How To Make A Man Feel Emotionally Safe With You

When it comes to understanding men, there’s one important fact that most women don’t know:

Men are much less in tune with their emotions than women.

You see, getting a guy interested in you is the easy part…

But forming a really strong emotional connection to you is quite tricky!

It takes time and effort to build a strong emotional connection in a relationship. And it is only possible if a man feels emotionally safe with his partner.

As relationship experts, we’ve helped thousands of women around the world do this.

And today, we’re going to share with you some powerful tips on how to make your man feel emotionally safe with you.

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Emotional Safety In Relationships – Why Is It Important?

Before we dive into the best ways to make a man feel emotionally safe with you, let’s take a closer look at what “emotional safety” actually means, and why it is important to your relationship.

We all know that men like to play it cool and tend to keep their emotions hidden.

But deep inside, they have feelings, worries, and anxieties just like us.

If you want to enjoy a loving relationship, it is important to make him feel comfortable with you, so that he can express his emotions without fear of being ridiculed or shamed.

Even if you don’t fully understand him, he will still feel a lot better expressing his emotions and being heard by you.

Emotional safety is one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship. When your man trusts that you truly love and care about him, he will be free to open his heart up to you without fear.

From here, his intimate connection and devotion to you will begin to blossom and grow. And he will be able to love you with all his heart, devotion, and commitment.

On the other hand, your relationship is doomed to fail if he doesn’t feel emotionally safe with you.

He will feel closed off and uncomfortable around you. And eventually, his attention will drift away from you and towards other people…

How To Make A Man Feel Emotionally Safe And Secure In A Relationship

If you ever feel like your man is distant or drifting away emotionally, pay attention!

Making your man feel emotionally safe can mean the difference between a cold, broken relationship and a warm and caring one.

It can be a tricky subject for many women. After all, men can be very confusing sometimes!

So here are some simple but powerful ways to make your man feel emotionally safe with you:

1. Avoid Judging Him

Believe it or not, men are sensitive creatures. And even though they might pretend otherwise, they care very much about what we think of them.

So rather than criticizing and judging him, accept him for who he really is. Give him space to be himself when he’s with you without requiring him to filter his words and thoughts.

This will make him feel safe to be his true self around you.

If he makes a mistake or gets frustrated and lashes out at you, try to see the situation from his point of view instead of criticizing him.

Tell yourself that he’s doing the best he can, and is coming from a place of love rather than malice.

Doing this will help you avoid judging and shaming him for being himself when you’re together. And it will also help him feel more emotionally safe in your presence!

2. He Needs Your Trust And Respect

In order to help build emotional safety in a relationship, it’s very important to show trust and respect for your man.

Let him know that you believe in him. Show him that you trust his character, and that you respect him as a man.

At the end of the day, everybody wants to feel respected. But men are naturally more concerned with respect because of their ego.

To them, respect is a synonym for “You’re important to me and I appreciate you being in my life.”

It’s hurtful to damage his ego in private. But it’s even worse to disrespect him in front of other people.

Insulting and speaking down to him all the time will only worsen his ego and make him feel unwanted, which will result in a poor relationship.

So to help him feel loved and cared for, do plenty of the opposite!

Put your trust in his decisions and actions. Show that you respect his choices and passions. And always be there to support him.

In turn, he will feel more comfortable expressing his love for you, and committing fully to you!

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3. Listen To Him

In general, men have more difficulty opening up than women.

And often, the reason is they don’t feel like they will be heard.

So if you want to make him feel emotionally safe with you, be sure to offer an open ear to him.

Truly listening to your man is more than just letting him talk to you. It means diving deep into his mind, asking him questions, and trying to understand how he really feels.

This can be difficult when you’re thinking about other things, eagerly awaiting your turn to speak, or are too excited about speaking.

When you allow your passion to overtake his need to be heard, it can start to feel as though you don’t value your relationship with him.

So set aside all other distractions, sit down with your man, and pay attention to what he is saying.

Keep an open mind, whether he is complaining about how his day went at work, or how it bothers him when you don’t do your fair share of the household chores.

Also, resist the urge to offer advice or issue a comeback. Instead, get an understanding of his viewpoint first.

4. Express Yourself

While it’s important to listen to him, you should also take the time to express yourself and let him know how you feel.

The key is to do it in the right order: Hear him out completely and understand him first, and then let him know your viewpoint.

As women, many of us can feel weary about sharing certain thoughts with our partners.

We might fear that they will react badly, or judge us for feeling a certain way. And so we hold back these thoughts.

In reality, expressing yourself has the opposite effect.

A couple needs to be able to discuss each other’s insecurities, feelings, and thoughts, no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable they may be.

Only by doing so can you truly understand each other, grow together as a couple, and form a deep emotional bond with each other.

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5. Support His Interests And Passions

When you first started dating, you may have been in love with totally different things.

But part of being in a healthy relationship is being able to relate to each other’s interests and passions on a personal level.

This doesn’t mean just showing up to his football game, or tagging along to his band rehearsals.

These are all great signs of support. But if you want to form a tight emotional bond with him and make him feel safe, you have to go further.

Make an effort to understand why he loves to do what he does. Find out what really drives him, and how it gives meaning to his life.

You might not enjoy his interests right now. But if you keep an open mind, you’d be surprised at how well you connect with him through his hobbies.

On top of this, don’t hesitate to share your interests with him too! It’s all part of forming a deep emotional bond with each other.

That being said, do not force something on him that he doesn’t like. It’s simply impossible for the both of you to share every single interest. The important thing is to always support each other in whatever you do.

6. Give Him Praise And Compliments

It should come as no surprise: Men love compliments, especially when they’re from people they love!

We often underestimate the power of words. But a compliment here and there goes a long way.

So compliment him on everything he does well. Tell him you’re proud of his achievements. He will feel loved, appreciated, and emotionally safe all at once.

Be creative, and don’t hold back on this. Make sure to congratulate your man even when he achieves a small victory, such as scoring high in a game of basketball with his friends.

By voicing your support for him, he will become more confident and inspired in his relationship with you. Even if he is going through tough times, he knows that he can turn to you at the end of the day.

Praise and compliments will strengthen his emotional attachment and confidence in you. He will work harder to make you happy, and express his devotion to you more readily.

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7. Never Play Games

There’s nothing more harmful to a relationship than schemes games that couples play sometimes.

They are dishonest and unhealthy, and will ultimately destroy any sort of emotional connection you have with each other.

This might not be something you do on purpose. But it can be easy to slip up when you’re going through an argument or dispute.

The worse thing you can do is to target your man’s weaknesses or insecurities and use them against him. This is a surefire way to ruin your relationship.

Mind games can be played in more subtle ways, too. Sometimes, you might be playing games without even knowing it!

For example, you might be fed up with the lack of attention he gives you, and decide to make him jealous by casually flirting with his friends at a party.

To you, this might just be a natural reaction. But it can really hurt his feelings towards you.

The key is to always work out and resolve your issues in a healthy way. Don’t resort to retaliating or playing games with him.

Instead, be honest and tell him how you feel. And he will respond in kind, opening up to you about his feelings too! It’s the best way to foster an emotionally safe environment for your relationship.

8. Accept Him Completely

Acceptance is one of the key ingredients in making your man feel emotionally safe.

You might have different ideas, needs, and expectations than your partner does. And it’s normal to have occasional conflicts and disagreements.

But if you want to build a strong emotional connection with each other, you must never make your partner feel as though you don’t accept him as he is.

Instead, focus on appreciating him for the efforts he makes, and all the positive things about having him in your life.

If you notice that he has a new habit or hobby that rubs you the wrong way, take the time to understand it without judging.

In fact, show your support for his choices and preferences. This is the only way to create an accepting, loving, and welcoming environment for your relationship.

If he feels like all you ever do is criticize him or point out his flaws, he’ll start feeling trapped in the relationship. And before long, he will start resenting you and looking for a way out.

9. Communicate Without Ceasing

In any relationship, security is built upon communication.

Without communicating with each other, you will never know what your man needs from you emotionally. And he will also be lost as to how you feel about him.

All this will leave him feeling emotionally insecure.

So if you want to nurture a deep connection with your man, make sure to talk and communicate with him all the time.

Don’t let anything go unsaid when you encounter problems. Face these issues head-on instead of just thinking about them.

This way, he will know that he can always come to you with his worries and concerns. And you’ll also be able to understand what’s wrong in his life and help him overcome it!

He will know that you are always by his side, and feel safe and secure in his relationship with you.

(For more ways to keep your man securely committed to your relationship, check out our handy guide here!)

10. Prioritize Each Other

Deep inside, we all want to be the most important person in our partner’s life.

And your man will feel safe when he can be sure that you will be there for him when he needs you the most.

In a relationship, that is exactly what you have to do.

If your man feels like you prioritize other things or other people over him, it’s only natural that he will feel emotionally unsafe.

This is something that can easily go undetected in a relationship. But it can really affect how he feels about you and your commitment to one another.

So make an effort to devote some time and attention to your relationship, no matter how busy your schedules may be.

Don’t get too caught up with work and other commitments. Reserve an evening every week where you can drop everything else in your life and just focus on being with each other.

The more you make him a priority in your life, the more he will feel emotionally safe and secure in your relationship.

The Quickest Way To Build A Deep Emotional Connection With Any Man

Let’s be honest here:

Relationships are a lot of work. And they can cause a lot of frustration and worry too.

It can be quite stressful thinking about ways to keep your man devoted and secure in your relationship.

Trust us – We understand.

We have the experience of coaching thousands of women around the world on fostering emotionally healthy and strong relationships.

Here’s the truth:

There’s one thing that separates cold, broken relationships and warm, loving, caring ones.

It’s a deep emotional connection.

And throughout the years, we’ve learned exactly how to build one.

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With a deep emotional connection, there’s simply no way your man will feel emotionally unsafe with you.

You will never have to worry about your man’s feelings fading or changing, because you will always have his complete and utter devotion.

And you can finally let go of all your anxieties, and simply enjoy his loving care while being wrapped up in his arms, knowing that he loves you like the most important person in his life.

So check out our free guide below, and try out the tips included! You’ll be surprised at how big of a difference they make.


Use these easy techniques to “lock-in” a man’s commitment to you, and to make him love you FOREVER!

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