How To Ask Your Ex Boyfriend To Hang Out


It’s not easy reaching out to your ex boyfriend again…

No matter what happened, there are always some awkward and bitter feelings left behind.

This is true especially if it was a harsh breakup, and you’re still hurt by it.

Don’t worry – We understand exactly how you feel right now.

As international relationship coaches, we’ve seen this time and time again, and we’ve helped thousands of women deal with their breakups.

Here’s the good news:

It’s perfectly possible to reconnect with your ex boyfriend and ask him to hang out again without feeling weird or awkward.

Today, we’ll show you EXACTLY what to do, whether you’re just reconnecting with an ex as friends, or hanging out with him to get him back.

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Step 1: Reach Out To Your Ex Boyfriend

When you first reach out to your ex boyfriend, you have to be extremely careful.

One wrong move can push him away even further, and ruin any chances of you making up with him.

This is especially true if you had a bad breakup, and you still share resentment towards each other.

So here’s what we suggest you do:

Send him a short text, casually asking him for a small favor or opinion.

For example, you could ask him:

“Hey ???? My friend and I were looking for a coffee shop to go to. I remember you were quite the expert, do you have any recommendations?”


“I’m baking a cake for my friend, and I just remembered that you baked a lot. Do you have any suggestions on how to make it sweeter?”

These types of questions does 3 things:

First, it gives you the perfect excuse to reach out to him – You needed a small favor, and it just so happens that he’s the perfect guy to ask.

It also shows him that you’ve been moving on and staying active, and that you’re not resentful towards the breakup (no matter how bad it may have been).

And because it is such a small thing to ask from him, it is difficult for him to ignore you!

(If he’s not replying, or you’re unsure of how to talk to him, check out our complete guide to reconnecting with your ex. Grab your free copy now!)

Step 2: When Your Ex Agrees To Meet Up With You

After you send him the short text, it’s just a matter of waiting for his reply.

The goal of this text is simply to break the silence, and reintroduce yourself into his life.

From there, you should aim to gradually warm up the conversation.

This is important, because it takes time to get over the initial tension between you, especially if this is the first time you’ve reached out since the breakup.

After a few days of casual conversation, you can start thinking about setting up a meet up.

You should only move on to this step when you’ve re-established a friendly back-and-forth conversation with your ex.

Doing this too early might push him away and dampen his feelings towards you.

Again, the key is to do everything casually and smoothly.

Just like in Step 1, you’re going to arrange a hang out with the excuse of asking him for help or advice. For example:

“So I’ve just started collecting vinyl records, and I wanted to get some advice from you. Do you have any time to sit down for a chat?”

Remember: You should only suggest meeting up once you’re sure he will agree to hang out. If you don’t feel confident yet, keep chatting with him until you feel he has warmed up to you.

Step 3: What To Do With Your Ex

If your ex boyfriend has agreed to meet up with you, you need to start preparing yourself mentally.

The most important thing is to manage your expectations – Bear in mind that reconnecting with your ex is a slow and gradual process, and it will take more than one meeting to reconcile with him.

In some cases, your ex might be a bit reluctant. But in other cases, he may be more eager to catch up.

For example, your ex might want to meet up for a drink, or suggest having dinner with you.

While this might sound like a good idea, we strongly recommend against doing any activities that resemble a “date”.

In any case, you should suggest something a lot more casual for your first meeting.

This will take pressure off both of you, and allow both of you to warm up to each other in a natural, low pressure way.

For example, meet up for a casual cup of coffee, or simply a brief chat in a park.

Remember: The goal of this first meeting is just to reintroduce yourselves to each other.

If you do want to get back together with him in a loving relationship, you will need to do a few more things after the first hang out…

(For more details on this, check out our step-by-step guide to reconnecting with your ex. Click here to get your free copy now!)

Step 4: How To Act When You Meet Up With Your Ex

When you meet up with your ex, it is very important to act casual and positive.

In other words, you have to put aside any resentment or bitterness left from the breakup. And you have to act like you’ve gotten over it, even though you may feel hurt by him.

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s important that you prepare yourself mentally before meeting your ex.

Like it or not, feelings WILL come back when you see your ex. This is especially true if you are meeting your ex for the first time after your breakup.

Even if you think you’ve moved on, you will still experience this rush of emotion. This also applies if you’re hanging out with your ex while in a relationship.

When these feelings arise, you should try not to react to them. It is important to keep things casual to avoid any awkwardness or tension that might push him away.

At this point, it’s best to take things easy and just have a good time reconnecting with him. If you want to be friends with your ex boyfriend, this is all you need to do…

On the other hand, if you’d like to steal back his heart, you can test if your ex still loves you. One of the best ways to do this is to remind him of a significant moment from your time together.

For example, casually bring up a happy memory while you’re hanging out:

“I just walked past that fountain from the night you took me out to dinner by the harbor. It was beautiful!”

Then, simply hold eye contact with a smile.

You will be able to tell a lot from his reaction – Does he blush or look away in a shy way? Does he nervously smile back at you?

These are all clear signs that your ex wants to reconcile, and still has some feelings for you.

On the other hand, his reaction might be rather unclear. This may mean your ex boyfriend is confused about what he wants, or has conflicting feelings about you…

Step 5: Do You Want To Get Him Back?

At this point, you have to make an important choice:

If you’re okay with letting him go forever, and okay with him forgetting about you and moving on with another girl, then you can be “just friends” with him…

But if you want him to come running back to you, and BEG you for another chance at your heart, then pay attention:

We’ve coached thousands of women around the world to win back their ex boyfriends without them even knowing, using easy “reverse psychology” tricks.

These simple techniques will make him regret ever leaving you or mistreating you…

And he will feel a sudden urge to devote himself to making you feel like the most special woman in the world.

Now, we understand it’s not easy to reach out to your ex at first…

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