Does My Ex Really Love His New Girlfriend? Here’s How To Tell

You know what’s the worst part of breaking up with a guy?

Yes, the sudden loneliness and coldness feels awful…

But even worse than that is when you see your ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend.

If you’ve experienced this, you know exactly what we mean.

Your heart suddenly freezes, like someone stabbed you in the chest.

You just feel your insides sinking as your lips start shaking and your eyes tear up…

And your mind starts racing with thoughts non-stop:

“How did he move on so quickly?”

“Is his new girlfriend better than me?”

“Is he really in love with her?”

It feels horrible – And we understand.

It can be very overwhelming going from a loving relationship to suddenly seeing your lover with another woman.

But has he really moved on? Or is he still thinking about you secretly?

Our team of relationship coaches have helped thousands of women around the world reconnect with their ex and decode his behavior…

And in many cases making him come running back, begging for another chance.

More on this later…

You see, it might be the case that he has truly over you, and has given his heart to her and forgotten about you…

But it’s also possible that he is just playing games, trying to make you jealous with a casual fling, while he secretly misses you and thinks about you.

If you even have a small feeling that this might be the case, pay attention:

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how to tell if he really left you for another girl, or he’s just pretending and secretly wants you back.

Later, you will also learn a few clever ways to turn the tables on him and win back his heart (without him even knowing).

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My Ex Has A New Girlfriend – Does He Miss Me?

We all know that guys like to play it cool and hide their feelings…

But believe it or not, a man is full of emotion after breaking up (even if he was the one who dumped you).

Male psychology after a breakup is complicated and emotional, and he will do a lot of things to hide this from you and pretend everything is okay…

Here’s the good news:

After helping thousands of women around the world win back their exes, we’ve found 5 simple ways to tell whether he is truly in love with a new girl, or is just pretending.

Whether he is likely to come back after leaving you for another girl will also depend on these 5 things:

Does He Show Her Off To The World?

You might have found your ex-boyfriend posting pictures of his new girlfriend on social media…

And deep inside, you have a feeling that he is rubbing his new relationship in your face

Well, you’re right!

In general, men will become quiet and reserved after a breakup.

That’s because a guy tends to process emotions privately, even if he has really started a relationship with another woman.

But if he’s showing her off to the world, there’s definitely something fishy going on

Usually, this means he is not completely over you, and he’s trying to get a reaction out of you by showing his new girlfriend off to the world.

Put simply: The only reason your ex boyfriend is trying to make you jealous with his new girlfriend is simply because he is still thinking about you.

However, here’s the important point:

Just because he hasn’t completely moved on yet doesn’t mean he will magically come back to you.

In fact, if you don’t act right now and let things play out, he will only drift further and further away with each passing day, until he completely forgets about you.

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Did He Move On Quickly?

One of the most painful feelings a girl can get is seeing her ex with another woman and thinking “My ex has moved on so quickly, how did he get over me so easily?”

But here’s the thing:

The more quickly he “moves on”, the more likely he is just pretending to have.

Believe it or not, breakups are just as hurtful for men as they are for women.

And just like us, guys need time to process the breakup properly.

If he appears to have moved on quickly, it is likely that the new girl is just a casual “rebound” and that he doesn’t really have feelings for her.

It is also likely that his heart is still with you (though these feelings may be fading quickly…)

By the way, you might be tempted to break the “no contact” rule prematurely to try to win him back from his new girlfriend.

This is a mistake – No contact works even if he has a new girlfriend, as long as you reconnect with him properly afterwards.

More on this later…

How Does He Treat Her?

By now, your mind is probably racing with negative thoughts, comparing you to his new girlfriend.

You may feel that your ex treats his new girlfriend better than you, especially if he is showing her off on social media or with friends.

There are two main reasons why your ex might be treating her better:

First, everybody knows relationships have a life cycle. When a couple first starts dating, there is always more energy and passion in the relationship.

The other reason is that he is trying to provoke some jealousy in you.

The best thing you can do is to set aside these thoughts and calm down, because here’s the truth:

Just because he appears to be treating her better than you does not mean he is in love with her yet

In fact, he might still be thinking about you from time to time.

But it does show that he is gradually moving on, and slowly forgetting about you as time passes.

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How Did The Breakup Happen?

If you want to know what your ex is really thinking right now, you have to consider how the breakup happened.

As we all know, couples can breakup due to various reasons. Sometimes, its mutual and friendly. Other times, it can be bitter and vicious.

For men, the first few days after a breakup will always be emotional, even if he won’t admit it.

In fact, he will miss you even after he dumps you, or if the breakup was particularly harsh.

But here’s the key:

How quickly he moves on will depend on the details of the breakup.

If the breakup was mutual, or you were the one who left him, it will take a lot longer for him to truly get over you.

But if he was the one who dumped you, it will probably take a lot less time for him to move on fully.

This will help you judge whether his new relationship is genuine, or he’s just playing games.

As we’ve explained above, if you feel like he’s moved on too quickly, it is likely that he is just trying to make you jealous.

How Close Are They?

When you first hear about your ex boyfriend talking to another girl, there will be a lot of details that you are not aware of.

Many times, your ex is simply lying about his new relationship, and showing off a casual “fling” to tell everybody that he’s moved on.

However, there is also a possibility that he left you for someone else, and now he’s officially dating her.

Regardless of how this new relationship came about, you can always tell whether he truly loves her by how close they are.

The best way to tell is to observe them in person – Social media will always give you a distorted idea of how they actually are in real life.

If he doesn’t really love her, it will be quite easy for you to spot.

There will be some noticeable awkwardness in their behavior, and you will get a gut feeling that something is just a bit off. This will be especially true if he knows you’re there in person.

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But these feelings are fading away with each passing day.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get back together with him.

In fact, one wrong move right now could ruin your chances forever.

But if you play your cards right, not only can you reconnect with him without any awkwardness…

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And once that happens, he will move on forever and never look back at you again.

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