the truth is: You can.

As international dating and relationship experts, we’ve already coached thousands of women to do exactly this.

And today, we want to help you too.

It all comes down to creating a deep and powerful desire for you inside his heart that will easily override any fears or doubts he had about committing to you.

And once you create this desire inside him, his entire body will shake with love and obsession for you, and ONLY you, every time he sees you.

This might sound crazy at first. But once you try it, you will see for yourself just how powerful these little tricks are.

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Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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